Wrath of the Lich King Classic

Wrath of the Lich King Classic Boosting Services

Wrath of the Lich Kings is one of the most beloved expansions among fans of the World of Warcraft series. The story of Arthas Menethil will forever remain in our hearts. This expansion attracts players not only with its lore, but also with exciting raids, dungeons, pvp and major changes in professions. Also, do not forget that Death Knight becomes available in WotLK with a separate part of lore, which you will get to know during leveling. Of course, if you are not a fan of lore and just want to enjoy playing your favorite class, you can always contact us for Leveling service. WowCarry offers boost and carry services in all aspects of WotLK.

When is the release of WotLK?

Wrath of the Lich King Classic releases September 26th. We will once again experience emotions plunging into the atmosphere of the Northrend continent.

What Comes With WotLK?

Wrath of the Lich King brings many new features such as the level cap increase from 70 to 80, the Hero class Death Knight, and a huge number of new raids and dungeons that carry the story that we piece together through all the content from start to the end. For fans of PvP, a lot of new things will be added to the game, and the main one is Wintergrasp. This is the most popular battleground in WoW history. You can both besiege the fortress and defend it with the help of combat vehicles, catapults and machine gun installations. The epicness of this battleground is over the top. Along with this, a new season of the arena is also coming out, where we will be able to show all the experience gained over previous seasons.

Why Is The Wrath of the Lich King Classic So Popular?

There are several reasons for the popularity of WotLK among players. One of them is a story from Warcraft III moved to World of Warcraft, loved by millions of players around the world. Another reason is the dynamics of the gameplay, in which the developers have made a crazy improvement in relation to previous expansions.

Wrath Of The Lich King Classic Content

It is almost impossible to cover all WotLK content. We are waiting for a huge number of raids, dungeons, arenas, world pvp, raids with pvp loot, dailies and much more. Most of the content will be available on the new continent - Northrend, and the good old Dalaran will become the new gaming capital for the duration of WotLK. And don't forget about the most popular battleground of the two factions - Wintergrasp.

Wrath Of The Lich King Raids

Nine raids. Just imagine the variety of WotLK. Of course, we are most looking forward to Naxxramas, Ulduar and Icecrown Citadel. But don't forget Vault of Archavon, The Obsidian Sanctum, The Eye of Eternity, Trial of the Crusader, Onyxia's Lair and of course The Ruby Sanctum. Each of these raids has its own backstory and leads us to face the main antagonist of the Wrath of The Lich King expansion - Arthas. But before we can take down the Lich King, we'll have to face Kel'thuzad, Sartharion, Yogg-Saron, Mimiron, Anub'arak, Algalon, Archavon, Malygos and Onyxia. All these iconic bosses lead us to the final challenge - Icecrown Citadel. There we will take a closer look at the history of the Saurfang family and find out the details of why Arthas became the Lich King.

Wrath Of The Lich King Classic Dungeons

Dungeons in WotLK are divided into several types. Some we go through while leveling, while others we farm to gain gear for raids. Already during leveling, we will face a bunch of challenges inside the dungeons. With each level, we will learn more and more about the plans of the Lich King. We want to draw your attention to the fact that leveling without visiting the dungeons can be much more difficult, since in the dungeons we get the necessary loot to crush our enemies. As we progress through the dungeons from level 68 to level 80, we will get to know the amazing history of World of Warcraft, get to know the key characters a little better and, of course, meet the minions of the Lich King and himself. One way or another, WowCarry is always happy to help you dive into the history of WoW with comfort and minimal time.

Wrath Of The Lich King Classic PvP

If we hear PvP somewhere, we immediately think of Wrath of the Lich King. Death Knight became one of the most popular classes at that time, and build variations allowed us to counter any setup in the arena. Of course, there are anti-classes that we simply cannot fight against, for example, if we are a priest and a warrior is against us, we have little chance to survive. By the way, World PvP gained popularity in Wrath of the Lich King. Due to the fact that we are obliged to collect a huge amount of resources, depending on our profession, and we do not have such an option as "disable war mode" in WotLK. The only way out here is to fight to the last for a vein of ore or weed, which will be very useful to us in our character progression.

Leveling In Wrath Of The Lich King Classic

Leveling in WotLK is an extraordinary storyline of the icy Northrend continent. But leveling in Wrath of the Lich King is possible not only on quests. You can also level your character in dungeons or even big mobs packs. A huge number of lotions and aids can be used during leveling. Of course, we will not reveal all the secrets to you, but we would recommend speed enchant for sure. We highly recommend leveling your first character yourself to immerse yourself in the WotLK atmosphere, but if you've already gone through this story or want to level a toon, our service is definitely the best you can find.

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