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What is Leveling in WotLK Classic?

Leveling is a term in MMORPG for leveling up your character by gaining experience from various activities in the game, and WotLK Classic is not an exception. In the Wrath of the Lich King Classic maximum level was increased to 80. During Leveling, you unlock new spells for your class and access various PvE or PvP activities. For new players, this process can be exciting and fun. But if you Leveled some characters in WoW, you know how tiresome it is. So, in the World of Warcraft is another term - Power Leveling. Power Leveling is the best and fastest way to level up your character; our professional pilots use that way during Leveling Boost in WoTLK Classic.

Types of Leveling in WotLK Classic?

Leveling up your character needs to access high-end content and enjoy it. In WotLK Classic exists several types of Leveling:

  1. The most popular is Questing. This Leveling in WotLK Classic is usual for most people. You are just turning in Quests and doing requirements to complete them. After finishing, you get Experience and some extra gold. For some Quests, you also get Reputation points as a reward.
  2. The second most popular and the fastest Leveling type is Dungeon Leveling. During Dungeon Leveling, besides Experience points, gold, and Reputation points, you will get some gear to upgrade your character. Also, upon reaching a Friendly reputation with Wyrmrest Accord, Kirin Tor, Knights of the Ebon Blade, or Argent Crusade, you will be able to buy a Champion Tabard. Wearing this tabard, you will get some extra Reputation points with your chosen faction.
  3. If you are an inveterate PvP player, you can gain Experience points in WotLK Classic during any PvP activities. Usually, earning Experience points occurs on Battlegrounds, but you will get XP during any PvP activities. Another feature in WotLK Classic is locking your current level. This feature allows you not to rise above your current level, which will especially appeal to fans of low-level Battlegrounds.
  4. Another leveling type in WotLK Classic is killing mobs to get Experience points and resources. Usually, players use this way to level up like a challenge or to grind some valuable resources at a low level. Grinding mobs is one of the most tiresome and slow ways of leveling.

Summing up, we can say that leveling in the Wrath of the Lich King Classic can sometimes be varied. However, everything eventually converges to a monotonous level grind until you access high-end content, and we are glad to help you to get there ASAP.

Best Leveling Classes in Wrath of the Lich King Classic

There are no Best Leveling Classes in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. All classes have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, Druids and Paladins are the most flexible classes. During Leveling as a Paladin or Druid, you can try yourself as a Tank, Healer, or Damage dealer. Even using only leather armor, Druids in Bear form are very vigorous and hard to kill, which justifies their Tanking. Other classes have only one or two roles, but that doesn't make them worse. Such classes as Rogue, Hunter, Warlock, or Mage have only DPS specialization, and by combining different talents, your Leveling in WotLK Classic can be very smooth. These classes use Leather, Mail, and Cloth armor. Damage dealers can kill mobs quickly one by one, or they can do pretty big pulls and kill mobs while kiting. Even though these classes are only DPS'ing, they have a lot of useful utilities. Invisibility, Traps, and Polymorph are just a few of the possible valuable utilities during Leveling. Priest and Shaman can use DPS or Healing specialization, while Warrior and Death Knight can use DPS or Tanking. During Leveling in WotLK Classic, Priests and Shamans use different healing and damaging spells to kill or heal their targets. Healing abilities are handy because there will be many close-to-death situations during your Leveling adventures. Because Priests can use only Cloth armor and Shamans can use Mail armor, these classes are pretty easy to kill; you will use their healing abilities often. In contrast, Paladins, Warriors, and Death Knights are very tanky classes, especially in the Tank role. These are the only classes that use Plate armor, and only these classes can obtain the new legendary weapon added in the Wrath of the Lich King Classic - Shadowmourne.

Best Way to Level Up in WotLK Classic

Dungeon Leveling is the best and fastest way to level up your character in WotLK Classic. Blizzard reworked the dungeon finder, and now it's much easier to spam dungeons. By spamming dungeons, you will not participate in World PvP and do not compete with other players, which slows down your Questing. Also, in dungeons, you will get gear upgrades. In some dungeons, you will get Reputation points if you have a Champion Tabard equipped by your character. Either way, you can choose any kind of leveling boost that you want us to level your character.

How Long Does it Take to Level Up Character in WotLK Classic?

Leveling speed depends on many factors. The most critical factor is the time you can spend on the game. If you don't have that much, 1-80 leveling can take more than three weeks. 1-80 Leveling may take over two weeks if you are a more active player. It also depends on your game experience and previous leveling experience. The leveling process is very tiresome and lengthy. Our professional pilots are very experienced and familiar with the game's mechanics, so their 1-80 Leveling takes up to 2 weeks. Since the amount of experience needed to level up is constantly increasing, 70-80 Leveling takes about 40-50% of the time it takes to reach 1-80.

Tips and Tricks During Leveling in Wrath of the Lich King Classic

All tricks and tips are pretty simple and logical. Before leveling, you should clear your bags of unnecessary items and create another toon for the infinite bank. The trick of the endless bank is to send all the valuable loot we received during leveling to the mail of this character. Mail can store items for 30 days, and you can return them to your main character in just a few clicks. Once you empty your bags, stock up on various useful consumables such as Food, Water, Potions, or Flasks. Food and Water are needed to replenish health and mana after fighting mobs. Health potions will help you in near-death situations, and Mana potions will replenish your mana if necessary. Flasks increase the characteristics of the character and remain active even after death. Another trick is called the Ghetto Hearth. For this trick, you need to enter the nearest dungeon as part of a group and disband it inside the dungeon. "But for what?" - You'll ask, but the answer is clear. Since you left the group, a 1-minute timer will appear in the middle of the screen, after which you will return to where your Hearthstone is bound. Note that this trick works even if your Hearthstone is on cooldown.

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