Wrath of the Lich King Classic
The Silver Covenant Reputation
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The Silver Covenant Reputation
What you will get
Estimated Time: 2-10 Days
  • Desired Reputation
    You will get guaranteed desired reputation achieved in minimum possible time.
  • Professional Pilot
    Professional pilot that will farm the reputation for you. You can specify the time-frame when we can play on your account.
  • Achievements
    You will get a Silver Confidant achievement for reaching Exalted reputation level. This achievement unlocks 3 more dailies (out of a selection of 8) at the Argent Tournament. You will also make progress towards the achievement 40 Exalted reputations.
  • Mounts
    You will get access to The Quel'dorei steed and Silver Covenant hippogryph mounts and an access to shimmering wyrmling companion once you reach Exalted reputation level.
Please note that time to farm depends on current lineup. We will gain the reputation from all the available sources to speed up the process. You can always get more specific time estimate by asking the online support.
  • Level 80
    You should have an excisting character at least level 80 to enter the most important locations.
  • Account Sharing
    This service is provided by account sharing. We will only need your login and password and we do not need an answer to a secret question or access to your email.
Frequently Asked Questions
The Silver Covenant is a militant faction of the Kirin Tor. Led by the high elf Vereesa Windrunner, they joined the Alliance Vanguard to oppose the Lich King, along with the Explorers' League and the main host of the Valiance Expedition, in Northrend. They reject the admission of blood elves into the Kirin Tor, and have taken it upon themselves to serve as a military deterrent for any potential Horde uprising. The Covenant control the Alliance district of Dalaran, the Silver Enclave. They employ hippogryphs as well. Before the end of the Fourth War, the Silver Covenant provided military support to the Alliance during the battle at the Gates of Orgrimmar. The Horde equivalent of the Silver Covenant are the Sunreavers.