WoW Dragonflight
Awakened Heroic Raid
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Awakened Heroic Raid
Important note before purchase
  • Please, check spots availability before the purchase;
  • Due to high demand raid invites may be delayed for up to 1 hour;
  • In case you buy group loot, we can't guarantee any items quantity drop so we suggest adding loot options.
What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
Loot Info

When you choose to buy the Awakened Heroic Raid in World of Warcraft Dragonflight from WowCarry, the estimated time to initiate your service is typically 15 minutes after your purchase is confirmed. Once started, the completion of the service can take up to 2 hours. This duration is standard for the Awakened Heroic Raid, as it aligns with game mechanics and the time it normally takes to complete such operations within the game.

Our team of Awakened Heroic Raid professionals is dedicated to delivering your service as swiftly and efficiently as possible. While the stated times are the norms, our experts often strive to decrease this duration, ensuring a faster progression and satisfaction in your gaming experience. We are committed to fulfilling the service within this timeframe to provide a seamless and enjoyable boost.

Additionally, WowCarry support team is available 24/7 to provide updates and answer any queries you may have about the progress of your service. We ensure continuous communication so you can stay informed about your boost from start to finish. Rest assured, our goal is to provide a premium service that aligns with your expectations and gaming goals.

  • Level 70 Character
    To access this service, you should have a character that has reached level 70 in World of Warcraft Dragonflight. You can use our Powerleveling service if you don't have the 70 level.
  • Selfplay
    This service requires participation; you will play your character during the Awakened Heroic Raid.
Group Loot Enhanced Group Loot Armor Type Priority VIP Run Full Gear
Loot Distribution Shared, roll for items Shared, roll 4-6 items from each boss Shared, roll + 10 gear traders All loot to you in single raid All gear items in multiple runs
Gear Traders Not provided 15 unsaved players 10 traders of your armor type Every person in raid Multiple traders each raid
Loot Priority Equal for all 2-3 times higher chance of suitable items Based on armor type Premium Highest
Ideal For Fair and equal chance at loot Securing guaranteed items without relying on luck Increased chance at specific armor type Maximize your loot gain in a single run Full set of gear over multiple runs

  • Group Loot
    The Group Loot option is ideal for players who believe in a fair and equal chance at obtaining loot from boss drops. With this option, all members of the raid roll for the items that drop from bosses. This means that the distribution of the loot is equal amongst all raid members, and your chances of obtaining a piece of loot is essentially the same as everyone else's. However, no gear traders are provided, so the number of items you could potentially acquire is limited only by your luck and the number of bosses defeated.
  • Enhanced Group Loot
    Join a raid group comprised of a minimum of 15 unsaved players, all with a refreshed cooldown, offering you the chance to roll for 4-6 items from each boss. This improves your odds of acquiring appropriate items by 200-300%.
  • Armor Type Priority
    The Armor Type Priority option, on the other hand, caters to players who wish to increase their chances of obtaining loot that is specific to their armor type. In addition to the standard roll for boss drop items, this option comes with the provision of 10 gear traders. This means that even if you don't win the initial roll for an item, you have a second chance to acquire it through trading. The number of gear traders also increases the quantity of loot you could potentially walk away with.
  • VIP Run
    The VIP Run is the ultimate option for players who wish to maximize their loot gain in a single raid run. With this option, all the loot that drops in the raid goes exclusively to you. This means that you don't need to compete with other raid members for items, and you don't have to rely on the availability of gear traders. All the spoils of the raid are yours, making this option the most lucrative, but also the most expensive. It's the ideal choice for players who are looking to rapidly gear up their characters.
  • Full Gear

    The Full Gear option is designed for players aiming to acquire a complete set of gear for their character over multiple raid runs. Unlike the other options, Full Gear ensures that you will receive all items for each slot, distributed over several runs as necessary. Gear traders are also provided as needed to guarantee that every slot is filled. This is the best option for players seeking a comprehensive gear upgrade without the pressure of achieving it in a single run.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are Awakened Raids in WoW Dragonflight?
Awakened Raids are special versions of Dragonflight raids with increased difficulty and improved loot rewards, available during specific weeks of Season 4.
Can I upgrade my gear from previous seasons in Awakened Raids?
Yes, specific legendary items like Nasz'uro and Fyr'alath can be upgraded to Season 4 item levels using a Scale of Awakening, allowing them to be effective in current content.
Can I see which raid is Awakened this week?
Yes, the current Awakened Raid can be found in the Adventure Guide by pressing Shift+J on your keyboard.
What are the special currencies in Awakened Raids?
In Season 4, players can obtain Antique Bronze Bullion and Awakened Tempostone from Awakened Raids, which can be used to purchase rare and powerful items.
Are there any special rewards for completing all Awakened Raids?
Yes, completing all Awakened Raids at various difficulty levels rewards players with exclusive items such as the Voyaging Wilderling Mount, the Awakened Hero Title, and Dragonflight Raid Teleports.

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Voyaging Wilderling's Harness Mount

Receive this exclusive mount as a reward for completing the Awakening the Dragonflight Raids achievement.
Awakened Hero Title Earn a prestigious title for completing Heroic: Awakening the Dragonflight Raids.
Very Rare Equipment Chance to loot 506-515 ilvl very rare gear, which significantly boosts your character's power and readiness for all game challenges.

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