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Remix: Pandaria Mounts
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Remix: Pandaria Mounts
What you will get
Estimated Time
  • Selected Mount option
    Choose from a variety of event-exclsuive mounts to expand your collection. You can choose from 32 new mounts as well as 11 old Pandaria mounts with super low chance to drop.
  • Legendary Cloak Upgrades
    Upgrade your Cloak of Infinite Potential with Threads. These enhancements will increase the cloak's capabilities, providing you with significant boosts in your quests.
  • Achievements (Optional)
    Expand your mount collection with two distinctively elegant mounts: the Astral Celestial Dragon and the August Phoenix. By earning the "Time Trial" achievement, you unlock the August Phoenix, while the "Vale of Eternal Blossoms" achievement allows you to claim the Astral Celestial Dragon. Each achievement not only adds a unique mount to your stable but also signifies your accomplishments within the game.

The duration of the mount farming process in the Remix: Pandaria event varies depending on the mount's price in Bronze, ranging from 1 to 14 days. For the most up-to-date information on the current progress of your mount acquisition, please don't hesitate to contact our support agents. They are available to assist you with any inquiries and provide timely updates on your order status.

  • Active WoW Subscription
    You should have an active World of Warcraft subscription to access this service.
  • Level 60 Timerunner Character
    You will need at least one Timerunner Character at level 60 or higher to ensure quick and effective Bronze farming.
  • Account-Share
    This service is available only as Account-Share. We will require only your login and password; we do not need the answer to your secret question or access to your email.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Remix Pandaria and its Key Features?

Remix Pandaria is a time-limited event where brave adventurers assist Eternos of the Infinite Dragonflight in resolving an anomaly that occurred in a mysterious timeline.

What's Different from Standard Pandaria Leveling Experience?

The Pandaria Remix Event offers an unprecedented experience in WoW's history. Your character will use special Timerunner gear that doesn't rely on stats but uses special gems for power boosts instead! From the start, you'll have access to flying and dynamic flying, allowing you to travel at incredible speeds. Instead of gold, you'll collect Bronze currency to upgrade items and purchase cosmetics. The Cloak of Infinite Potential is a multi-character tool that grows more powerful with each activity, enabling you to build an alternate character army swiftly.

What happens to my Timerunner Character after the Remix Event?

Once the event ends, all Timerunner characters will convert into standard Retail characters, and you can use them in the Dragonflight and War Within expansions moving forward

Do I keep Mounts Transmogs and Achievements after the Pandaria Remix ends?

Absolutely! Anything purchased during the Remix Pandaria event, including mounts, transmogs, and achievements, will transfer to Retail.

How long will the event last?

While we don't have the exact dates, the event is expected to last 2-3 months. Be sure to take advantage of our Pandaria Boost Services to claim all those juicy rewards before they're gone forever!


Buy Remix Pandaria Mounts in WoW Remix Event with the help with our Pandaria Mount Farm Service. Whether you're aiming to complete your collection or just want to enjoy new rides in your game, our service will help you buy these mounts quickly and safely. Take advantage of our Cheap Pandaria Mount Farm Service to enhance your gaming experience with these new, thrilling mounts.

Remix: Pandaria Purchase Any Mount

There are 32 new mounts in Remix Pandaria for sale. Except for two, all mounts are purchasable with a new currency called Bronze. The remaining mounts can be acquired by completing associated achievements. You can refer to the table below for a comprehensive breakdown of each mount to better understand your options and plan your collection strategy:

Mount Name Bronze Price Mount Name Bronze Price
Sky Surfer 2200 Reins of the Luxurious Riding Crane 2200
Golden Discus 2200 Reins of the Tropical Riding Crane 2200
Mogu Hazeblazer 2200 Reins of the Snowy Riding Goat 2200
Feathered Windsurfer String 2200 Reins of the Little Red Riding Goat 2200
Reins of the Jungle Riding Crane 2200 Reins of the Riverwalker Mushan 2200
Reins of the Gilded Riding Crane 2200 Reins of the Palehide Mushan Beast 2200
Reins of the Pale Riding Crane 2200 Reins of the Black Riding Yak 2200
Reins of the Rose Riding Crane 2200 Reins of the Modest Expedition Yak 2200
Reins of the Silver Riding Crane 2200 Reins of the Kafa Yak 2200
Reins of the Purple Shado-Pan Riding Tiger 4400 Reins of the Bloody Skyscreamer 4400
Cobalt Juggernaut 4400 Reins of the Night Pterrorwing 4400
Fel Iron Juggernaut 4400 Reins of the Jade Pterrordax 4400
Reins of the Amber Pterrordax 4400 Reins of the Marble Quilen 6600
Reins of the Guardian Quilen 6600 Reins of the Dashing Windsteed 6600
Reins of the Forest Windsteed 6600 Reins of the Daystorm Windsteed 6600

Purchase Old Pandaria Mounts in WoW Pandaria Remix

Along with new and slightly recolored mounts our Pandaria Mount Farm Service offers an exciting opportunity. Now, you can purchase mounts that previously only dropped from World Bosses at an abysmal rate of 1 in 2000. Rejoice, as you can now easily buy them for a set amount of Bronze coins. Check the table below to learn the cheap prices in Bronze for those elusive mounts of the past:

Item Name Original Mount Source Bronze Price Level Requirement
Reins of the Slate Primordial Direhorn Zandalari Warbringer 18700 Level 17
Reins of the Astral Cloud Serpent Elegon 18700 Level 35
Spawn of Horridon Horridon 38500 Level 32
Son of Galleon's Saddle Galleon 38500 Level 32
Reins of the Cobalt Primordial Direhorn Oondasta 38500 Level 17
Clutch of Ji-Kun Ji-Kun 38500 Level 35
Reins of the Thundering Onyx Cloud Serpent Huolon 38500 Level 35
Reins of the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent Sha of Anger 38500 Level 35
Reins of the Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent Nalak 38500 Level 35
Kor'kron Juggernaut Garrosh Hellscream (Mythic) 38500 Level 35
Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent Alani 50000 Level 35

Take this chance to buy rare mounts that were once nearly impossible to obtain. Enhance your collection with our reliable Pandaria Mount Farm service, ensuring you a straightforward and satisfying addition to your in-game journey.

More Remix Pandaria Mounts for Sale

There are also two special mounts you can purchase with out Pandaria Mount Farm Service. You can see both mounts and their respective achievements in the list below:

Don't miss the opportunity to buy these unique mounts through our Pandaria Mount Farm service. These mounts, previously unavailable for direct purchase, are now accessible as you achieve straightforward milestones in the game. Explore the options available for sale and plan your strategy to ensure you add these exclusive rides to your collection efficiently and affordably.

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