Cataphract GL3
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What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • Powerful Cataphract GL3 Grenade Launcher

    Receive a hard-hitting Cataphract GL3 Grenade Launcher designed to allow you to compete effectively in Crucible. This weapon boasts high DPS, making it a formidable choice.

  • PvP-oriented Basic Origin Traits

    Enjoy advantageous PvP-oriented Basic Origin Traits that increase your reload speed and enhance all your stats when you become the last standing member of your fireteam.

  • 120 RPM Strand Grenade Launcher

    Become the owner of a Cataphract GL3, a unique 120 RPM Strand Grenade Launcher with an adaptive frame for outstanding performance.

  • God Roll for Cataphract GL3

    We provide an opportunity for getting a God Roll for your Cataphract GL3, or you can tell us your desired perks, and we will farm this fantastic gun to meet your preferences.

  • Trial Reputation, Ranks, and Engrams

    With this purchase, you'll also earn Trials Reputation, Ranks, and Engrams, to further improve your gaming profile.

  • Chance to Get Adept Weapons

    We offer a chance to get even better gear – Adept Weapons. It enhances your combat prowess to another level.

  • All Additional Drops

    You get to keep all the additional drops that you obtain during the boosting process – a bonus!

  • Experience Boost

    Your artifact and season pass levels will gain an experience boost, offering you quicker advancements in the game.

We appreciate your interest in acquiring the Cataphract GL3 service in the Destiny 2 game. A normal estimated time of delivery for this service is within a 1-day completion framework. This indicates that from the moment your payment is processed and validated, you can expect to see performance within a maximum duration of 24 hours. We strongly uphold a commitment to fulfilling this service within the stipulated time frame since we understand how important time is to avid gamers like you. This respect for time management echoes through our team of Cataphract GL3 professionals, all of whom are devoted to delivering nothing short of the best. Furthermore, we always strive to reduce the time it takes to deliver the service if circumstances allow us. While the time required for the service is based on the game mechanics and thus, generally fixed, our experts are continuously working out ways to optimize the process. At any stage of this time frame, you can reach out to our readily available support team. With a 24/7 working policy, they can provide you with instantaneous progress updates concerning the delivery of the service. We are committed to ensuring the most fulfilling and satisfying experience as you navigate through the Destiny 2 game.
  • Destiny 2 Account with latest expansion
    This includes having the latest expansion purchased on your Destiny 2 account.
  • Power Level 1780+
    Please ensure that your account has a power level of 1780 or higher, without the use of an Artifact.
  • "Trials Access" Quest Completion
    Your account should have the "Trials Access" quest completed.
Frequently Asked Questions

A Taste of Power: The Cataphract GL3 Boost

Meet the Cataphract GL3 Boost in Destiny 2, a weapon that promises an evolved gaming experience. Buy it now to watch your ammo do wonders. Built to maximize damage per second (DPS) in Player vs Player (PvP) mode, it is certain to boost your prowess as the last person standing in your fireteam. Enrich your Strand build and exploit the Basic Origin Traits to increase reload speed or enhance all your stats. Here's what makes the Cataphract GL3 Boost a notable product in the Destiny universe.

Explore Cataphract GL3's Predominant Features

Loaded with striking features, the Cataphract GL3 Boost in Destiny 2 provides a compelling landscape for exciting gaming experiences. Below, we present a quick rundown of its fundamental features.

  1. 120 RPM Strand Grenade Launcher: The Cataphract GL3 Boost's primary weapon, maintaining a rapid-fire rate and allowing players to reach targets effectively.
  2. Adaptive Frame: Ensures the weapon maintains stability and precision while firing.
  3. God Roll Carries: An optimum set of perks and stats that the Cataphract GL3 Boost offers for a supreme gaming effect.

Why the Cataphract GL3 Stands Out

Features Description
The Cataphract GL3 Grenade Launcher The desired version of the Cataphract GL3 Grenade Launcher improves combat efficiency in Destiny 2, transforming gameplay with a major firepower boost and impressive capability in PvP scenarios.
Trials Reputation, Ranks, and Engrams In addition to the Cataphract GL3 Boost, players are likely to earn Trials Reputation, Ranks, and Engrams, increasing their skillset and overall gaming impact.
Adept Weapons The purchase of Cataphract GL3 Boost may provide players with a golden opportunity to lay hands on adept weapons, cutting-edge tools designed to perform effectively in Destiny 2 battles.
All Additional Drops and Experience Boosts Boosting with the Cataphract GL3 Boost enhances the prospects of earning additional rewards and gaining experience boosts for player's artifacts and season pass level.

A Godsend for Destiny 2 Gamers

When you buy the Cataphract GL3 Boost, you are not just purchasing a weapon; you are unlocking avenues for high-powered gameplay in the stunning universe of Destiny 2. You can customize your purchase, selecting specific perks for the Cataphract GL3 to suit your preferred style of play. We will farm it for you, ensuring you get the most effective gaming tool.

Choose WowCarry for Cataphract GL3 Services

Upgrading your Destiny 2 game with WowCarry’s Cataphract GL3 services promises reliable results and a smooth experience. Taking pride in efficient delivery, WowCarry ensures maximum customer satisfaction while making you unstoppable in the Destiny 2 battlegrounds. With our services, you maneuver the game with ease, transforming your gaming into a triumphant conquest.