Crota Carries
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What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • Crota's End Last Boss Carry

    By purchasing this service, you will have the last boss of Crota's End killed. This allows you to access the end-game loot without having to complete the full raid each time.

  • Chance to Get Necrochasm Exotic Auto Rifle

    You could potentially obtain the Necrochasm Exotic Auto Rifle, a sought-after weapon that can provide a significant boost to your performance.

  • Experience with Pro Sherpas

    Benefit from the expertise of our professional sherpas. They will guide you through the raid, ensuring you can enjoy the best mechanics and have a lot of fun.

  • Self-play + Coaching for Crota, son of Oryx Carry

    If you opt for the Self-play + Coaching option, our pro player will show you everything about the Crota encounter, helping you understand each role better.

  • Husk of the Pit Auto Rifle

    You will also receive the Husk of the Pit Auto Rifle. This is the starting point for the Bottomless Pit quest, a rewarding challenge in its own right.

  • Pinnacle Raid Gear

    Pinnacle raid gear for every guardian class is accessible once a week. This will help enhance your performance during the encounter.

  • XP for Your Season Pass and Artifact

    The service also provides you with XP for your Season Pass and Artifact, promoting progress in your gameplay.

  • Additional Gear and Resources

    All extra gear and resources that drop during the completion will be yours, adding more to your rewards for this encounter.

In the realm of Destiny 2, obtaining the service of Crota Carries is an instant affair. Blink once and it's done. Our promise to you is that bringing this service to your doorstep will take absolutely no time at all. This time frame reflects a typical experience within the Destiny 2 universe and rest assured, we are committed to adhering to this standard. Our team of experienced Crota Carries professionals takes this obligation with utmost seriousness. They will channel all their expertise and dedication into ensuring that the moment you request it, the service is right there with you. What's more, they're constantly striving to make the impossible happen - decrease this already-zero time. It's a challenging endeavor, we admit. But we're constantly pushing our limits for your optimum gaming experience. We remain at your service round the clock - that's right, our support is available 24/7, never blinking an eye - keeping a constant vigil on the progress of your request. Since this service's promptness is an inherent trait defined by the game mechanics, it leaves no scope for delay, holding complete reverence to your valuable time. We're here to provide, monitor, and make your Destiny 2 adventure as seamless as it can be.
  • 1790 Light Level for Normal Difficulty
    The service requires a light level of 1790 for normal difficulty.
  • 1820+ Power Level for Master Difficulty
    The service requires a power level of 1820 or above for master difficulty.
  • 1810-1819 Power Level with an Additional Option
    For power levels between 1810-1819, an additional option "My light level" is provided.
  • Crota's End Flawless
    The service includes flawless completion of Crota's End.
Frequently Asked Questions

A Gateway to Victory: Crota Carries

Embark on the ultimate gaming journey with our Destiny 2 Crota Carries service. Take on the last boss without having to complete the full raid every time! It's a dream come true for any gamer, novice or veteran. With our expert sherpas, not only can you get the chance to secure the coveted Necrochasm Exotic Auto Rifle, but you can also bring down Crota himself for a thrilling and memorable experience. Augment your skills and augment your gameplay with the option to purchase Self-play + Coaching for Crota, son of Oryx Carry. With our professional player by your side, you'll get a play-by-play of every role in the encounter.

The Crota Carries Package

Our Crota Carries package offers myriad benefits, guaranteed to enhance your Destiny 2 experience. The rewards associated with this service include:

  1. Crota's End last boss down without a hitch
  2. The Husk of the Pit Auto Rifle, ideal for starting the Bottomless Pit quest
  3. Pinnacle Raid Gear — exclusive to each guardian class on a weekly basis
  4. XP to catapult your Season pass and Artifact to new heights
  5. All supplemental gear and resources that drop during the completion

What's Included in the Deal?

Item Description
Crota's End Defeat This gives you the victory over the last boss with zero need for a full raid.
Husk of the Pit Auto Rifle The start to your Bottomless Pit quest which increases the likelihood of success.
Pinnacle Raid Gear An exclusive for each guardian class renewed every week increases armor and power.
Season Pass and Artifact XP Increase your standing and statuses with this valuable XP boost.
Additional Gear and Resources All resources that drop during the game round out your enhancement package.

Why Choose WowCarry for Crota Carries?

At WowCarry, we prioritize the needs and aspirations of our gamers. We understand all the challenges and requirements of Destiny 2. Choosing us for your Crota Carries means choosing top-notch expertise, reliability, and a service that is solely committed to providing you with the best gaming experience. Our professional player will guide you through every step of each encounter, transforming the complex into the manageable. Gamers of all skill level can attest to the beneficial impact of our Crota Carries package and the remarkable results it delivers. Come and trip the light fantastic with WowCarry today.