Crota’s End Carry
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What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • Crota's End raid completed

    Successfully achieve the completion of the Crota's End raid. Experienced professional assistance will be granted to make sure you succeed.

  • Husk of the Pit Auto Rifle to start Bottomless Pit quest

    Obtain the Husk of the Pit Auto Rifle, a crucial item needed to start the Bottomless Pit quest - a key aspect of the game progression.

  • Pinnacle raid gear or Spoils of Conquest

    Win top tier Pinnacle raid gear or Spoils of Conquest. This can dramatically boost your play and provide compelling resources to gain an advantage in the game.

  • Experience boost for your Season pass and Artifact

    Elevate your Season pass and Artifact duration through a significant experience boost. An amazing opportunity to save time and effort.

  • All additional gear and resources that drop during boosting

    Benefit from all the additional gear and resources that come your way during the boosting process. These can further enhance your gameplay and overall experience.

We are committed to providing you with a seamless Destiny 2 gaming experience and the time estimate for the completion of Crota's End Carry service is approximately 2 hours. We understand that game time is valuable and endeavour to optimize your experience within this period, striving for efficiency without compromising on quality. Service completion within this time frame is not just an estimate, it is a commitment we take seriously. Our team of professional Crota's End Carry specialists are dedicated to reducing this duration wherever feasible, working with a blend of skill, strategy, and commitment. Their expertise, honed over many cycles of the game, allows them to navigate the intricacies of Destiny 2 and expedite your service order when possible, without diluting the quality of the service. Bear in mind, the time required for the service is grounded in game mechanics and constraints within the game itself. Therefore, any speed amplification is dependent on the possibilities within the game. However, ameliorating your gaming experience remains our primary focus. Rest assured, our support will continue to be available round-the-clock, monitoring your progress and ensuring that you are kept in the loop regarding the status of the service. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.
  • 1800 Light Level
    Requirement for 1800 Light Level.
  • 1820+ Light Level for Master Difficulty
    Requirement for 1820+ Light Level for Master Difficulty.
Frequently Asked Questions

Unveiling Crota’s End Carry in Destiny 2

Immerse yourself in the epic adventure of Destiny 2 with Crota’s End Carry service. Witness the magnificence of the reworked original Destiny raid and enhance your gaming prowess. Seize an invincible opportunity to get attractive raid armor and powerful raid weapons that will uplift your gaming profile. While offering you an unsurpassed gaming experience during the Season of the Witch Raid carry, we enable you to infiltrate the Oversoul Throne and confront Crota, the scion of Oryx himself. It is time to end this menace and rise as a true champion with our Crota's End Carry service.

Why Choose Crota’s End Carry

Our Crota’s End Carry service offers you an opportunity to dive deep into thrilling and competitive gameplay while assuring unparalleled assistance by our pro players. You can quest and fight side by side with our trusted Crota's End sherpa or opt to buy a self-play + coaching for Crota's End Raid boost. Our top-tier player will guide you through every nook and corner of this raid, elucidating each encounter fortifying every role during the Season of the Witch raid carries.

What Crota’s End Carry Brings You

Service Inclusions
Crota’s End raid accomplished Apex gaming experience with a completed raid
Husk of the Pit Auto Rifle Perfect headstart for your Bottomless Pit quest
Pinnacle raid gear and Spoils of Conquest New gear to boost your play and resources for your gaming journey
Experience boost for your Season Pass and Artifact Faster progress with a seasoned boost for your Artifacts and Season Pass
Rewards and additional gear All loot that drops during the carry process

What to Expect from Our Service

* Relive the legendary Destiny raid with Crota’s End Carry. * Enhance your gaming arsenal with attractive raid armor and formidable raid weapons. * Get a chance to infiltrate the Oversoul Throne and face Crota himself. * Obtain the Husk of the Pit Auto Rifle, a rewarding start for the Bottomless Pit quest. * Celebrate victories and explore the Destiny 2 game universe with new Pinnacle raid gear or Spoils of Conquest. * Boost your Season pass and Artifact experiences. * Reap all supplementary gear and resources that drop during boosting.

Why Choose WowCarry for Crota’s End Carry Service in Destiny 2 Game

Trust WowCarry for the ultimate Crota’s End Carry service tailored to elevate your Destiny 2 gaming experience to the next level. We not only impart an unparalleled raid gaming experience but also ensure to visualize a complete walkthrough of the gameplay. Our seasoned assortments of pro players are always by your side, showing you the intricacies, sharing pro-level strategies, and mentoring you throughout the Season of the Witch raid carries. Choose WowCarry, infuse power and expert mentorship into your gameplay, and unlock unprecedented gaming experiences.