Crota's End Weapon Patterns Bundle
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What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • Game On, Save On

    Enjoy a 15% discount on this offer — a perfect deal for savvy gamers.

  • Fang of Ir Yut

    Get your hands on a solid Strand Scout Rifle, ideal for clearing ads in PvE.

  • Swordbreaker

    A versatile Strand Shotgun suitable for any activity you engage in.

  • Word of Crota

    Take advantage of a 180 RPM Void Hand Cannon to efficiently defeat minions.

  • Abyss Defiant

    Complete PvE content easily with this 360 RPM Solar Auto Rifle.

  • Oversoul Edict

    Utilize an Arc Pulse Rifle featuring a generous pool of perks.

  • Song of Ir Yut

    Deal boss damage with this powerful Arc Machine Gun.

  • Completed Crafting Patterns

    Receive desired crafting patterns for all six weapons listed above.

  • Crota's End Raid Armor

    Get High-stat RAID Armor from Crota's End to enhance your character's abilities.

  • Additional Weapons

    Obtain a multitude of extra weapons that will drop throughout the farm.

  • Experience Points

    Reap a lot of experience for your Season Pass and Artifact, bolstering your in-game progress.

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    This service requires a minimum power level of 1800.
Frequently Asked Questions

The Ultimate Weapon Arsenal: Crota's End Weapon Patterns Bundle

If you're a Destiny 2 gamer, the Crota's End Weapon Patterns Bundle should be on your radar. Known for its impressive collection of Crota's End weaponry, this bundle is the perfect combination of value and battle superiority. Every gun in the pack contains a unique Origin Trait termed 'Cursed Thrall' that sparks an explosive aftermath on your enemies after a decisive melee attack. This special feature turns the Crota's End weapons into a robust option for completing any PvE content. Imagine bypassing weeks of endless farming and having these masterpieces handed over to you by our professional players!

What's Inside the Crota's End Weapon Patterns Bundle?

Content Notes
Fang of Ir Yut Strand Scout Rifle perfect for clearing ads in PvE
Swordbreaker Flexible Strand Shotgun, suited for various activities
Word of Crota 180 RPM Void Hand Cannon, designed to crush minions
Abyss Defiant 360 RPM Solar Auto Rifle, intended for PvE content completion
Oversoul Edict Arc Pulse Rifle with an extensive selection of perks
Song of Ir Yut Arc Machine Gun, equipped to deliver boss damage
Crota's End Raid Armor Offering high attributes
Additional Weapons & Experience Gain Boosts for your Season Pass and Artifact

The Perks of Crota's End Weapon Patterns Bundle

Not only will you own completed crafting patterns for the six weapons, but this bundle also offers:

1. A favorable 15% discount. 2. A pool of additional weapons that are sure to drop during the farming process. 3. An abundance of experience for your Season Pass and Artifact. 4. High stat Crota's End raid armor.

The Knockout Offer: Marked Coolness

Your Crota's End Weapon Patterns Bundle provides the following marked advantages:

* Game On, Save On: Bag a 15% discount on this splendid offer. * Master the battlefield: Your own set of high-quality weapons and armor. * Skip the grind: Escape weeks of farming and dive straight into action. * Dominate PvE content: Unleash the power of the Cursed Thrall trait on your enemies.

Choose WowCarry for Your Crota’s End Weapon Patterns Bundle

In the vast universe of Destiny 2, WowCarry stands as the go-to service for all your gaming needs. When it comes to securing the Crota’s End Weapon Patterns Bundle, we provide you with an unrivaled service, meticulously tailored to meet your gaming preferences and style. Our professional players step in so that you save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on endless farming. By choosing WowCarry, you are choosing expert assistance, time efficiency, and of course, an out-of-this-world gaming experience.