Crota's Exile
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What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • Rare Crota's Exile Exotic Sparrow

    Enjoy a unique and rare exotic Sparrow exclusive to the Crota's Exile.

  • Rare War's Lament Ship

    This special ship is given upon first Master Raid completion.

  • All four Raid Challenges Completed

    We complete all four challenges associated with the Raid for you.

  • Four Adept weapons

    Acquire four unique weapons adept for overcoming the trials ahead.

  • Swordbearer Title Triumph Progress

    Progress in the Swordbearer Title triumph is assured with this service.

  • Crota's End Armor pieces and weapons

    Own armor pieces and weapons exclusive to Crota's End.

  • Masterwork Materials

    Gather essential Masterwork materials to strengthen your arsenal.

  • All Additional Drops

    Benefit from all the additional drops you obtain during this farm.

  • Experience Boost

    Boost your artifact and season pass level with an experience surge.

  • Necrochasm Exotic Auto Rifle

    With the additional option, we unlock this powerful Exotic Auto Rifle for you.

  • Raid Armor Set

    Collect a unique armor set dedicated for the raiders aiming for exceptional achievements.

  • Stream

    Complete transparency as we stream all the Crota's Exile boosting for you.

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  • 1810 Power Level
    Without Artifact.
Frequently Asked Questions

Embark on the Destiny 2 Crota's Exile Journey

Let's embark on the exciting Destiny 2 Crota's Exile journey! This outstanding game feature presents an adventurous path to anyone willing, holding the promise of enormous rewards. From acquiring the rare Crota's Exile Exotic Sparrow to the monumental War’s Lament Ship, the Destiny 2 Crota's Exile Boost takes your gaming experience up a notch.

Why Choose the Destiny 2 Crota's Exile?

This mission packs plenty of incomparable features that you rarely find in other Destiny 2 adventures. It is structured to ensure you face unique challenges and deliver triumphant accomplishments, guaranteeing indulgence and total engagement. Here's what to expect:

  1. Rare Crota's Exile Exotic Sparrow: A remarkable high-speed vehicle that not only facilitates your movements but also stands a symbol of class and achievement.
  2. Rare War's Lament Ship: Accrued after the first Master Raid completion, this is a symbol of gallantry, marking an exceptional landmark in your Destiny 2 gaming journey.
  3. All four Raid Challenges: These challenges are core components of the quest, designed to test your skills and provide an engaging gaming experience.
  4. Four Adept weapons: An impressive collection of efficient and versatile weapons that would bolster your arsenal.
  5. Swordbearer Title Triumph Progress: This remarkable accomplishment provides you with bonus points improving your standing in the gaming world.

Additional Enhancements and Rewards

Destiny 2 Crota's Exile Boost doesn’t stop at the above exhilarating features. It goes further to provide extra rewards and potential enhancements in the gaming experience. Some of these include:

Necrochasm An Exotic Auto Rifle to bolster your weaponry. If you choose so, we can unlock this for you.
Raid Armor Set A unique armor set that can be added to your inventory upon your request.
Stream We can stream your Crota's Exile boosting experience, providing an unbiased view of your gaming journey.

Why Choose WowCarry for Your Destiny 2 Crota's Exile Boosting Service?

Our premier service is designed for your ultimate satisfaction. We understand the dynamics of Destiny 2 and specifically the Crota's Exile Boost. We guarantee secure and swift service. Coupled with our comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the game, we ensure that every customer is privy to an immersive experience with unmatched rewards. Whether it is unlocking the Necrochasm or getting the full Raid Armor Set, WowCarry guarantees a seamless journey to your Destiny 2 Crota's Exile triumphs!