Dragoncult Sickle
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What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • Any number and version of Dragoncult Sickle Sword

    You will obtain as many Dragoncult Sickle Swords as you desire, in any version that is offered through our service.

  • God Roll with the chosen perks

    We'll provide a Dragoncult Sickle Sword with a God Roll, equipped with the unique perks you specify to us.

  • Warlord's Ruin Encounters completed

    We'll finish your Warlord's Ruin encounters for you, where the Dragoncult Sickle Sword randomly drops, increasing your chances to attain this unique weapon.

  • Chance to get Dark Age Suit Armor parts

    Through this service, you also stand a chance to receive various parts of the coveted Dark Age Suit Armor, which may randomly drop during our farm.

  • Seasonal Engrams

    We will earn Seasonal Engrams for you, which will contain a variety of other valuable awards and surprises.

  • All items and resources that might drop during this farm

    Any items and resources that may drop during our time farming will be yours. This includes materials, weapons, and more.

  • Experience boost for your Season Pass and Artifact

    This service will also contribute to an experience boost for your Season Pass and Artifact, allowing you to progress faster in Destiny 2.

The order for your Dragoncult Sickle service in the celebrated Destiny 2 game will take approximately 6 hours for completion. This timeline has been generally observed and meticulously calculated based on our team's past experiences and expertise with the game mechanics. Your wait will indisputably be worth it as you lay your hands on the Dragoncult Sickle - one of the most coveted services in the game. Our team of professional Dragoncult Sickle handlers will work tirelessly and painstakingly to meet this time frame, if not reduce it as much as possible. Each member of our team is committed and dedicated, aiming to optimize the process and expedite the service render. It’s important to note that the designated 6 hours is based purely on the mechanisms of the Destiny 2 game itself and no external factors. Our professionals, however, will continuously strive to gain earlier completion keeping your eagerness and excitement in mind. Even after setting this agreed time frame, we continuously hold your hand throughout the process. Our exclusive support operations will be at your service around the clock. No matter the hour, our support staff is prepared to provide updates and assist you in monitoring the progress of your Dragoncult Sickle service acquisition.
  • Requirement 1 Title: Destiny 2 Account
    One must have a Destiny 2 account with Lightfall Deluxe Edition or Dungeon Key from Eververse.
  • Requirement 2 Title: Light Level
    A minimum of 1790 Light Level is required.
Frequently Asked Questions

Description of Destiny 2 Dragoncult Sickle Boost

For Destiny 2 game enthusiasts, the Dragoncult Sickle weapon represents both power and rare novelty. This exceptional weapon stands as one of a few caster swords available in the game. Originally introduced in the 'Season of the Wish,' the Dragoncult Sickle provides mighty offensive capabilities to its wielder, making every encounter a great spectacle. Its random drop—only available after completing Warlord's Ruin encounters—adds to its sought-after status, with the right perks being a cherished prize. Destiny 2 Dragoncult Sickle Boost represents an opportunity to farm this weapon with choice perks, eliminating the waiting time and uncertainty.

Dragoncult Sickle Features

Dragoncult Sickle is a Caster Strand Sword with a 50 Charge Rate. A compelling feature of this weapon is the basic origin trait 'Sundering.' This trait grants an extra charge rate to this weapon when you destroy constructs or vehicles. Your choice of perks can also enhance its powers, giving you an edge in every battle. If selected, a God Roll will make your D2 Dragoncult Sickle carry an unstoppable force in every Warlord's Ruin Encounter.

A Quick Summary of What You Will Get

  1. Any number and version of Dragoncult Sickle Sword
  2. The chance to get the God Roll with the chosen perks
  3. Completed Warlord's Ruin Encounters
  4. Opportunity to acquire Dark Age Suit Armor parts
  5. Seasonal Engrams
  6. Collection of all items and resources that might drop during the farm
  7. An experience boost to your Season Pass and Artifact

Specifications of Dragoncult Sickle Boost

Weapon Type Dragoncult Sickle
Unique Trait Sundering
Charge Rate 50
Award Method Random drop after Warlord's Ruin Encounters

Why Choose WowCarry for Dragoncult Sickle Service in Destiny 2

WowCarry offers you a seamless way to get your hands on the Dragoncult Sickle weapon in Destiny 2. By choosing our services, you bridge the gap between you and this fantastic weapon, and you can do so in a fraction of the time. No need to cringe at the random drop after Warlord's Ruin Encounters or wait to collect the right perks one by one. With our service, you get any number or version of Dragoncult Sickle based on your preference and potentially the God Roll with chosen perks. Our service guarantees completed Warlord's Ruin Encounters, puissant Seasonal Engrams, valuable Dark Age Suit Armor parts, and a significant experience boost for your Season Pass and Artifact. All these are yours while we farm the formidable Dragoncult Sickle weapon for you. Don't wait; choose WowCarry's service for your Destiny 2 Dragoncult Sickle Boost and join the ranks of power players today!