Dragonflight Druid Forms
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What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • New Druid Forms and Customizations
    Get various new Bear, Cat, and Travel forms, including Moonkin customization options to transform and enjoy your character in a whole new style. Variants include Runebears, Bristlebruins, and Umbraclaws bear forms; Dreamsabers cat forms; Dreamtalons and Gladeharts travel grounded forms; Owl travel flying forms; and Whiskerfish travel aquatic form.
  • Accomplishment of Open-world Events or Mythic Raid
    Regardless of the source of the form, whether from open-world events or from a Mythic raid, we'll help you get these exciting new forms and customizations.
  • Access to New Customization Options
    We catch the latest additions to the game with DF patch 10.2, offering several dozens of new form and customization options for the Druid class. Thus, you can bring more diversity and freshness to your character's appearance.
  • Gain Different Forms from Different Sources
    All these forms and customizations options drop from numerous sources, ensuring a varied and exciting gaming experience when acquiring them.
  • Dragonflight Druid Forms List
    Access to a comprehensive list of Druid forms and customization options, including but not limited to Bear, Cat, Moonkin, Travel Grounded, Travel Flight, and Travel Aquatic forms and their respective marks.
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Transform Your Play with Dragonflight Druid Forms

Dragonflight Druid Forms allow you to revolutionize your gameplay in World of Warcraft's Dragonflight, providing a reinvigorated, immersive experience for your Druid characters. With new bear, cat, owl, travel, and aquatic forms at your command, as well as fresh customization options for the iconic Moonkin, your Druid's style will be entirely transformed. These forms not only alter your bare-bones aesthetics but also enable you to adapt your abilities to specific environments. Whether derived from Mythic raids, open-world events, or other sources, Dragonflight Druid Forms unlock a sphere of limitless possibilities.

Revolutionize your Transformations

Since the inception of WoW's Transmog system, players can readily alter their characters' appearances. However, the druid class was frequently outnumbered as most of the time, Druids retained the same visual forms. Not anymore! With the release of DF patch 10.2, even Druids can rejoice, thanks to the introduction of a plethora of fresh forms and customization opportunities.

Discover New Forms and Customizations

Our Dragonflight Druid Forms carry service opens a Pandora box of exciting forms and customizations, including:

  1. Runebears, Bristlebruins, and Umbraclaws bear forms;
  2. Dreamsabers cat forms;
  3. Moonkin feather color, decoration, and effect customizations;
  4. Dreamtalons and Gladeharts travel grounded forms;
  5. Owl travel flying forms;
  6. Whiskerfish travel aquatic form.

However, note that these unique customizations and forms drop from various sources, influencing the Dragonflight Druid Appearances boost's execution time. Thus, timing would depend on the specific forms you wish to acquire.

Dragonflight Druid Form List

Form Name Source
Bear Mark of the Hibernating Runebear The Emerald Dream World Boss rare drop
Bear Mark of the Verdant Bristlebruin The Emerald Dream rare drop
Bear Pollenfused Bristlebruin Fur Sample The Emerald Dream treasure
Bear Mark of the Loamy Umbraclaw The Emerald Dream riddle
Bear Mark of the Snowy Umbraclaw Emerald Bounties event reward
Bear Mark of the Umbramane The Emerald Dream rare drop
Cat Moon-Blessed Claw The Emerald Dream riddle
Cat Mark of the Keen-Eyed Dreamsaber The Emerald Dream rare drop
Cat Mark of the Evergreen Dreamsaber The Emerald Dream riddle
Moonkin Feather of the Smoke Red Moon Amirdrassil raid rare drop
Moonkin Feather of the Smoke Red Moon Amirdrassil raid rare drop
Moonkin Feather of the Smoke Red Moon Amirdrassil raid rare drop
Travel (grounded) Mark of the Sable Dreamtalon The Emerald Dream rare drop
Travel (grounded) Mark of the Boreal Dreamtalon Emerald Bounties event reward
Travel (grounded) Mark of the Dreamtalon Matriarch The Emerald Dream rare drop
Travel (grounded) Mark of the Auroral Dreamtalon Emerald Bounties event reward
Travel (grounded) Mark of the Thriving Dreamtalon The Emerald Dream riddle
Travel (grounded) Mark of the Lush Dreamstag The Emerald Dream riddle
Travel (grounded) Mark of the Auric Dreamstag Emerald Bounties event reward
Travel (grounded) Mark of the Smoldering Dreamstag The Emerald Dream rare drop
Travel (flight) Feather of the Blazing Somnowl Amirdrassil raid rare drop
Travel (flight) Feather of Friends Questline
Travel (flight) Mark of the Slumbering Somnowl The Emerald Dream riddle
Travel (aquatic) Scale of the Prismatic Whiskerfish Amirdrassil raid riddle
Travel (aquatic) Scale of the Prismatic Whiskerfish Amirdrassil raid riddle

Why Choose WowCarry for Dragonflight Druid Forms?

Opt for WowCarry's Dragonflight Druid Forms service for an unsurpassed, hyper-immersive WoW Dragonflight gameplay. Our services grant you access to all new Bear, Cat, and Travel forms and Moonkin customization options. We aim to revolutionize the visual style of your characters, ensuring you relish your game with a fresh, exciting perspective. Whether your desired forms come from Mythic raids or open-world events, we've got you covered, guaranteeing that you enjoy your game in an entirely new way.