Fang of Ir Yut
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What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • Fang of Ir Yut Scout Rifle

    You will receive the desired version of the Fang of Ir Yut Scout Rifle, a powerful 260 RPM Strand Scout Rifle equipped with the Rapid-Fire frame. Ideal for GM Nightfalls, it features a unique basic origin trait called Cursed Thrall. Defeat your target with a melee attack and your final blows with this weapon will cause enemies to explode.

  • Crota's End encounters multiple completions

    Upon purchasing this service, you will also be rewarded with multiple completions of the Crota's End encounters from the classic Destiny 1 Raid.

  • All Items and Resources Dropped During Farm

    Any items and resources dropped during this service will be yours to keep. This includes any ancillary gains you make while your Fang of Ir Yut boost is in progress.

  • Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact

    Furthermore, this service grants experience for your Season Pass and Artifact. Expanding your Season Pass will provide additional bonuses and rewards, enhancing your overall game performance.

Thank you for your interest in obtaining the Fang of Ir Yut service in the Destiny 2 game. Please note that the estimated time of arrival (ETA) for this order completion is generally set at 1 day. This is the standard period required for this particular service, influenced by the game mechanics in Destiny 2. We would like to assure you that our team of Fang of Ir Yut experts are fully dedicated to possibly reducing this time frame where feasible. This timeline is not a formality but our professional obligation. So when we say 1 day, we truly mean it. We are committed to ensuring your game is serviced within this exact or less period. We always strive to exceed your expectations, as your satisfaction is our top priority. Always remember that our customer support is accessible around the clock. Feel free to check on the progress of your service at any time that suits you. They are ready to provide real-time updates whenever you need them. Your trust in our ability to deliver this service promptly is very much appreciated. Let's conquer this game together!
  • Requirement 1: 1800 Light Level
    This requirement indicates that an 1800 Light Level is necessary.
  • Requirement 2: 1820+ for Adept version
    This requirement specifies that a minimum level of 1820 is needed for the Adept version.
Frequently Asked Questions

The Unmatched Power of Fang of Ir Yut Scout Rifle in Destiny 2

Embrace the thrill of supernatural action with Destiny 2 Fang of Ir Yut Boost. Wrapped in elegance are the underlying extraordinary characteristics of Fang of Ir Yut, a veritable Scout Rifle second to none in this epic game. This weapon is not essentially a prize but a powerful arsenal you earn from the reworked Crota's End, a classic Destiny 1 Raid, now featured in the Season of the Witch. With the Fang of Ir Yut, challenges like GM Nightfalls are no longer a daunting task, but a thrilling encounter waiting to be conquered.

Fang of Ir Yut Detailed Specifications

Fang of Ir Yut Feature Details
Type 260 RPM Strand Scout Rifle with Rapid-Fire Frame
Unique Trait Cursed Thrall: Melee-attack defeat sparks an explosion on final blow with this weapon
Perk Pool Rapid Hit + Precision Instrument
Suitable For PvE

Achievements with Fang of Ir Yut

In addition to rewarding players with a unique and highly coveted weapon in Destiny 2, our Fang of Ir Yut Boost promises:

  • A personalized version of Fang of Ir Yut that fits the gaming style and taste of the player.
  • Repeated completions of the challenging Crota's End encounters.
  • An extensive stockpile of items and resources accumulated during the farm period.
  • An unmatched experience boost for both your Season Pass and Artifact.

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