Igneous Hammer
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What You’ll Get
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  • Igneous Hammer Hand Cannon

    Upon purchasing this service, you will receive the highly sought-after Igneous Hammer Hand Cannon. This weapon is perfect for any PvP activity, with high DPS, incredible range, and Basic Origin Traits catered to PvP.

  • Trials Reputation, Ranks, and Engrams

    Your purchase will also lead to an increase in your Trials Reputation, providing you with exciting opportunities for greater rewards and benefits, as well as gaining ranks and engrams.

  • Chance to get Adept weapons

    With this service, you will have a chance to receive Adept weapons. These high-value weapons can give you a significant leg-up in your PvP experiences.

  • All additional drops during boosting

    Any additional gear or items that drop while boosting your service will be yours to keep, adding extra value to your purchase.

  • Experience Boost

    This service provides an experience boost for your artifact and season pass level. As a result, you will progress faster and reach higher levels, thereby unlocking even more benefits and features.

  • God Roll for Igneous Hammer

    If desired, we can focus our efforts on acquiring what is known as a God Roll for your Igneous Hammer. Alternatively, let us know what perks you're looking for, and we will endeavor to farm this impressive weapon with your preferred specifications.

We're excited to inform you that the waiting time to acquire the Igneous Hammer service in the Destiny 2 game runs on an average turn around of 1 DAY ORDER COMPLETION. We stand by this time frame as it's grounded on the typical run of gameplay mechanics. It is our responsibility and commitment to ensure the completion of this service in the given period. No need to worry about delays or snags in the journey, as we have a dedicated team of specialists well-versed with the nuances of the Igneous Hammer service. These experts are committed to making every move strategically to potentially decrease the time it takes to yield the service maximally. Speed is important, but efficiency and success are our priority, assuring you the quality service you've signed up for. Additionally, as each moment in Destiny 2 counts, we'll be there with you round the clock. Our dependable support team remains available 24/7, keeping an eye on the progress and providing real-time progress updates. We appreciate your trust and patience, and we assure you of tireless effort to help you get the service as swiftly and efficiently as the game mechanics allow.
  • Destiny 2 account with the latest expansion purchased Title
    Destiny 2 account with the latest expansion purchased.
  • 1780+ Power Level without Artifact Title
    1780+ Power Level without Artifact.
  • "Trials Access" Quest completed Title
    "Trials Access" Quest completed.
Frequently Asked Questions

Igneous Hammer: The Powerhouse Hand Cannon

Ready to elevate your gaming prowess in Destiny 2? The Igneous Hammer is precisely what you'd need. A powerful weapon with remarkable performance, this beast is custom-made for every relentless PvP enthusiast. With high DPS, an incredible range, and PvP-oriented Basic Origin Traits to increase the reload speed, the Igneous Hammer is designed to improve all your in-game stats. Furthermore, it's assistance becomes crucial and highly indispensable when you're the last standing member of your fireteam. As an integral part of Destiny 2 Igneous Hammer Boost, it is geared up to make your trials of Osiris fetch ultimate success. Buy your Igneous Hammer today, and step into a gaming experience like no other!

What Makes the Igneous Hammer Unique?

You might wonder - why would you need the Igneous Hammer in your destiny 2 weaponry armor? The list of reasons is extensive. Constructed as a 120 RPM Solar Hand Cannon with an Aggressive frame, this weapon provides you with a formidable presence in the game. From obtaining the desired version of the Igneous Hammer Hand Cannon to a chance to get Adept weapons, the benefits are vast. Want a unique touch to your Igneous Hammer? No problem! Specify the perks you prefer, and we will farm this all-powerful gun precisely as per your desire. Here's what you will get:

The desired version of Igneous Hammer Hand Cannon
Trials Reputation, Ranks, and Engrams
Chance to get Adept weapons
All additional drops obtained during boosting
Experience boost for your artifact and season pass level

Why Choose WowCarry for Your Igneous Hammer Service?

Buying an Igneous Hammer isn't solely about possessing a great PVP weapon - it is about significantly improving your Destiny 2 game play. At WowCarry, we are all about providing you with that exceptional gaming experience. By enabling you access to one of the game's vital tool, the Destiny 2 Igneous Hammer Boost, we not only augment your level but improve your gaming expertise on the whole. Choosing WowCarry for your Igneous Hammer service ensures you receive a tailor-made service - designed to help you tackle the challenges of the Trials of Osiris, with utmost ease. Unleash your true gaming potential, with WowCarry - your trusted partner for an enhanced Destiny 2 experience!