Naeem's Lance
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What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • Naeem's Lance Sniper Rifle

    You will receive any number and version of Naeem's Lance Sniper Rifle, a 140 RPM Strand Gun with a Rapid-Fire frame, and a distinct basic origin trait of Sundering — destroying constructs and vehicles to grant the weapon bonus reload speed.

  • God Roll with the Chosen Perks

    If you desire specific perks for your Naeem's Lance, you can tell us, and we will farm the God Roll with the chosen perks for you to provide the optimal weapon performance.

  • Warlord's Ruin Encounter Completion

    Completing Warlord's Ruin encounters will be done as the weapon only drops randomly at these events, increasing your chances of obtaining Naeem's Lance.

  • Chance to Obtain Dark Age Suit Armor Parts

    During this service, you may also receive parts of the Dark Age Suit Armor, a unique gear set that gives you a competitive edge.

  • Seasonal Engrams

    Your account will also accumulate Seasonal Engrams, providing additional opportunities for exclusive rewards.

  • All Items and Resources from the Farm

    All items and resources that drop during the farm are yours to keep, potentially granting you extra bonuses and materials alongside your weapon.

  • Experience Boost for your Season Pass and Artifact

    Finally, this service will contribute towards boosting the experience for your Season Pass and Artifact, thus helping you advance in the game.

Your order for the Naeem's Lance in Destiny 2 game will have an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of 6 hours from the moment your order is confirmed. This time frame is an average, and it refers to the time our team of seasoned Naeem's Lance professionals typically need to complete this service. We don't control the mechanics of the game- that's something set by the game developers. However, you should know that our dedicated experts strive continuously to reduce this time wherever possible while guaranteeing the quality of the service. Our commitment to you is to complete the order within this 6-hour window. We are not just committed, but we feel responsible for ensuring that your gaming experience is as satisfying as it can be. We aim to provide our services in the shortest duration, keeping in mind your excitement to acquire the Naeem's Lance. Our 24/7 available support is ready to provide you with any needed updates regarding the progress of your service. We focus on being there for you, not only throughout the service but also afterwards. We believe that good service involves transparency, and that's exactly what we aim to provide. Trust us to be efficient and fast with your Destiny 2 Naeem's Lance order.
  • Requirement 1 Title: Destiny 2 Account with Lightfall Deluxe Edition or Dungeon Key from Eververse
    Requirement 1 short description: You must possess a Destiny 2 account that includes either the Lightfall Deluxe Edition or a Dungeon Key from Eververse.
  • Requirement 2 Title: 1790+ Light Level
    Requirement 2 short description: Your Destiny 2 account must be at a 1790+ Light Level.
Frequently Asked Questions

Naeem's Lance: A Gift of the Season of the Wish

Unveiled during the illustrious Season of the Wish, Naeem's Lance in Destiny 2 game is an embodiment of raw power and dominance meant to vanquish bosses with brutal efficiency. This rambunctious weapon is defined by the thrill of the gamble, as it only descends upon the deserving by random drops upon the successful accomplishment of Warlord's Ruin encounters. This 140 RPM Strand Sniper Rifle, equipped with a Rapid-Fire frame, is emblematic of warfare mastery, offering an exceptional bonus reload speed via its unique basic origin trait - Sundering, granted whenever constructs or vehicles are demolished.

Naeem's Lance Divine Perks – The Power of Customization

With us, Destiny 2 Naeem's Lance Boost is deeply intertwined with personalized gaming experience. Our stellar service lets you handpick the roster of perks your Naeem's Lance carries. Or, if your game vision leans towards divine gameplay, opt for the God Roll - the epitome of Naeem's Lance might.

Comprehensive Assets Upon Purchase:

No. Asset Description
1 Naeem's Lance Sniper Rifle Receive any quantity and variant of this remarkable weapon.
2 God Roll Manifest absolute power in your hands with personally chosen perks or surrender to the unparalleled potential of the God Roll.
3 Warlord's Ruin Encounters Complete a multitude of Warlord's Ruin encounters, paving the way for potential Naeem's Lance drops.
4 Dark Age Suit Armor Chance to acquire various parts of the decadent Dark Age Suit Armor.
5 Seasonal Engrams Garner multiple Seasonal Engrams, enriching your game journey.
6 Additional Loot All items and resources procured during the Naeem's Lance farm are yours to claim.
7 Experience Boost Unlock an experience boost for your Season Pass and Artifact.

Rewards within Reach - Secure & Time-Efficient Farming Service

Immerse yourself in the compelling world of Destiny 2, equipped with your own Naeem's Lance. Experience the thrill and excitement of anticipating Naeem's Lance drops from Warlord's Ruin Encounters, while all farming, grinding, and hassles are managed by our experienced team. The Destiny 2 Naeem's Lance Boost service promises an efficient and secure acquisition process, gifting players with an empowering game experience.

Choose WowCarry for your Destiny 2 Naeem's Lance journey and unlock unmatched clarity and finesse in your gaming experience. Our service ensures the smooth delivery of your Naeem's Lance, personalized to your preferred perks and attributes. Soar to the heights of game prowess with the reliable support of WowCarry, your go-to Destiny 2 Naeem's Lance service.