Oversoul Edict
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  • Oversoul Edict Pulse Rifle

    Grow your arsenal with a great Pulse Rifle suitable for any situation. Suitable for all kinds of activities, this versatile weapon is a must-have for any player.

  • Award from Crota's End

    This iconic weapon is a reward from the classic Destiny 1 Raid, Crota's End, which has been reworked and reintroduced in the Season of the Witch.

  • Rapid-Fire Frame

    With a 540 RPM Arc Pulse and a Rapid-Fire frame, this Pulse Rifle is capable of laying down a storm of bullets in the blink of an eye.

  • Unique Basic Origin Trait

    The Cursed Thrall, a unique trait of this weapon, brings extra explosiveness to the battlefield. After defeating a target with a melee attack, all your final blows with these guns will make your enemies explode.

  • Oversoul Edict Boost

    Further enhance the potential of your weapon with the Oversoul Edict boost, introducing an amazing perk pool to ramp up the efficiency of your firearm.

  • Best Rolls

    With the best rolls being Eye of the Storm + Moving Target for PvP, the Oversoul Edict Pulse Rifle is not just an explosive powerhouse, but a precision instrument, perfect for competitive play.

We'd like to inform you that as per the standard timeline, it typically takes 1 day for order completion to deliver the service of Oversoul Edict in the game, Destiny 2. This service interval is the regular period we've historically noted for delivering this service and we ensure to fulfill our obligations within this timeline. Our competent team of Oversoul Edict experts is consistently focused on enhancing their efficiency and performance, aiming to minimize this timeframe where possible, to ensure your gaming experience is seamless and more exciting. Please bear in mind that the service delivery time mainly depends on the game mechanics which are not alterable. However, the commitment and dedication of our professionals will ensure the speedy execution of your order. Furthermore, we want you to know that our customer support is available round the clock, 7 days a week. They are ready to update you regarding the progress of your service at any time. Your satisfaction is of prime importance to us and we are always here to serve you better, ensuring a swift and efficient service that meets your gaming needs.
  • 1800 Light Level
    This is a requirement for the standard version.
  • 1820+ Light Level
    This is a requirement for the Adept version.
Frequently Asked Questions

Oversoul Edict: The Ultimate Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2

Designed with perfection in mind, the Oversoul Edict is a top-tier Pulse Rifle created for the enthusiasts of Destiny 2. Renowned for its blazing speed and sheer firepower, it offers a delightful and competitive gaming experience across an array of activities. This weapon, a reward from the classic, reworked Destiny 1 Raid — Crota's End, ingratiates itself into the Season of the Witch with strategic precision. The Destiny 2 Oversoul Edict Boost is a powerful Arc Pulse Rifle, firing at an amazing 540 RPM within a Rapid-Fire frame.

Tactical Traits and Unique Features

The primary aspect making this weapon stand out is its unique origin trait known as Cursed Thrall. This brilliant feature enhances your game by inducing explosive damage to your opponents. When a target is defeated with a melee attack, your final blow with this weapon will cause your enemies to explode, adding a powerful and surprising element to your attack strategy.

Additionally, the Destiny 2 Oversoul Edict Boost is a rich blend of game-changing features. Its pool of perks is impressive with the most advantageous rolls being Eye of the Storm + Moving Target in PvP. This combination of perks not only optimizes the performance of the rifle but also gives a tactical edge to PvP encounters.

Desirable Perks and Traits

Perks Description 1. Cursed Thrall Causes enemies to explode upon final blows after a melee attack defeat 2. Eye of the Storm Improves weapon accuracy and handling as the wielder's health gets lower. 3. Moving Target Increases movement speed and target acquisition when moving while aiming down sights

What sets Oversoul Edict apart?

  • High RPM: At 540 RPM, the Destiny 2 Oversoul Edict Boost is one of the fastest Pulse Rifles in game. This high speed makes it a trusted weapon in close combats and fast-paced engagements.
  • Explosive Power: The unique basic origin trait Cursed Thrall brings a distinctive element to your gaming strategy by causing enemies to explode, adding more damage to your offensive.
  • PvP optimization: With a perk roll of Eye of the Storm + Moving Target, the Oversoul Edict shines in PvP. It makes every shot count with higher accuracy and improved handling.

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Your quest for the perfect Pulse Rifle ends with WowCarry. Our expert team of professionals prioritize your game progress and thrill, ensuring you own the best-in-class Destiny 2 equipment. Choose us for your Destiny 2 Oversoul Edict Boost service, and step into the universe of optimized performance and gaming brilliance. We commit to propel you beyond the expected and towards the extraordinary. Equip with WowCarry, Equip for Victory.