The Immortal Boost
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What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • The Immortal SMG

    You will receive the desired version of The Immortal SMG, a top-tier weapon in Destiny 2. This SMG boasts a lightning-fast fire rate, high damage output, and incredible accuracy, making it an ideal weapon for any PvP situation.

  • Improvement in PvP Efficiency

    By purchasing The Immortal D2, you will have the opportunity to boost your efficacy in PvP modes with the assistance of professional Destiny 2 players.

  • Trials Reputation, Ranks, and Engrams

    In addition to The Immortal SMG, you will also get increased Trials Reputation, Ranks, and Engrams, enabling you to progress further in the game.

  • Chance to get Adept Weapons

    Your purchase of the Immortal D2 gives you a chance to get Adept weapons, which are variants of existing weapons with a unique perk, further enhancing your gameplay.

  • All Additional Drops

    Any additional drops obtained during the boosting process will also be yours, enhancing your overall game loot.

  • Experience Boost

    You will get an experience boost for your artifact and season pass level, helping you to level up faster and gain more advantages in the game.

In regard to your order for The Immortal Boost service in the Destiny 2 game, it is important for you to note that the typical order completion duration is 1 Day. This is not just a random estimate but a period calculated based on a comprehensive understanding of the game mechanics and the proficiency of our team of professionals who are specially trained and exquisitely skilled in The Immortal Boost service. We acknowledge this time commitment with a sense of utmost responsibility and assure you that there is no compromise in our efforts. Our team is dedicated and ready to employ their expertise to minimize the service time where possible, without sacrificing quality, as we recognize the value of your time. You need not worry about staying in the loop of the order progression, as we provide round the clock customer support. Our team remains at your service 24/7 to update you on the advancement in obtaining the service. This way, you are always in the know and your peace of mind is secured. Trust us to deliver The Immortal Boost service as efficiently as possible. Our team is well equipped, ready, and keen to ensure your expectations are not just met, but surpassed.
  • Destiny 2 account with the latest expansion purchased
    The user is required to have a Destiny 2 account with the most up-to-date expansion pack purchased.
  • 1780+ Power Level without Artifact
    User's account needs to have a power level of 1780 or more without the involvement of any artefacts.
  • "Trials Access" Quest completed
    The "Trials Access" quest has to be completed by the user.
Frequently Asked Questions

Unleash Your Inner Guardian with Destiny 2 The Immortal Boost

Immerse yourself in the adrenaline-rushing world of Destiny 2, a universe of endless possibilities and a strategic battlefield, with the unparalleled Immortal Boost. The Immortal Boost not only propels your prowess to impressive heights but also opens an exciting realm of sheering competitive advantage in the PvP mode. It is an embodiment of top-tier functionality, defined by jaw-dropping features such as lightning-fast fire rate, superb high damage output capabilities, unheard-of accuracy, and thrilling game-changing possibilities. Simply put, with The Immortal Boost, the battle zone is yours to rule. In short, when you buy The Immortal D2, you are investing in a sure-fire course to gaming immortality.

Features of Destiny 2 The Immortal Boost

Feature Description
The desired version of The Immortal SMG This boost provides you with the desired version of the superior Immortal SMG, enhancing your efficacy in the game.
Trials Reputation, Ranks, and Engrams With this boost, you can soar up in Trials Reputation, attain higher ranks, and also receive Engrams- a real game changer.
Chance to get Adept weapons The boost offers you increased chances of getting Adept weapons, bringing your game to incredibly high standards.
All additional drops during boosting The boost comes with additional drops obtained during the boosting process which spices up your gaming experience.
Experience boost for your artifact and season pass level Lastly, the boost seamlessly augments the experience levels of your artifacts and season pass levels in a smooth, swift manner.

Why Buy Immortal D2?

  1. Exemplary Fire Rate: One of the key features that make this weapon a must-have is the extraordinary fire rate. A high fire rate means more chances to hit your enemy, making this weapon an invaluable asset in the PvP modes.
  2. Impeccable Accuracy: Say goodbye to missed shots with The Immortal D2. The superior accuracy of this weapon ensures that every shot counts, giving you a decisive edge in fights.
  3. Magnificent Output Damage: This weapon doesn't just hit; it hits hard. The magnificent damage output of The Immortal D2 can overpower adversaries in no time.
  4. Additional Perks: Extra drops, elevated experience levels for your artifacts, and higher season pass levels are some of the additional advantages when buying The Immortal Boost.

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