The Inquisitor Trials Shotgun
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What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • The Inquisitor Shotgun

    You will get the desired version of The Inquisitor Shotgun, a new PvP Slug Shotgun weapon from the Season of Plunder Trials gear. You can select up to 4 perks and opt for a random roll or a God Roll. This best-in-market gun features a Pinpoint Slug Frame, Great ADS, and Arc damage.

  • Trials Reputation Boost

    Availing this service will grant you improved Trials reputation, jumping you up several ranks. This reputation enhancement will be series-specific and immediately noticeable.

  • Engrams

    Your purchase will reward you with an assortment of engrams. These valuable items can be exchanged within the game for new armor, weapons, and other beneficial items to enhance your gameplay.

  • Adept Weapon Opportunity

    There is a chance to get Adept weapons as a part of this boosting service. While these powerful weapons are difficult to obtain, this service increases your odds of acquiring them.

  • Additional Drops

    You will receive all additional drops that you accumulate during the boosting period. These drops could comprise a wide array of coveted in-game items that can further your progress.

  • Experience Boost

    Your artifact and season pass level will receive a significant experience boost as a part of this boosting proposition. This will elevate your gaming stats and expedite your gameplay progression significantly.

We guarantee that securing The Inquisitor Trials Shotgun service for your Destiny 2 game will take virtually no time at all. Our organization focuses on the prompt and efficient delivery of services in the gaming industry, reflecting our commitment and dedication to the work we do. Considering that The Inquisitor Trials Shotgun is a valuable asset in Destiny 2, our team of professionals strives to ensure it is secured for you in no time at all. Please note that the time frame we've quoted is typically how long it takes to get the service. Rest assured we uphold this obligation to complete the service within this specified time frame earnestly. Notwithstanding, our team of seasoned Inquisitor Trials Shotgun professionals aren't just committed to adhering to this timeline, but also tirelessly seek ways to reduce it where possible. It's important to understand that the time needed to secure this service is largely dependent on in-game mechanics. And while we have no direct control over these mechanics, our experienced team goes above and beyond to expedite the process within the parameters of the game. Our customer support is on standby 24/7 to provide progress updates. We're dedicated to the goal of making this process as swift and effortless for you as possible, ensuring you can get back to the action with your Inquisitor Trials Shotgun in no time.
  • Destiny 2 Account with the Last Expansion Purchased
    The user must have a Destiny 2 account that includes the latest expansion.
  • 1780+ Power Level Without Artifact on a Chosen Class
    The user's chosen class must have a power level of 1780 or higher, not including any boosts from artifacts.
  • "Trials Access" Quest Completed
    The user must have completed the "Trials Access" quest in the game.
Frequently Asked Questions

The Inquisitor Trials Shotgun: Your Ultimate Destiny 2 Weapon

If you're tired of losing battles and want a weapon that can give you the edge over your opponents in Destiny 2, look no further than The Inquisitor Trials Shotgun. This dazzling new PvP Slug Shotgun weapon is your ticket to prevailing in every battle. The weapon emerges from the esteemed Season of Plunder Trials gear with up to 4 perks to choose from, randomly rolled or God Rolled to align with your unique playing style.

Features of The Inquisitor Trials Shotgun

The Inquisitor Shotgun in Destiny 2 is an Arc damage powerhouse with a Pinpoint Slug Frame that fires high-damage, accurate slugs. It also boasts of Great ADS and offers you an unwavering position in your PvP battles. Whether you prefer to get your Inquisitor boost as God Roll or random roll, the choice is yours.

Product Feature Details
Weapon type PvP Slug Shotgun
Weapon origin Season of Plunder Trials gear
Perks Up to 4 perks, God roll or random roll
Additional features Pinpoint Slug Frame, Great ADS, Arc damage

Why Choose The Inquisitor Trials Shotgun?

  1. Powers you with an edge in PvP battles with its high-damage, accurate slug rounds.
  2. Offers you the freedom to choose your preferred perk system with up to 4 perks available.
  3. Features Arc damage, stripping your enemies of their defenses.
  4. Has an impressive Great ADS system for superior gun control.
  5. All extra drops obtained during boosting are an added bonus.

What You Will Reap with The Inquisitor Trials Shotgun Boosting?

  • The desired version of The Inquisitor Shotgun
  • Raised Trials Reputation, Ranks, and Engrams
  • Potential to obtain Adept weapons
  • All supplementary drops gained during the boosting process
  • An experience boost for your artifact and season pass level

Choose the WowCarry service for the Inquisitor Trials Shotgun boost in Destiny 2 game to gain an unparalleled gaming experience. With WowCarry, The Inquisitor Shotgun can be yours in no time, positioning you for swift PvP showdowns. Combine these with an experienced team and consistent customer service, and you'll realize why WowCarry is the go-to platform for players seeking to elevate their Destiny 2 gameplay.