The Messenger
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What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • The Messenger Pulse Rifle

    You will get the high-impact, high DPS, PvP oriented kinetic Pulse Rifle known as "The Messenger". This weapon, ideal for any PvP activity, is perfect for those looking to gain an edge in combat with its fast reload speed and stat boost when you are the last living member of your fireteam.

  • God Roll for The Messenger boost

    Based on your preferences, we will farm and get you an ideal version of The Messenger with your desired perks, providing you with a god roll for this top-tier weapon.

  • Trials Reputation, Ranks, and Engrams

    By acquiring this service, you will also boost your Trials of Osiris reputation and ranks as well as get Engrams, bringing with it additional rewards and bonuses for you to enjoy.

  • Chance for Adept Weapons

    There's also a chance that you might get Adept weapons while we farm and complete Trials of Osiris for you.

  • All Additional Drops

    You will receive all the additional loot and rewards that are obtained during the process of boosting, providing you with a variety of new items and equipment.

  • Experience Boost

    This service will also lead to an experience boost for your artifact and season pass level, speeding up your overall game progress.

The service for "The Messenger" in the Destiny 2 game is scheduled for a 1 DAY ORDER COMPLETION time. This time frame is a standard estimate, built into the mechanics of the game itself, and reflects the typical duration it takes to complete the service. It's not about rushing, rather it's about efficient gameplay by our skilled team of professionals, who are highly proficient in The Messenger. While we're firmly committed to adhering to this completion timeframe, rest assured that our dedicated team will make every effort to decrease the delivery time if feasible. Our goal isn't just to meet expectations, but to exceed them where possible, and that includes time delivery. It's also important to note that you're never alone in this process. Our devoted support is ready and available 24/7 to keep you updated on the progress. They are eager to assist you anytime you need to check on the advancement in obtaining "The Messenger" service. In the vastness of Destiny 2, securing "The Messenger" could be tricky. But with our team on your side, we're turning something complex into a simple, quick, and efficient process. We look forward to delivering the service to you within the scheduled time frame, if not sooner.
  • Destiny 2 Account with Latest Expansion
    An account with the most recent expansion purchased.
  • 1780+ Power Level without Artifact
    A high power level (1780 or above) without the use of an artifact.
  • "Trials Access" Quest Completed
    Completion of the "Trials Access" quest.
Frequently Asked Questions

The Alluring Weapon: Destiny 2 The Messenger Boost

For all the enthusiastic gamers and Destiny 2 lovers, introducing a weapon that stands out in any Player versus Player (PvP) activity: The Messenger. This Meta Pulse Rifle not only offers high Damage Per Second (DPS), but is also furnished with PvP oriented Basic Origin Traits that elevate your game to another level. Whether it's improving all stats when you're the last standing warrior of your fireteam or increasing reload speed, The Messenger has got you covered. Valuing your unique preferences, we offer God Roll for Destiny 2 The Messenger Boost, with customisable perks to farm this excellent gun keeping your needs in focus. Enhance your gaming experience with The Messenger and glide through the Trials of Osiris with unparalleled ease. It’s not just a game, it's a destiny you are meant to conquer - The Messenger is your perfect partner in this adventure.

What Awaits You With The Messenger

Destiny 2 The Messenger Boost Features Details
The desired version of The Messenger Pulse Rifle As per your choice, get the version of The Messenger Pulse Rifle that aligns with your gaming persona and strategy.
Trials Reputation, Ranks, and Engrams Elevate your ranks, garner reputation, and earn engrams as you advance in your game with the Destiny 2 The Messenger boost.
Chance to get Adept weapons Equip yourself with adept weapons, to gain advantage over your opponents and making winning a rule rather than an exception.
All additional drops that you obtain during boosting Every additional drop that your avail during the process of boosting remains with you, adding to your arsenal.
Experience boost for your artifact and season pass level With every step forward, ascend in your artifact and season pass level, with accelerated experience you will gain due to Destiny 2 The Messenger Boost.

Why Choose WowCarry for The Messenger service in Destiny 2 Game?

The Messenger is a coveted 340 RPM Kinetic Pulse Rifle with a high-impact frame, it's a weapon that makes gamers renowned in the realm of Destiny 2. When it comes to conquering your gaming destiny, you need a reliable partner, and who better than WowCarry. When you choose us for your Destiny 2 The Messenger Boost service, you are choosing the premium quality, uniqueness, and superior gaming experience. Your preferences make you unique, and we honor your uniqueness by offering customizable perks per your gaming needs. So why wait? Boost your gaming adventure, conquer your destiny, and experience the unparalleled gameplay with WowCarry's Destiny 2 The Messenger service.