Trials of Osiris Accessories
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What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • Osiris-themed ship guaranteed
    By purchasing this service, you will receive a unique and rare Osiris-themed ship, something that less than 3% of players have.
  • Osiris-themed sparrow guaranteed
    Along with the ship, you will also obtain an Osiris-themed sparrow. This item is incredibly scarce and desirable.
  • Osiris-themed ghost shell guaranteed
    To complete your collection, you will also get an Osiris-themed ghost shell.
  • Gift Inside: free 1801 power cap boost
    As a bonus, your power cap will also be boosted to 1801 at no additional cost.
  • Chance to get other cosmetic items
    During the process of farming for these rare items, you might also get additional cosmetic items.
  • Multiple Flawless 7-0 Trials of Osiris passages
    You will also get several flawless 7-0 passages in the Trials of Osiris.
  • Weekly Adept Weapons
    This service guarantees you'll receive Weekly Adept Weapons, strengthening your arsenal.
  • Trials Memento for crafting
    You will receive a unique Trials Memento, perfect for crafting.
  • Trials Armor parts
    Your inventory will increase with valuable Trials Armor parts.
  • Trials of Osiris reputation
    This farming process will increase your Trials of Osiris reputation.
  • Unique Trials armor glow for a week
    To stand out from other players, a unique glow will be applied to your Trials armor for a week.
  • All additional drops obtained during the farm
    During the farming process, you will keep all additional drops acquired.
  • Experience for your artifact and season pass level
    This service will give a boost to your artifact and season pass level, offering you valuable experience points.
Regarding our service for Trials of Osiris Accessories in Destiny 2, we would like to assure you that it will virtually take no time at all to secure these items for your gameplay experience. This claim on instant availability stands upon our commitment to serve our clients promptly and effectively, within the time frame that we normally stand by for this service. We would also like to highlight that this time estimation is not an arbitrary construct, but a calculated one built on established game mechanics. Our dedicated team of Trials of Osiris Accessories professionals, experts in their field, habitually go above and beyond to expedite the process whenever possible, in order to deliver even swifter results. Their knowledge and expertise allow them to navigate the game's nuanced systems efficiently, ensuring the timely completion of service. To offer a seamless experience to our valued customers, our customer support team is also accessible around the clock. Their primary role is to facilitate real-time updates and progress-checks regarding the procurement of the service. They will be available at any given time to provide answers to your questions and ensure transparency throughout the process. We are committed to delivering the Trials of Osiris Accessories at the earliest, enhancing your Destiny 2 in-game experience.
  • Destiny 2 Account Requirement
    The account should be active and have Destiny 2 installed.
  • Last Expansion Purchase Requirement
    The last expansion of the game must have been purchased for the account.
Frequently Asked Questions

The Spectacular Showcase: Expansive Collection of Trials of Osiris Accessories

In the virtual world of Destiny 2, an arena has been set for rigorous challenges and fierce combat, known widely as Trials of Osiris. Buy Trials of Osiris Accessories and gain an impressive advantage over your foes! Enjoy a double jackpot by saving up to 30% on the purchase of the ship, ghost shell, and sparrow simultaneously. It’s about time you explored the distinctive aesthetics of Osiris-themed ship, ghost shell, and sparrow, which are notably possessed by less than 5% of players across the globe; an even fewer percentage, at less than 3%, possess the sparrow or the ship. Imagine the rarity and privilege of owning all three accessories together!

Details of Trials of Osiris Accessories

Buying these accessories will not only add to your gaming profile aesthetics but also load up your inventory with a flood of Trials loot during the rigorous farm. Here is what lies in this treasure trove:

  1. Osiris-themed ship guaranteed
  2. Osiris-themed sparrow guaranteed
  3. Osiris-themed ghost shell guaranteed
  4. Gift Inside: free 1801 power cap boost
  5. Chance to get other cosmetic items
  6. Multiple Flawless 7-0 Trials of Osiris passages
  7. Weekly Adept Weapons
  8. Trials Memento for crafting
  9. Trials Armor parts
  10. Trials of Osiris reputation
  11. Unique Trials armor glow for a week
  12. All additional drops obtained during the farm
  13. Experience for your artifact and season pass level

Distinct Features of Trials of Osiris Accessories

Accessory Description Benefits
Osiris-themed Ship A rare and unique aesthetic addition to your collection. Raises your prestige and profile visibility among players.
Osiris-themed Sparrow Less owned accessory offering unique appearance. Increases your mobility and displays your elite status.
Osiris-themed Ghost Shell A bound accessory signifying the undying bond with your avatar. Boosts your power and assist in exploration.

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Choosing WowCarry for obtaining your Trials of Osiris Accessories ensures a seamless and smooth transaction enjoying the competitive edge in the immersive world of Destiny 2. We value your passion for the game, which is why we provide you with the rarest, most exclusive armor, weapons, and valuable cosmetic items to compliment your gaming profile. Trust us as your dependable partner in obtaining Trials of Osiris Accessories. Stand out among the crowd, impress your friends and competitors, and enjoy an unparalleled gaming experience!