Trials of Osiris Confidence Passage
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What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • Double Loot from The Lighthouse

    You will receive twice the loot from The Lighthouse. This includes two Adept weapons and a variety of other rewards for completing your Trials of Osiris Confidence Passage.

  • Extra Trials Rewards

    Alongside your regular loot, you will earn extra rewards such as Trials Mementos, Rank Reputation, Masterwork materials, and XP for your Season Pass and Artifact.

  • Trials of Osiris 7-0 Run Completed with Confidence Passage

    Our team will ensure that your Trials of Osiris 7-0 run is completed with a Confidence Passage, ensuring the best possible returns on your run.

  • Two Weekly Adept Weapons

    By purchasing this service, you will be rewarded with two weekly Adept weapons - powerful, upgraded variants of regular weapons which are highly valued in the game.

  • Increased Trials of Osiris Reputation

    Your Trials of Osiris reputation will increase, reflecting your skills and achievements in the trials.

  • Trials Memento

    Receive a special Trials Memento as a token of your accomplishment in the Trials of Osiris.

  • Chance to Obtain Adept Mods and Rare Exotic Loot

    Buying this service also gives you a chance to obtain adept mods and rare Exotic Ghost, Ship, Sparrow to enhance your in-game character.

  • Best Fireteam Found for You

    We will match you with a strong, reliable fireteam to ensure you have the best possible chance of going Flawless in your trials, or let our booster do the work for you.

For the service of obtaining the Trials of Osiris Confidence Passage in the Destiny 2 game, our estimate indicates a completion time of precisely 1 Day. This time frame reflects our standard delivery speed and precision, based on optimal game mechanics, where our professional team of Destiny 2 players ensure successful acquisition of the service. Constant adherence to this time frame is a testament to our commitment towards providing excellent service and a reflection of our expertise. Our remarkable team of Trials of Osiris Confidence Passage professionals relentlessly strives to enhance efficiency, always exploring avenues to decrease the stated time frame, if at all possible, without compromising service quality. The competency of our dedicated professionals ensures a significant contribution to time effectiveness, reflecting in our ability to deliver ahead of schedule, though still within the established 1-day completion expectation. It's essential to note that the time needed to get the service squarely hinges on the game mechanics themselves. Even though we're always proactive in our approach, this aspect is primarily the motivating factor in determining the service acquisition time. To ensure you're constantly updated, we offer round-the-clock support. This means that at any moment, day or night, you can check in and assess your progress in obtaining the Trials of Osiris Confidence Passage service. This constant accessibility further solidifies our commitment, ensuring that you feel supported at all times.
  • Destiny 2 Account Requirement
    Destiny 2 account with the last expansion purchased.
  • Power Level Requirement
    1780+ Power Level without Artifact.
Frequently Asked Questions

Triumph in Trials: A Passage to Osiris Confidence

Embark on an enthralling journey with the Trials of Osiris Confidence Passage Boost as a key to rewarding Destiny 2 gaming experience. The game intensifies as you strive to achieve a Flawless victory, which is not an effortless feat to attain. However, with our meticulously crafted carry service, you don't have to shoulder the weighty quest all by yourself. We provide the optimal team, propelling you right into the Trials of Osiris gameplay or stepping in to deliver the Victory on your behalf!

The Riches of Osiris: Boost Your Game Experience

Category Description
Double Loot Procure the lofty double Lighthouse loot. It includes not just one, but two Adept weapons! Extra rewards Net an array of bonus rewards like Trials Mementos, Reputation, Masterwork materials, and XP for your Season Pass and Artifact. Trials of Osiris 7-0 run Experience a victorious run with the Trials of Osiris Confidence Passage, completing it flawlessly with a 7-0 record.

Savor The Spoils: Unleash The Perks

The Trials of Osiris Confidence Passage Boost doesn't just stop at placing victory within your grasp. It expands your horizons by introducing a myriad of tantalizing opportunities. With this boost, you can:

  1. Secure two Weekly Adept Weapons, amplifying your arsenal
  2. Increase your Trials of Osiris reputation, a pivotal resource for acquiring rewards in this game.
  3. Collect Trials Memento, a token of your participation in the Trials of Osiris.
  4. Stand a chance to procure adept mods for enhancing your gameplay.
  5. Get an opportunity to attain the rare Exotic Ghost, Ship, and Sparrow.

Crack The Odds: Boost Triumph With Ease

The Trials of Osiris Confidence Boost enables players to relish in the excitement, leaving the grueling part to our expert boosters. The boosters are equipped with the expertise and tools to assure a Flawless triumph, relieving any unnecessary pressure from the gameplay. They will maneuver the game to completion with a flawless 7-0 run, allowing you to relish the heightened drama and strategy of Trials of Osiris.

The WowCarry Advantage: Crafting Gaming Success

Picking WowCarry for your Trials of Osiris Confidence Passage service in Destiny 2 game is a choice for success. With years of experience and a group of gaming enthusiasts dedicated to supporting you in your gaming pursuits, WowCarry ensures that your gaming journey is laden with exciting victories and plentiful rewards. Our meticulous attention to user experience and our commitment to delivering high-quality gaming solutions make us a preferred choice for gamers across the globe. Experience the thrill of victory in Trials of Osiris with WowCarry.