War's Lament
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What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • War's Lament Exotic Ship

    When you buy this service, you will get the rare Hive-themed Exotic Ship, War's Lament. This prestigious ship is a reward for completing the Crota's End raid on the hardest difficulty.

  • Crota's End Armor Pieces and Weapons

    Besides the Exotic Ship, the completion of the raid ensures you earn Crota's End Armor pieces as well as reliable weapons, equipping you better for your future gaming adventures.

  • Masterwork Materials

    The service also includes provision of Masterwork materials, which are essential for enhancing the attributes of your weapons and armor.

  • All Additional Drops

    Any extra drops that you collect during the completion of the Crota's End raid are yours to keep as part of this service.

  • Experience Boost for Your Artifact and Season Pass Level

    You will also receive an Experience Boost to amplify levels of your artifact and season pass, ensuring a faster progression in Destiny 2.

When you order the War's Lament service in Destiny 2, it's important to know that it takes about 4 hours for us to complete this service. This is a normal time frame, built upon the known dynamics and unique requirements of the game, and not a reflection of our diligence or commitment. Delivered by our team of skilled War's Lament professionals, we are thoroughly devoted to making this delivery time as efficient as possible for you. Each member of our team is primed to use all their experience and skills to ensure a seamless service that meets - or potentially even exceeds - your timing expectations. The nature of in-game mechanics plays a significant role in determining this 4-hour time frame. While we work vigorously towards optimizing our service delivery speed within these boundaries, we assure you that this timeframe helps us uphold our quality of service. During this 4-hour window, feel free to tap into our 24/7 support service. Our doing so, you can gain insights into the progress of your service whenever you want. Rest assured, we take our commitment seriously, providing our esteemed clients with the best possible experience from start to finish.
  • 1810 Light Level without Artifact
    This requirement pertains to reaching a light level of 1810 without using any artifacts.
Frequently Asked Questions

Your Galactic Companion: The War's Lament in Destiny 2

In the vastness of the cosmos, between stars and across star-crossed battlefields of the Destiny 2 universe, comes a unique hive-themed ship called War's Lament. Known for its rarity and the challenging process required to attain it, War's Lament is the crowning glory of completing Crota's End raid on the hardest difficulty. But why go through the trouble and risk when you can get the Destiny 2 War's Lament boost from trusted professionals? Dive into the wonders of interstellar travel and endless combat possibilities with War's Lament, the ultimate companion in your Destiny 2 journey.

What Destiny 2 War's Lament Boost Offers

Product Description
War's Lament Exotic Ship A majestic hive-themed ship awarded for the completion of the Crota's End raid on Master difficulty
Crota's End Armor pieces and weapons Rare and stylish pieces of armor and powerful weapons that drop when you finish the Crota's End raid
Masterwork materials Exclusive crafting materials necessary for upgrading your gear to its highest potential
Additional drops All the extra loot that you will obtain during this farm
Experience boost A significant increase in your artifact and season pass level

The A-Z of Destiny 2 War's Lament Boost

1. Purchase the Destiny 2 War's Lament Boost 2. A professional player undertakes and completes all encounters at Crota's End raid on Master difficulty 3. The exquisite War's Lament ship becomes unlocked 4. You obtain Crota's End Armor pieces, weapons, Masterwork materials, and all additional drops 5. An experience boost for your artifact and season pass levels is activated

A Marked Desire for Success

* War's Lament Exotic Ship: A statement of success and perseverance, a testament to your dedication in traversing the hardest challenges Destiny 2 has to offer * Crota's End Armor pieces and weapons: Relics that reminisce the historic victory over the Master difficulty, standing as aesthetic and functional souvenirs * Masterwork materials: Unlock the potential of your gear, solidifying your stance in both beauty and strength * Additional Drops: Cherish the mystery and excitement with every additional loot you gain, fostering a sense of surprise and fortune * Experience Boost: Rise in ranks swiftly and efficiently, a helping hand pushing you towards higher levels and rewards

In conclusion, why choose WowCarry for Destiny 2 War's Lament service? It is because of the professional and reliable approach they adopt. WowCarry comprehends the level of difficulty associated with the Crota's End Raid on the Master level. Their seasoned experts save you the hassle, boost your Destiny 2 experience, and unlock the War's Lament Ship with ease. Trust, professionalism, and a newfound exotic ship make WowCarry the top-notched choice for your Destiny 2 War's Lament services. Unleash your true potential and experience the game like never before, exclusively with WowCarry.