Week One Solo Flawless
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What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • Week One Completion of Warlord's Ruin Dungeon

    You will get the Warlord's Ruin Dungeon completed within the first week of your purchase by our professional gamers. This ensures early access to the rewards.

  • Dungeon Report Badge

    We will provide you with an exclusive Solo, Flawless, or Solo Flawless Dungeon Report badge as per your chosen option. This badge validates your game progress and achievement.

  • First Completion Emblem

    With the first completion of the Warlord's Ruin Dungeon, you get an exclusive emblem acting as a memento of your accomplishment.

  • Warlord's Ruin Weapons

    As part of this service, you receive the unique Warlord's Ruin weapons, adding strength to your gaming arsenal.

  • Dark Age Suit Pieces

    Along with the weapons, we also provide pieces of the Dark Age Suit. This new armor set not just enhances your protection, but also your character's look within the game.

  • Additional Drops throughout the Farm

    During the process of farming, you might come across additional drops which will be included in your loot as part of this service. This could range from resources to additional gear.

  • Experience Boost

    You will receive an experience boost for your Artifact and Season Pass level, advancing your progress in your game journey.

  • Chance to Obtain Buried Bloodline Exotic Sidearm

    With this service, you stand a chance to attain the rare Buried Bloodline Exotic Sidearm, a powerful weapon that can enhance your performance in the game.

  • A Strong Sherpas Fireteam

    We will arrange for a strong Sherpas fireteam who will guide you through the dungeon and help complete it in a timely manner.

  • Time-saving Gameplay

    This service stands as an ultimate boost for the Season of the Wish, saving your valuable time while ensuring a swift and efficient game progress.

Our team eagerly welcomes your request for the Week One Solo Flawless service in the Destiny 2 game. We estimate for this particular service that it will take a completion time of 1 day. It's crucial to note that this time frame is our standard benchmark for this service, based on our collective experience and comprehensive understanding of game mechanics. Our dedicated team of Week One Solo Flawless professionals is committed to honoring this time frame as a maximum limit. These experts possess exceptional expertise and are known to pull off quicker completions. So, while we've set a one day time limit considering all variables, we are relentlessly striving to minimize this duration and deliver your service at the soonest possible time. We are conversant with how valuable this service is to you and rest assured, no effort will be spared from our end to expedite its completion. Please be aware that the completion period is predetermined by the game dynamics and is not prone to manipulation. To keep you informed and engaged, our support team will be available 24/7. They are equipped to provide you with real-time updates about the ongoing progress. We are always here to reassure you and answer any queries or concerns you might have. Our ultimate goal is to make your gaming experience seamless and enjoyable.
  • Destiny 2 Account
    Destiny 2 account with the Lightfall Deluxe Edition or Dungeon Key from Eververse.
  • Guardians with High Light Level
    Three Guardians with a Light Level of 1810 or higher.
  • Class Specific Exotics
    At least 15 Exotics for your class.
Frequently Asked Questions

Step into the Realm of Legends with Warlord's Ruin Week One Solo Flawless Boost

Description: Our Warlord's Ruin Week One Solo Flawless Boost in Destiny 2 game allows users to claim domination over this captivating virtual realm. Better your gameplay experience by getting an exclusive Dungeon Report badge, Triumphs, Season of the Wish weapons, and a new armor set via our PRO players. There’s also a chance to obtain the rare and powerful Buried Bloodline Exotic Sidearm with additional options. Our service finds you strong sherpas fireteam to complete it quickly, saving invaluable time! Utilize this ultimate season boost to enhance your game quality and create a legendary experience. Choose WowCarry to elevate your Destiny 2 mastery!

Your Promise of Power

With the Warlord's Ruin Week One Solo Flawless Boost, you are guaranteed:

  1. Efficient and quick Warlord's Ruin completion specifically on Week One.
  2. An exclusive Dungeon Report Solo, Flawless, or Solo Flawless badge for the chosen option.
  3. An Emblem to commemorate your first completion.
  4. Prestigious Warlord's Ruin weapons to increase your power.
  5. Stunning pieces of the Dark Age Suit for both style and protection.
  6. Any additional drops that might add to your inventory during the farm.
  7. An Experience boost for your Artifact and Season Pass level.

What’s Inside?

Get to know what the Warlord's Ruin Week One Solo Flawless Boost in Destiny 2 game has in store for you:

Boost Features Description
Warlord's Ruin Completion Seamless victory on the first week with professional boosters.
Dungeon Report Badge An exclusive achievement showcasing your solo, flawless run.
First Completion Emblem A memorable insignia marking your successful inaugural run.
Warlord's Ruin Weapons Access to powerful weaponry to face any future challenge.
Dark Age Suit Equip yourself with imposing armor pieces for protection and style.
Additional Drops & Experience Boost A chance to secure bonus items during the run and elevate your gaming level.

Why Choose WowCarry?

End your search with WowCarry for the ultimate Week One Solo Flawless Service in the Destiny 2 game. At WowCarry, we prioritize your gaming interests and provide a professional, top-notch, and enriching experience. Our PRO players ensure a swift completion of Warlord's Ruin, allowing you to progress quicker in your gaming journey. Enjoy the benefits of an exclusive Dungeon Report badge, amazing weapons, armor sets, and potential bonus drops. Experience the marvels of Destiny 2 adventures compact and delivered in the first week itself with WowCarry.