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The Merchants Guild
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The Merchants Guild
What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • Desired Merchants Guild Rank

    Attain your targeted rank swiftly, unlocking new trading capabilities.

  • Exclusive Access to the Bazaar

    Browse and trade in the player-driven marketplace with ease.

  • Retain Resources

    Keep all gold, materials, and items acquired during the boosting process.

The time to start: 15 minutes. The time of completion depends on your current and desired Merchants Guild rank. Our team of Last Epoch professionals is committed to reducing the completion time whenever possible, while adhering to game mechanics. Rest assured, our support is available 24/7 to provide updates on your service progress, ensuring a smooth and efficient boosting experience.

  • Chapter 9 Completed
    You should have a character who has access to the Merchants Guild.
  • Only Normal Challenge
    We provide service only on Normal Challenge.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Character Boost in Last Epoch?
A Character Boost in Last Epoch refers to a service that rapidly increases a character's level, enhances skills, and improves gear, allowing players to enjoy advanced game content more quickly.
How does Character Boosting work in Last Epoch?
Character Boosting in Last Epoch involves a professional player or service enhancing your character by completing various in-game tasks, such as leveling up, acquiring items, or completing challenges.
How long does it take to complete a Character Boost in Last Epoch?
The time it takes to complete a Character Boost in Last Epoch varies depending on the service and the extent of the boost. It can range from a few hours to several days.
Can I choose specific boosts for my character in Last Epoch?
Yes, most Character Boost services offer a range of specific boosts, allowing you to choose what aspects of your character to enhance, like leveling, item farming, or completing specific challenges.
What is the difference between Starter and Endgame Character Build Boost?
The difference between Starter and Endgame Character Build Boosts is that Starter Boosts focus on leveling and setting up a foundation for new characters, while Endgame Boosts concentrate on optimizing and equipping characters for high-level, challenging content.

Buy the Merchants Guild Boost, get the desired faction Rank, and elevate your Last Epoch experience to the highest level. This unique service is tailored for players aiming to enhance their trading capabilities, allowing access to a broader array of coveted items and resources crucial for optimizing character builds. With the intricate system of ranks within The Merchants Guild, advancing can be time-consuming and daunting. However, with WowCarry expert boosters at your service, you can effortlessly achieve your desired rank, unlocking exclusive trading privileges that set you apart in the realm of Eterra.

Buy The Merchants Guild Reputation Farm

  • Access to trade high-value items
  • Personalized shops in the Bazaar
  • Retention of all acquired gold and materials

The Merchants Guild Rank Boost Advancement and Its Perks

Rank Privileges
1 Availability to sell all items, and buy Normal, Magic, and Rare items in the Bazaar or from players
2 Access to Set items from the Bazaar or players
3 Access to Unique items with no Legendary potential
4 Trade Idols in the Bazaar or with players
5 Trade Exalted weapons in the Bazaar or with players
6 Trade Unique weapons with Legendary potential in the Bazaar or with players
7 Trade all Exalted items in the Bazaar or with players
8 Trade all Unique items, including those with Legendary potential, in the Bazaar or with players
9 Trade Legendary weapons in the Bazaar or with players
10 Trade all Legendary items in the Bazaar or with players

Advancing through The Merchants Guild ranks opens up a new dimension of gameplay. Beginning at Rank 1, you can trade basic items, and as you progress, the doors to trading set items, unique items, and, eventually, legendary items at Rank 10 are unlocked. This tiered system ensures a rewarding progression, making each rank advancement a significant milestone in your Last Epoch journey.

Why Choose WowCarry for The Merchants Guild Boost?

Choosing WowCarry for your Merchants Guild Boost in Last Epoch ensures a seamless and efficient progression through the ranks. Our team of seasoned boosters is dedicated to providing premium service and prioritizing your satisfaction and in-game success. With WowCarry, you gain a rank boost and a comprehensive service that includes retaining all resources gathered, access to expert trading strategies, and 24/7 support to keep you informed at every step. Elevate your Last Epoch experience with WowCarry, where excellence meets efficiency.