Last Epoch
Starter Build
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Starter Build
What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • Character Level 70

    Upon completion of the service, you will get a character that has been leveled up to 70. This gives you a significant head start, allowing you to immediately participate in high-level content.

  • Equipment for the Desired Build

    We will equip your character with all the necessary gear tailored specifically to your chosen build. We take care to select only items that will enhance your character's skills and attributes for maximum performance.

  • Idols Suitable for the Build

    Your character will also receive Idols suitable for your chosen build. These Idols will provide additional boosts and benefits that will synergize with your character's equipment and abilities.

  • Leveling Class Talents and Abilities

    Our pro player will make a full selection of class talents and abilities suited to your character's build and level. This will ensure that your character has the best skills and spells available to them, optimised for their build and playstyle.

  • Retain All Gold, Materials, and Resources Gathered

    All gold, materials, and resources gathered during the leveling and gearing process will be left with your character. This allows for an added boost in your gaming experience even after you receive your level 70 character.

When you request the Starter Build service in the popular game Last Epoch, you can expect an estimate of a 15 minute start time. This is the usual timeframe we work within to deliver this service to our dedicated players. Your time is valuable to us and that's why our team of seasoned Starter Build professionals will spare no effort in trying to decrease the time it takes for you to get this service, if possible. Moreover, it is important to note that this timeframe is based entirely on the game mechanics of Last Epoch and how the service functions within the game environment. There are concrete parameters and established practices within the game that dictate how fast services can be delivered, and this Starter Build service is no exception. To further assist you, we offer round-the-clock support to monitor and update you on the progress of your service request. Step into the world of Last Epoch with confidence, knowing that our expert team and continuous support ensure your gaming experience is of the highest quality. We are committed to meeting, and wherever possible, exceeding the service timeframe committed to you. Count on us as your reliable partners in enhancing your game time.
  • Created Character
    You should have a created character on your account.
Frequently Asked Questions
What are Last Epoch builds?
Last Epoch builds are specific setups for characters, including skill choices, gear, and playstyle strategies, tailored to optimize performance in the game.
How do I choose the right build for my character?
The right build depends on your preferred playstyle, the class of your character, and the role you want to play in the game. Experimenting with different builds can help you find the best fit.
Can I change my build after I've started playing?
Yes, you can change your build in Last Epoch. The game allows flexibility to respec skills and try different gear combinations.
Are there any 'best' builds in Last Epoch?
While there are highly effective builds, there's no single 'best' build as it often depends on personal playstyle and the specific challenges you're facing.
How important is gear in a build?
Gear is crucial in a build as it can significantly enhance your character's abilities, survivability, and damage output.

Last Epoch Starter Build Boost

For those eager to dive into the captivating world of Last Epoch, your starter build sets the foundation for your success and enjoyment. Merge seamlessly into the machinations of this wildly popular game, equipped not just with purpose, but with power. Our Last Epoch Starter Build Boost package delivers an unparalleled gaming experience, conjuring a Level 70 character tailored to your unique play style alongside an arsenal of equipment, Idols, class talents, and abilities at your disposal.

Last Epoch Build Boost Package

Our Last Epoch Starter Build Boost is a meticulously designed service that frequents the needs and tastes of every gamer. With diligent attention to detail, our professional players ensure your character is powered up, kitted out, and ready to confront whatever challenges that lie ahead. The core features of our Starter Build Boost package include:

Service Attributes
1 Personalized Character Level 70
2 Equipment based on the desired build
3 Idols compatible with your build
4 Leveling of class talents and abilities
5 All gold, materials, and resources secured during the service

Marked Advantage of Boss Starter Build Boost

  • Enhanced Immersion: Submerge into the splendor of Last Epoch with a advanced starter build that deftly suits your gaming preferences.
  • Stress-Free Progression: Thanks to our level 70 character and desired build withholding, you can plunge right into the action without the repetitive grind.
  • Preservation of Resources: Every piece of gold, materials, and resources collected during the build crafting process becomes your gain.
  • Strategic Growth: With class talents and abilities skillfully leveled, the road of progression is simplified and strategic.
  • Seamless Adaptation: The presence of suitable Idols and appropriate equipment will facilitate swift adaptation to the game’s varying scenarios.

Why Choose WowCarry for Your Last Epoch Starter Build Service

At WowCarry, we're not merely offering a Starter Build service for Last Epoch game, we're paving the path for an engaging and victorious gaming journey. With a relentless commitment to excellence and a global team of top tier gamers, we provide personalized Starter Build Boost that transform your gaming aspirations into reality. By opting for our service, you sit at the helm of an advanced level 70 character draped in a powerful build with suitable Idols, class talents and abilities, equipment, and an accumulation of resources, catapulting you into the epicenter of action instantaneously. Choose WowCarry and turn your Last Epoch adventure into an unforgettable chronicle etched with discovery, power, and progress!