Lost Ark
Giants Hearts
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What You’ll Get
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  • Lost Ark Giants Hearts Farming Services

    You will get exceptional Lost Ark Giants Hearts farming services offering you a chance to reap the benefits of collecting the rare Giant's Hearts without having to do the grind yourself.

  • Rare Rewards

    With each Giant's Heart collected, you have a chance to get skill points, a permanent stat boost, runes to upgrade your skills, and much more cool stuff which bolsters your gameplay.

  • Masterpieces and Potions

    Expect to receive not just the standard rewards, but also masterpieces, stat increase potions, and skill potions that enhance your character's abilities.

  • Unparalleled Convenience

    With our service, you will receive all of these rewards without having to level up reputation with various NPCs, grind special currencies, or perform many other game activities independently.

  • 24/7 Availability

    The service is offered round the clock. Simply get in contact at your own convenience to kickstart the Giants Hearts boosting service.

  • Time Efficiency

    Quit wasting hours on extensive game activities. Let us carry out the task for you while you focus your time on enjoying the gameplay.

  • Economical Pricing

    Get the desired Lost Ark Giants Hearts carry service at incredibly affordable prices, offering high value for your money.

When you choose to avail Giants Hearts in Lost Ark game, you can expect an estimated time of arrival (ETA) ranging from 3 days to 13 days, depending on the options you choose. This timeframe has been calculated based on our past experiences and is the usual period it takes for us to complete and deliver the service. We assure you that we are committed to meet the ETA within this predetermined window. It's our duty to ensure your service is provided in the timeline stated and we take that responsibility seriously. Our Giants Hearts professionals are a dedicated team who strive to reduce the required time frame if at all possible. They bring considerable expertise all aimed towards making the service delivery as swift as it can be. While we can guarantee efficiencies on our part, please be aware that the actual time required to secure the service is somewhat tied to the game mechanics, something beyond our direct control. Lastly, to keep you abreast with the progress of acquiring the service, our support team is at your service 24/7. They'll be delighted to update you at each step, making sure your gaming experience is one to remember.
  • 50 lvl
    You need level 50 character.
  • Wall of Procyon
    For ocean Procyon - available or completed “Wall of Procyon”
  • Item level that gives you access to Giant`s Hearts
    For certain Giant hearts, you'll need high enough secondary stats to communicate with needed NPC's. We can make a custom order for you to deal with this problem.
Frequently Asked Questions
What types of collectibles can I acquire through WowCarry's Lost Ark boosting services?
You can buy a comprehensive range of Lost Ark collectibles with our boosting services. These include Mokoko Seeds, Island Tokens, Giant's Hearts, Pirate Coins, and entries in the Adventurer’s Tome, among others. Each collectible enhances your character's progression in different ways.
Is it safe to use WowCarry's services to buy Lost Ark collectibles?
Yes, purchasing Lost Ark collectibles through WowCarry is safe. We prioritize your account's security with our Safe Lost Ark Boosting service, ensuring that all transactions and boosts are conducted discreetly and securely.
How long does it take to receive my Lost Ark collectibles after purchase?
Delivery times can vary based on the specifics of your order. However, WowCarry is committed to providing swift and efficient service, often starting on your order within minutes of purchase. Our customer support can give you a more accurate estimate based on your chosen collectibles.
Can I choose specific collectibles when I buy a Lost Ark carry from WowCarry?
Absolutely! When you choose to buy Lost Ark carry services, you can specify which collectibles you're interested in. We tailor our boosting services to your needs, ensuring you receive the precise items you're looking for.
Why should I buy Lost Ark collectibles instead of farming them myself?
Buying Lost Ark collectibles through WowCarry.com can save you a significant amount of time and effort. The grind for these items can be tedious and time-consuming, so our services allow you to skip straight to enjoying the game’s more exciting content and rewards.

Giant`s Hearts in Lost Ark: A Rare Collectible

For the ardent gamers of Lost Ark, the pursuit of collectibles is almost as compelling as the duty of combat. Among these cherished collectibles are the Giant`s Hearts. These rare items are scattered throughout the vast Lost Ark world, with only 15 of them in existence. Despite the few numbers, the journey to attain these hearts involves engaging with numerous game activities. These include not just farming various currencies, but also strengthening your reputation with several non-player characters (NPCs). The Lost Ark Giants Hearts Boost service is a convenient solution, saving you valuable gaming time that might otherwise be spent on laborious farming tasks.

Understanding The Giant`s Hearts

The Giant`s Hearts represent a formidable kind of collectible in Lost Ark. Despite numbering only 15, various activities are required to obtain them all. This ranges from successful interactions with certain NPCs, to defeating specific bosses, accumulating special currencies, clearing towers, and several more exhausting tasks. Collecting these Hearts invariably becomes a huge investment of your game time, often posing a daunting challenge. However, with our Lost Ark Giants Hearts boosting service, you can dissolve these hurdles and avoid the monotonous grind.

Your Rewards are Awaiting: Trade Giants Hearts for Beneficial Rewards

Obtaining a Giant`s Heart is not just a trophy, it is also your ticket to rewards. Each acquired Heart can be exchanged for a reward at the Wisdom Isle with NPC Minerva. Rewards range from skill points, permanent stat boosts to runes for upgrading skills - all items aimed at enhancing your gaming prowess. Keep in mind, though, that finding each Heart is no easy task but our Lost Ark Giants Hearts boost service is always ready to help.

Choose WowCarry for Your Giants Hearts Service in Lost Ark

Your quest for more power and skills within the Lost Ark game should not be hindered by the tiresome and time-consuming grind of obtaining Giant`s Hearts. This is why we at WowCarry offer you the most reliable and efficient service in acquiring these precious collectibles. Our commitment to delivering exceptional value, on-time service and unbeatable prices makes us your ideal choice for the Giants Hearts service in Lost Ark. Take your gaming experience to new levels with WowCarry, and never worry about the grind again!