Lost Ark
Mokoko Seeds
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What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • Mokoko Seeds Collection

    You will get the desired amount of Mokoko seeds from the vast world of Lost Ark. All seeds are collected by our professional players who memorized every seed location, enabling them to find and gather them efficiently.

  • Early-Game Top Tier Ship

    Upon amassing 400 Mokoko seeds, you will be awarded the best ship available during the early part of the game, thus giving you a head start in maritime adventures.

  • Special Rewards

    For every 50 Mokoko seeds, you will receive special rewards from the Totoma NPC in Mokoko Village. The rewards consist of cards, permanent stat upgrades, stronghold upgrades, useful materials, and much more.

  • Time-saving Service

    By selecting our service, you save numerous hours of gameplay searching for these elusive seeds. Our experts navigate the intricacies of Lost Ark to rapidly complete the seed gathering process for you.

  • Competitive Price and Quick Delivery

    Our Lost Ark character Mokoko seeds boost service provides you with the wanted amount of Mokoko seeds quickly and at a reasonable cost. Your wait to reap the benefits of the seeds is significantly reduced with our services.

As your reliable service provider for Mokoko Seeds in the Lost Ark game, we promise an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of 2 hours for the completion of the service. This 2-hour timeframe represents our standard service delivery duration based on our past experiences and customer responses. Rest assured that our team, consisting of dedicated Mokoko Seeds professionals, will strive relentlessly to surpass this timeframe and expedite the service delivery if and when possible. We would like to note that this 2-hour window is a derivative of the in-game mechanics and is therefore subject to the structural design of the Lost Ark game. Our professionals have spent countless hours mastering these mechanics to ensure efficient service. In addition, our customer support team is available 24/7 for your convenience. You can reach out to us at any time to inquire about the progress of your service. We've dedicated ourselves to fulfill your service within the projected 2-hour ETA, so you can enjoy the bounty of Mokoko Seeds and explore the full potential of Lost Ark. In conclusion, our primary mission is to offer you an efficient, reliable service within a 2-hour timeframe and assure you of our commitment to exceeding your expectations whenever feasible.
  • 50 Level Character
    A character that has achieved level 50.
  • Rohendel Mokoko Farm
    A Rohendel Mokoko Farm with an item level of 460.
  • Yorn Mokoko Farm
    A Yorn Mokoko Farm with an item level of 600.
  • Feiton Mokoko Farm
    A Feiton Mokoko Farm with an item level of 960.
  • Punika Mokoko Farm
    A Punika Mokoko Farm with an item level of 1100.
  • South Vern Mokoko Farm
    A South Vern Mokoko Farm with an item level of 1340.
  • Atlas Items Requirements
    You need Atlas items/songs/continents unlocked for some Mokoko seeds.
Frequently Asked Questions
What types of collectibles can I acquire through WowCarry's Lost Ark boosting services?
You can buy a comprehensive range of Lost Ark collectibles with our boosting services. These include Mokoko Seeds, Island Tokens, Giant's Hearts, Pirate Coins, and entries in the Adventurer’s Tome, among others. Each collectible enhances your character's progression in different ways.
Is it safe to use WowCarry's services to buy Lost Ark collectibles?
Yes, purchasing Lost Ark collectibles through WowCarry is safe. We prioritize your account's security with our Safe Lost Ark Boosting service, ensuring that all transactions and boosts are conducted discreetly and securely.
How long does it take to receive my Lost Ark collectibles after purchase?
Delivery times can vary based on the specifics of your order. However, WowCarry is committed to providing swift and efficient service, often starting on your order within minutes of purchase. Our customer support can give you a more accurate estimate based on your chosen collectibles.
Can I choose specific collectibles when I buy a Lost Ark carry from WowCarry?
Absolutely! When you choose to buy Lost Ark carry services, you can specify which collectibles you're interested in. We tailor our boosting services to your needs, ensuring you receive the precise items you're looking for.
Why should I buy Lost Ark collectibles instead of farming them myself?
Buying Lost Ark collectibles through WowCarry.com can save you a significant amount of time and effort. The grind for these items can be tedious and time-consuming, so our services allow you to skip straight to enjoying the game’s more exciting content and rewards.

Enter the Universe of Lost Ark with Mokoko Seeds

Imagine having a key to unlocking incredible rewards in the virtual world of Lost Ark! This intriguing fact makes Mokoko Seeds a must-have for every ardent gamer. Scattered across every continent and dungeon, these elusive collectibles promise an adventurous journey, akin to an exciting treasure hunt. Harnessing their transformative power translates to enhancing your overall gaming experience. At WowCarry, our Lost Ark Mokoko seeds boost service ensures you get the best value for your time and effort.

Understanding Mokoko Seeds

  1. Mokoko Seeds are quintessential collectibles in Lost Ark.
  2. These seeds are conveniently available even in raids, world map, and on different isles.
  3. You have over a thousand seeds at your disposal for collection - a task that could require days to complete independently.
  4. Every continent in the Lost Ark world houses them.
  5. A viable alternative to aid your quest is our Lost Ark Mokoko seeds boosting service. With this at your service, you can save considerable time and effort.

Rewards of Mokoko Seeds

  • Every 50 Mokoko seeds earned, pave way for a special reward.
  • Finding Totoma NPC in the Mokoko Village will allow you to claim these rewards.
  • The rewards span over various categories including cards, permanent stat upgrades, stronghold upgrades, useful materials, and more.
  • Considering the number of seeds required to earn these rewards, our Lost Ark Mokoko seeds boost becomes a wise decision over endless search missions.

Our Lost Ark character Mokoko seeds boost service is designed to give you the needed push in your gaming journey. Our team of expert players, with their exceptional knowledge of every seed location, will help you acquire your desired number of seeds twice as fast as any average Lost Ark player. Don't compromise on your game; choose our Lost Ark Mokoko seeds carry now at an attractive price!

Why Choose WowCarry?

At WowCarry, we believe every gamer deserves to revel in thrilling journeys and reap rich rewards without having to compromise on other aspects of life. Our Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds service has been highly regarded by numerous gamers for its efficiency and results. Enable yourself to become an esteemed player in the sprawling world of Lost Ark with our Mokoko seeds service. Choose WowCarry and elevate your gaming experience.