Lost Ark
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What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • Superior Character Improvement

    With the purchase of this service, your Lost Ark character's abilities will be vastly improved. This will be achieved by gaining resources to craft one of the best legendary Abyss sets.

  • Eradication of Time Wastage

    By purchasing this service, you will no longer have to worry about wasting your time dealing with uncooperative random players. We make the process swift and seamless.

  • Endgame Challenge Overcoming

    The Abyss Raid Argos will be your first real endgame challenge. With this service, you'll have the backup you need for over the top triumphant victory.

  • Premium Argos Resources

    Buy this service and get Argos resources such as his Claw, Tooth, Blood, or Tendon which will enable you to craft set pieces.

  • Chance to Hit the Jackpot

    Acquire this service and stand a chance to receive a Legendary Card, along with the jewelry and Stones of Birth.

  • Detailed Guide and Support

    Our services include a comprehensive guide to Argos, dealing with his loyal subordinates, and methods to overcome his devastating blows. You'll have all the wisdom you need to go head-to-head with Argos and his minions.

  • Professional Boosting Services

    Relax and let our professional players take control and guide your journey in the Abyss Raid: Argos. They will ensure swift and efficient completion of the raid, leaving you to just enjoy the rewards.

When you request the Argos service in the Lost Ark game, please note that you can typically expect a one-day turnaround. This time frame is a standard estimate based on our unique expertise and understanding of the game's intricacies and mechanics. While we are bound by the rule sets of the game, we assure you that every effort will be made by our professional team of Argos specialists to expedite this process where possible and deliver your desired service to you in less time. The one-day timeframe might seem fairly long. Still, we assure you that we are putting our best foot forward to possibly reduce this waiting period without compromising the quality of the service. We understand the excitement and anticipation that comes with getting a service in the game, and we want to get you back into action as quickly as possible. Furthermore, to provide maximum transparency and support, our dedicated and vigilant customer service team is available around the clock to provide you with any updates about your service status. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are committed to communicative and prompt service. We stand by our commitment to deliver within the given time frame and greatly appreciate your understanding and trust in us.
  • Phase 1 - Item Level 1370
    Requirement for Phase 1 - Item Level 1370.
  • Phase 2 - Item Level 1385
    Requirement for Phase 2 - Item Level 1385.
  • Phase 3 - Item Level 1400
    Requirement for Phase 3 - Item Level 1400.
Frequently Asked Questions
What exactly is a Lost Ark Raid Boost from WowCarry?
A Lost Ark Raid Boost is a premium service offered by WowCarry where a team of experienced players helps you complete the toughest raid content in the game. Whether it's Guardian, Abyss, or Legion raids, our professionals will assist you in acquiring the best in-game rewards and gear without you needing to commit extensive time or develop advanced skills.
How safe is it to buy Lost Ark Raid Boosting services?
Safety is our top priority at WowCarry. We employ secure methods to ensure your account's integrity remains intact. Our boosting services are performed by professionals who follow the strictest protocols to keep your account safe. Plus, we never use any third-party software or cheating tools, ensuring a completely legitimate boost.
Can I choose a specific time for my Lost Ark Raid Boost?
Absolutely! We understand that our customers have various schedules, so we offer flexible timings for our raid boosting services. When you purchase a boost, you can coordinate with our 24/7 customer support to schedule a session that suits your availability.
What rewards can I expect from purchasing a Raid Boost in Lost Ark?
By using our raid boosting services, you can look forward to obtaining the highest tier of rewards available from the content you choose to tackle. This includes exclusive gear, weapons, and valuable in-game currency. The exact rewards will depend on the specific raid and the difficulty level you select.
Is it possible to participate in the raid with the boosting team?
Yes, at WowCarry, we offer a "self-play" option where you can actively participate in the raid alongside our professional boosting team. This way, you get to experience the raid content firsthand while still ensuring a successful completion. If you prefer not to play through the raid yourself, you can opt for a "pilot" service, where one of our team members will handle your character for you.

Unveil the thrilling adventure that awaits in the Lost Ark game with the Argos Abyss Raid. Brace yourself for a formidable challenge that will not only test your character's abilities but also offer one of the best opportunities to significantly boost your character. The Abyss Raid Argos is a service that guarantees not just a gripping adventure in the Lost Ark game but a game-changer in your character's journey. Whether you wish to enrich your gearing experience or save yourself the time and frustration in dealing with random players, we offer you an effective and efficient Lost Ark Argos boost with our services.

Understanding the Abyss Raid Argos

The Abyss Raid Argos marks a significant endgame challenge, a test of mettle that will require intense cooperation and teamwork. It's a formidable task that has three phases, each growing more challenging than the last. This hardcore operation features Argos, the main boss, who will demand legendary cooperation strategies to defeat. Embrace the Lost Ark Argos Carry advantage and rise above the game's challenge without the stress of dealing with random players.

The Treasures Gained

  • Agros' Claw, Tooth, Blood, or Tendon crafting pieces
  • A chance to win a Legendary Card
  • Jewelry and Stones of Birth in your possession

Your Journey in the Abyss Raid Argos

Action Description
Guide Quest Completion Initiates the journey in the Abyss Raid: Argos. It's the key to unlocking the raid challenge
Visiting the NPC 'Elder of Elders' Triggers the quest 'Resurgence of Argos' that unfolds the story and mystery of the boss
Meeting Item Level Requirements A requirement that needs a 1415 item level for the Normal difficulty and a 1445 for Hard mode

Engage with Argos

Engaging with Argos in the Abyss Raid means dealing with the boss' loyal subordinates, the Wolf and the Red Wolf. The fight will demand speed, tactics, and a precise use of resources to effectively counter and damage the bosses. For those who wish to reap the rewards without dealing with the intricate mechanics of the fight, our Lost Ark Abyss Raid Argos carry services offer an efficient solution.

Experience Seamless Gaming Service

We have designed our services with the main goal – providing you with a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience. Our skilled professional players handle your account, assemble a team, and ensure a quick and efficient completion of the raid. This means you get to sit back, relax, and watch your character grow in power and resources.

Choosing WowCarry for your Lost Ark Argos service ensures a boost in your game character while enjoying a level of efficiency and success that only professionals can deliver. Our Lost Ark Abyss Raid Argos service gives you the edge you need to conquer the game's challenges while saving time and effort, letting you focus more on strategic gameplay and character development. Engage in the thrilling world of Lost Ark on a whole new level with WowCarry.