Lost Ark
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What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • Legion Raid: Valtan Completed

    Your purchase secures a complete run through of the challenging Legion Raid: Valtan. No need to worry about putting a team together, or learning the boss strategies. This raid is handled by our expert players.

  • Crafting Resources for New Set Pieces

    With the completion of the raid, you will obtain valuable crafting resources. These resources can be used to create powerful new relic armor and weapon sets that are highly beneficial in your gaming experience.

  • Chance to Receive a Legendary Valtan Card

    While participating in this tour, there is a possibility that you could obtain the rare and highly coveted Legendary Valtan Card. This card is a significant boost to your power levels and proves to be highly advantageous in the game.

  • Relic Jewelry and Stones of Birth

    Apart from the set pieces, you also have a chance to get your hands on precious relic jewelry and Stones of Birth. These items will significantly boost your character's power in Lost Ark.

  • Boosting Services for an Easier Win

    Our boosting service ensures a smooth and effortless win over Valtan, as our professional player will play your account securely. The service assembles a team of experienced players who can complete the raid in no time. All you have to do is to claim all the rewards for yourself.

We appreciate your interest in obtaining the Valtan service within the immersive world of Lost Ark. Normally, to provide this service, we require an estimated time of one day. This time frame has been meticulously calculated to fit within the flow of the game mechanics and we are committed to the task of completing this service within the specified time. We believe your gaming experience should be smooth and rewarding, that's why we involve an adept team of Valtan professionals in the entire endeavor. This team is wholly dedicated to making your Valtan-related goals a reality. Where possible, these game virtuosos will strive to even reduce this time frame, enhancing your experience and ensuring you get back into the action as quick as possible. Our pledge to you doesn't stop at service delivery; we keep the promise of consistent support. Our support team stands ready 24/7 to address your inquiries, concerns, or to provide updates on the progress in obtaining the Valtan service. This commitment is all about placing your gaming needs first and allowing you to immerse yourself in the expansive universe of Lost Ark assured that you're in reliable hands.
  • Normal - 1415 item level
    The requirement for Normal item level should be at 1415.
  • Hard - 1445 item level
    The requirement for Normal item level should be at 1445.
Frequently Asked Questions
What exactly is a Lost Ark Raid Boost from WowCarry?
A Lost Ark Raid Boost is a premium service offered by WowCarry where a team of experienced players helps you complete the toughest raid content in the game. Whether it's Guardian, Abyss, or Legion raids, our professionals will assist you in acquiring the best in-game rewards and gear without you needing to commit extensive time or develop advanced skills.
How safe is it to buy Lost Ark Raid Boosting services?
Safety is our top priority at WowCarry. We employ secure methods to ensure your account's integrity remains intact. Our boosting services are performed by professionals who follow the strictest protocols to keep your account safe. Plus, we never use any third-party software or cheating tools, ensuring a completely legitimate boost.
Can I choose a specific time for my Lost Ark Raid Boost?
Absolutely! We understand that our customers have various schedules, so we offer flexible timings for our raid boosting services. When you purchase a boost, you can coordinate with our 24/7 customer support to schedule a session that suits your availability.
What rewards can I expect from purchasing a Raid Boost in Lost Ark?
By using our raid boosting services, you can look forward to obtaining the highest tier of rewards available from the content you choose to tackle. This includes exclusive gear, weapons, and valuable in-game currency. The exact rewards will depend on the specific raid and the difficulty level you select.
Is it possible to participate in the raid with the boosting team?
Yes, at WowCarry, we offer a "self-play" option where you can actively participate in the raid alongside our professional boosting team. This way, you get to experience the raid content firsthand while still ensuring a successful completion. If you prefer not to play through the raid yourself, you can opt for a "pilot" service, where one of our team members will handle your character for you.

Unleash Your True Potential with Lost Ark Valtan Boost

Welcome to the uncharted territories of Lost Ark, a mythical world filled with adventures, mysteries, and the intense thrill of battles. Amidst exploring and conquering, players often find themselves clashing with formidable foes and old enemies reborn with a vengeance. One such adversary is Valtan, the resurrected, fierce and stronger than ever. Our Lost Ark Valtan Boost can be your ultimate tool to conquer the Lost Ark.

Valtan - The Formidable Foe

Valtan, an old enemy who spent a long time suffering in the Abyss, has returned, ready to face the players one final time in the Legion Raids of Lost Ark. His strength, ferocity, and the challenge he poses are unparalleled, promising rewards, and treasures for those who can defeat him. With our Legion Raid Valtan service, players can reap the benefits without grinding through the challenges and spending countless hours trying to defeat him with random players.

Lost Ark Valtan Boost includes:
1. Legion Raid: Valtan completed
2. Crafting resources for new set pieces
3. Chance to receive a Legendary Valtan Card
4. Relic Jewelry and Stones of Birth

Lost Ark Valtan Carry - The Ultimate Tool of Progress

Defeating Valtan allows players to earn Legendary gear crafting materials, Relic gear crafting materials, and Relic accessories. Our Lost Ark Valtan Boost service not only grants these rewards, but it also saves your time from trying to gather a team of capable players and ensures the completion of the daunting Legion Raid: Valtan task with ease and efficiency.

Streamlining Your Lost Ark Journey

Our Lost Ark Valtan increases opportunities for growth within the game. Once you engage our services:

You will no longer need to complete the guide quest ‘Legion Raid’ before tackling the ‘Resurrected Lord of Destruction’ quest from the Lunar Knights NPC in the Vern castle. Navigating through the Legion Raid, a new raiding experience, becomes a breezy task, ensuring easy access to new, powerful crafting resources and gear. Tough fights, like the ones with the formidable Wolf and the Red Wolf, are managed by experienced players on your behalf.

Finally, why should you choose WowCarry for Valtan service in Lost Ark? It’s simple. Our professional and experienced team ensures secure gameplay and successful completion of the Valtan Legion Raid task. We are dedicated to providing exceptional Lost Ark Valtan Boost services, designed to help players enjoy the game without having to contend with the exhaustive grind of leveling up. With us, you can focus on the adventures that Lost Ark has to offer, leaving the tough grinding part to us. Our team, your success!