Lost Ark
Great Gate
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Great Gate
What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • Weekly Abyss Dungeon Boost

    Get regular access to Lost Ark Abyss dungeon Great Gate boosting service and ensure you never miss out on your weekly rewards.

  • Powerful Gear

    Rapidly improve your gear using the Abyss dungeon boost to gear up quickly and efficiently.

  • Save Time and Energy

    Avoid the exhaustion of repetitive dungeon runs with the assurance of our successful boost services.

  • Receive Legendary Cards and Completed Items

    An opportunity to receive treasured legendary cards and complete item sets to enhance your character’s abilities.

  • Knight's Oath Orb

    Obtain the Knight's Oath Orb on purchase, enabling you to craft additional Set pieces.

  • Jewelry and Stones of Birth

    Get a chance to acquire valuable Jewelry and Stones of Birth to further strengthen your character.

  • Learn About Abyss Dungeons

    Get substantial information about the Abyss dungeons to equip yourself for high gear scores and group coordination achievements.

  • Enjoy Premium Boost Service

    Opt for our Lost Ark Great Gate boost service and save significant time while ensuring promising rewards.

  • 24/7 Service

    We are open around the clock. As this dungeon is a weekly activity, get your boost now and relax for the entire week!

In order to obtain the Great Gate service in the Lost Ark game, we estimate a standard time frame of 6 hours. This duration is not arbitrary but conclusions drawn from our extensive experience and analysis of the game's mechanics. It's the typical time necessary for our expert team of Great Gate professionals to successfully conclude the service. The estimated time of arrival (ETA) for the Great Gate service is thus normally set at 6 hours. Although this is the standard time, our team will thoroughly endeavor to reduce this time frame if the game environment allows it without compromising the quality of the service. We strive to provide you with the fastest and most efficient service. Understandably, the state and mechanics of the game significantly influence the duration required to obtain the service. Our dedicated customer support staff will be assisting you during these hours and are available 24/7 to provide updates on our progress. With them, you can easily verify how your request is advancing at any part of the day. We take the obligation seriously to complete the service within the specified ETA, ensuring best gaming experience for our esteemed users. Therefore, rest assured knowing that our competent team is handling the successful completion of your Great Gate service in Lost Ark.
  • 960 Item Level
    Requirement for the service to have a 960 item level.
  • Feiton Storyline Completed
    Requirement for the service to have the Feiton storyline completed.
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the benefits of buying a Lost Ark Dungeons boost from WowCarry?
When you purchase a Lost Ark Dungeons boost from WowCarry, you gain access to a team of professional gamers who will help you navigate the toughest dungeons. This service not only saves you time but also ensures that you can reap all the available rewards, such as rare gear and crafting materials, without the stress of coordinating a skilled group yourself. With our boost, you'll maximize your character's progression speed efficiently and securely.
How does the Lost Ark Dungeons boosting service work at WowCarry?
Once you buy a Dungeons boost for Lost Ark from WowCarry, our customer support will reach out to you to confirm details and schedule your session. A team of seasoned players will then guide you through the dungeon, handling the toughest challenges and securing all possible rewards. You can relax and enjoy the benefits or actively participate in the run—it's up to your preference.
Is it safe to use WowCarry's Lost Ark boosting services?
Yes, at WowCarry, we prioritize your account's security and your personal data's confidentiality. We use only time-tested methods for boosting, ensuring that our services are safe, reliable, and compliant with the game's terms of service. We also offer secure payment methods and a discreet service to protect your gaming reputation.
Can I choose a specific dungeon for my Lost Ark boost at WowCarry?
Absolutely! WowCarry offers boosts for all the available dungeons in Lost Ark. You can select a specific dungeon when you purchase the service, and our team will focus on completing that dungeon to get you the rewards and progression you're looking for.
What happens if I don't get the desired results from my Lost Ark dungeon boost?
At WowCarry, customer satisfaction is our top priority. If the boost does not meet the agreed-upon objectives, we will work with you to rectify the situation, which may involve re-running the dungeon at no additional cost or offering a refund, depending on the circumstances and our service agreement.

Discover the Great Gate in Lost Ark Game

Embark on an exhilarating journey in the Abyss dungeons of the Lost Ark game, where the Great Gate promises an array of rewards awaiting your conquest. This boosting service guarantees weekly runs and provides you unfailing opportunities to power up your character. Never miss out on the potential to obtain powerful sets in Lost Ark and gear up your character through us.

Explore the Abyss Dungeons: A Realm of Rich Rewards

The Abyss dungeons are a crucial part of your weekly activity schedule. These dungeons present the most dependable path to accruing essential gear in the Lost Ark game. The Great Gate dungeon, divided into three distinct stages packed with varied objectives and bosses, can often prove to be a grueling task. But with our Lost Ark Great Gate boost, you can breeze through this challenging dungeon, equipping yourself with superior gear and saving valuable time.

Key Benefits

Here's a marked list of what our Lost Ark Great Gate service offers:

  • A shot at obtaining a legendary Card & completed items
  • Acquiring Knight's Oath orb (valid for crafting a Set piece)
  • Earning Jewelry and Stones of Birth

Why Choose WowCarry for Great Gate Service in Lost Ark?

Our primary aim at WowCarry is to make your gaming experience fruitful and enjoyable by offering unmatched Lost Ark Great Gate boost service. We are always ready to equip you with the right tools and guidance, thus significantly reducing the struggles of navigating through the treacherous Abyss dungeons. Our professionals have mastered the craft of strategically overcoming the challenging bosses and objectives of the Great Gate dungeon, allowing you to reap the best rewards without breaking a sweat. We operate on a 24/7 basis, ensuring that no matter when you need us, we are always just a click away. With our efficient and tested strategies, you can enjoy the rewards of the weekly activity, gear up your character, and enjoy a carefree gaming week. Why wait? Choose WowCarry today and conquer the Lost Ark game like never before!