Lost Ark
Phantom Palace
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Phantom Palace
What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • Weekly Rewards
    You will receive your weekly rewards by purchasing our Lost Ark Abyss dungeons: Phantom Palace boosting service weekly runs.
  • Powerful Sets in Lost Ark
    With Abyss dungeon boosts, you will have a chance to obtain the highly coveted Powerful Sets in Lost Ark to upgrade your gear.
  • Learn Boss Patterns
    No need to worry about understanding intricate patterns of the bosses. With our service, you don't need to waste time figuring them out.
  • Chance to Receive a Legendary Card & Completed Items
    The service also offers you an opportunity for a legendary card and completed items.
  • Knight's Oath Orb
    Upon purchasing this service, you also get the chance to obtain a Knight's Oath orb. This orb will allow you to craft one of the Set pieces.
  • Jewelry and Stones of Birth
    Rewarding you with Jewelry and Stones of Birth, this service enriches your inventory.
  • Endgame Activities
    Abyss dungeons, one of many endgame activities in Lost, require high gear score, group coordination, and lots of preparation. Receive full sets of gear, ability stones, engraving books, and cards.
  • Difficult Boss Battles
    Tactically challenging bosses each having their own gimmicks and two phases are part of this service.
  • Fast and Efficient Service
    Our Lost Ark Phantom Palace services are available 24/7, provided by the top players in the game. Buy our run now and relax for an entire week!
Our dedicated team of Phantom Palace professionals in Lost Ark game is committed to delivering the service to you within a standard time frame of 4 hours. This is the typical amount of time we require to complete the service. The timing is driven by the mechanics of the game rather than the expertise of our professionals, who, with their advanced skills and in-depth knowledge of Phantom Palace, will do their utmost to decrease this time frame if at all feasible. We intend to continually meet and surpass this four-hour threshold. Our promise is simple: to provide you with the service within the stated time frame, not a second more. Your understanding regarding the time requirement is very much appreciated. We believe that providing you with accurate and realistic time expectations is the cornerstone of good service. Besides, we provide you with the reassurance that our support teams are waiting in the wings, available 24/7 to monitor the progress of your service request. You can contact them at any hour, around the clock, for an update. We value your engagement with us and are continually working in full force to get the service to you within, and possibly ahead of, the estimated time.
  • 460 Item Level
    Requirement for character to have an item level of 460.
  • North Vern Storyline Completed
    Requirement for completion of the North Vern storyline.
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the benefits of buying a Lost Ark Dungeons boost from WowCarry?
When you purchase a Lost Ark Dungeons boost from WowCarry, you gain access to a team of professional gamers who will help you navigate the toughest dungeons. This service not only saves you time but also ensures that you can reap all the available rewards, such as rare gear and crafting materials, without the stress of coordinating a skilled group yourself. With our boost, you'll maximize your character's progression speed efficiently and securely.
How does the Lost Ark Dungeons boosting service work at WowCarry?
Once you buy a Dungeons boost for Lost Ark from WowCarry, our customer support will reach out to you to confirm details and schedule your session. A team of seasoned players will then guide you through the dungeon, handling the toughest challenges and securing all possible rewards. You can relax and enjoy the benefits or actively participate in the run—it's up to your preference.
Is it safe to use WowCarry's Lost Ark boosting services?
Yes, at WowCarry, we prioritize your account's security and your personal data's confidentiality. We use only time-tested methods for boosting, ensuring that our services are safe, reliable, and compliant with the game's terms of service. We also offer secure payment methods and a discreet service to protect your gaming reputation.
Can I choose a specific dungeon for my Lost Ark boost at WowCarry?
Absolutely! WowCarry offers boosts for all the available dungeons in Lost Ark. You can select a specific dungeon when you purchase the service, and our team will focus on completing that dungeon to get you the rewards and progression you're looking for.
What happens if I don't get the desired results from my Lost Ark dungeon boost?
At WowCarry, customer satisfaction is our top priority. If the boost does not meet the agreed-upon objectives, we will work with you to rectify the situation, which may involve re-running the dungeon at no additional cost or offering a refund, depending on the circumstances and our service agreement.

Explore The Phantom Palace in Lost Ark

Unleash your gaming prowess in the thrilling ecosphere of the Lost Ark Phantom Palace. As an essential part of advancing your character's battle prowess, the Phantom Palace offers weekly rewards that are sure to boost your power statistics. Offered as part of our portfolio is the Lost Ark Abyss dungeon: Phantom Palace boosting service. With our services at your fingertips, achieving the Powerful Sets in the Lost Ark remains anything but a dream. So why not seize your chance today at conquering the Abyss, conveniently and effortlessly?

Abyss Dungeons and their Significance

Abyss Dungeons form a critical part of your weekly gaming activities in Lost Ark. As a reliable path for gearing up your avatar, Abyss Dungeons offer rewards such as full gear sets, ability stones, engraving books, and cards. They enable you to run decentralized gaming activities and hope lady luck smiles upon you. Fortified with two phases full of various objectives and bosses, the Phantom Palace is your one-way ticket to top-tier gaming. Compounded with our Lost Ark Phantom Palace boost, power up your Lost Ark character beyond the boundaries of common gaming.

What You Gain With Phantom Palace Boost

  • Chance to receive a legendary Card & Completed items.
  • Knight's Oath orb (will allow you to craft one of the Set pieces).
  • Jewelry and Stones of Birth.

Twisted Warlord Hall

Through mastery of the Twisted Warlord hall, the game morphs to a whole different level. With the right set of HP potions, splendid whirlwind grenades, and time-stop potions; success in the Phantom Palace becomes inevitable. Our Lost Ark Phantom Palace boost service saves you the hustle of formulating the best strategy by providing ready-made, customized solutions for overcoming bosses.

Hildebrandt PalaceTips

Navigating through the Hildebrandt Palace requires particular sets of skills like HP potions, splendid swift robes, splendid whirlwind grenades, and time-stop potions. Luckily, with the help of Lost Ark Phantom Palace carry services offered by us, achieving victory is a breeze.

WowCarry offers you the most seamless and efficient Lost Ark Phantom Palace service on the market. Backed by a team of seasoned players, we promise exquisite gaming experiences and unparalleled success rates. Our service never sleeps, so you can get your Lost Ark Phantom Palace run at any hour of the day, any day of the week. Buy with us and forget about the grind for a whole week!