WoW Cataclysm
Throne of the Four Winds
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Throne of the Four Winds
What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • Throne of the Four Winds Raid Completion

    Get the Throne of the Four Winds (TotFW) raid completed on the difficulty of your choice. Benefit from our professional carry to claim a swift victory.

  • Raid-Related Achievements Unlocked

    Unlock various in-game achievements related to Throne of the Four Winds raid with our service.

  • Chance to Get Reins of the Drake of the South Wind

    Enhance your collection with a possibility of scoring the rare Reins of the Drake of the South Wind mount.

  • Powerful Ilvl Gear

    Depending on the chosen difficulty, acquire powerful gear ranging from ilvl 359 (Normal mode) to 372 (Heroic mode) without the need of a grind.

Upon purchasing the Cataclysm Classic Throne of the Four Winds run, you will be placed into a streamlined boosting queue. Our team of dedicated, seasoned professionals will then embark on the task of delivering the anticipated gaming service to you. The time required for us to complete this service is based not only on our expertise but on the intrinsic mechanics of the WoW Cataclysm Classic game. Your receipt of the Throne of the Four Winds service will take place within a defined time frame set by us. We treat this time frame with staunch regard and acknowledge our responsibility to you, our valued client, ensuring that the service is delivered to you within the stipulated period. It's important to note that while we aim to fulfill your order within the committed time, we are continually striving to better ourselves. Our team of Throne of the Four Winds veterans works tirelessly to potentially reduce this delivery time, to enhance your gaming experience and satisfaction levels. To make the experience smoother and to keep you updated, our customer support staff remains at your disposal 24/7. They are dedicated to keeping you abreast of the progress made towards attaining the service. Rest assured, your gaming needs are our top priority.
  • Active subscription for Cataclysm access
    A requirement for accessing Cataclysm, an active subscription is needed.
  • Level 85
    Character should be at level 85 to enter the raid.
Frequently Asked Questions
How many people are needed for a Cataclysm raid?
Raids typically require 10 or 25 players, depending on the raid and the difficulty setting.
What level do I need to be to start raiding in Cataclysm?
You should be level 85, the max level during Cataclysm, to participate in raids for appropriate challenge and rewards.
What is the hardest raid in Cataclysm?
Dragon Soul is often considered one of the toughest raids due to its mechanics and the final boss, Deathwing.
What gear do I need for Cataclysm raids?
It's best to have the highest item level gear you can obtain from dungeons, quests, or previous raids before attempting Cataclysm raids.
How often can I run Cataclysm raids?
Raids have a weekly reset, so you can attempt them once per week for loot chances.

Throne of the Four Winds Boost

Accelerate your WoW Cataclysm Classic gameplay by ordering cheap Throne of the Four Winds boost service. This impressive offer allows you to enjoy a quick loot run, clearing both boss encounters of the tier 11 raid: Throne of the Four Winds. Whether you're hunting for powerful gear ranked 359-372 ilvl or you simply want to immerse in the magnificent sky city of Uldum, our efficient Throne of the Four Winds carry is the solution. Further, with such a high-quality service, you can reap the benefits without the hassle of recruiting a suitable team, ensuring smooth and timely service completion.

Throne of the Four Winds Carry Service

Service Details
TotFW Raid Raid completed on chosen difficulty, unlocking related achievements
Possible Rewards Reins of the Drake of the South Wind and other desirable rewards
Ilvl of gear that drops in TotFW Normal: 359 ilvl; Heroic: 372 ilvl

Order your Throne of the Four Winds Boost

Buying Throne of the Four Winds boost service is made simple and secure at WowCarry. Here's a step-by-step guide to ordering your boost:

  1. Pick your desired raid mode (HM and NM options as well as 10 or 25m).
  2. Customize your order with additional options.
  3. Complete the checkout process, confirm your payment, and input your character info.
  4. We'll then contact you within 3 - 7 minutes to discuss specifics and schedule the raid.
  5. Your personalized Throne of the Four Winds boost will commence between 1 - 4 days with all chosen options.
  6. Your raid begins at the set time, so be online if the selfplay option was selected.
  7. Upon completion, reap your rewards from the clean sweep of Throne of the Four Winds raid!

What Lies Ahead with Throne of the Four Winds Boost Service

With the Throne of the Four Winds boost service, you can expect engaging battle encounters with two formidable bosses:

  • Nezir
  • Al'Akir

Join professional gamers in a relaxing gaming environment, without the common frustration of team wipes with our Throne of the Four Winds boost.

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