WoW Cataclysm
Dragon Soul
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Dragon Soul
What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • Dragon Soul raid completion

    Complete the challenging Dragon Soul raid on your desired difficulty level, guided by experienced players.

  • Raid-related achievements unlocked

    Unlock valuable achievements related to the raid to showcase your prowess and commitment.

  • Chance to acquire unique items

    Get a chance to loot unique items such as Experiment 12-B (Heroic), Life-Binder's Handmaiden and Reins of the Blazing Drake (Heroic).

  • Obtain powerful gear

    Secure powerful gear ranging from ilvl 397-403 in Normal mode and ilvl 410-416 in Heroic mode.

The time required to receive your Cataclysm Classic Dragon Soul run service is based on game mechanics. When you buy this package, you are automatically included in our completion queue. Don't worry, after your purchase, we strive to carry out your order as quickly as we can. Once your order is placed, our dedicated team of Dragon Soul professionals swings into action. They have an efficient and rapid execution speed, so even if there's a queue, their priority is getting to your order as soon as possible. While we assure you of completing the service within the reported time frame, it's important to note that this period is typically required to achieve this service. The time frame we provide is generally accurate and based on previous completions. However, our team is always looking to beat this timing if they can. They're constantly pushing their limits, exploring how quick they can get, all to provide you a faster turnaround. Plus, our support is on standby 24/7 to update you on how far we've gone with your service. They're there to provide real-time progress reports anytime you need it. So, while you wait for your Dragon Soul service to be completed, rest assured knowing that we are doing our best to shorten the waiting period.
  • Active subscription for Cataclysm access
    A requirement for accessing Cataclysm, an active subscription is needed.
  • Level 85
    Character should be at level 85 to enter the raid.
Frequently Asked Questions
How many people are needed for a Cataclysm raid?
Raids typically require 10 or 25 players, depending on the raid and the difficulty setting.
What level do I need to be to start raiding in Cataclysm?
You should be level 85, the max level during Cataclysm, to participate in raids for appropriate challenge and rewards.
What is the hardest raid in Cataclysm?
Dragon Soul is often considered one of the toughest raids due to its mechanics and the final boss, Deathwing.
What gear do I need for Cataclysm raids?
It's best to have the highest item level gear you can obtain from dungeons, quests, or previous raids before attempting Cataclysm raids.
How often can I run Cataclysm raids?
Raids have a weekly reset, so you can attempt them once per week for loot chances.

Purchase Your Dragon Soul Boost

Looking to get the most out of your WoW Cataclysm Classic experience but lack the time or resources? With our Dragon Soul carry, you can eliminate the stress and hassle of organizing a team and fighting difficult bosses. Our experienced professionals will carry you through the journey, bringing you an impressive haul of 397-416 ilvl gear and the many other rewards this raid has to offer.

What You'll Get with Our Dragon Soul Boost Service

Raid Completion Unlocked Achievements Loot
Your selected Dragon Soul raid completed in its entirety All Dragon Soul related achievements unlocked Accessible gear at a high ilvl variant along with rare mount drops: Experiment 12-B (Heroic), Life-Binder's Handmaiden, Reins of the Blazing Drake (Heroic)

Buy Our Dragon Soul Boost

  1. Select your desired raid mode (NM, HM, and the size--10 or 25m).
  2. Customize your order with additional options.
  3. Finalize your payment and provide your character info at checkout.
  4. Expect a contact from us within 7 minutes to discuss details and to schedule the raid.
  5. Your raid will be boosted within 1 to 4 days based on the options you selected.
  6. Your raid begins promptly at the appointed time - be online if you've chosen a selfplay option.
  7. We clear the entire raid and you simply collect the rewards!

Dragon Soul Bosses You’ll Overcome

  • Morchok
  • Warlord Zon'ozz
  • Yor'sahj the Unsleeping
  • Hagara the Stormbinder
  • Ultraxion
  • Warmaster Blackhorn
  • Deathwing (Two battles against this mighty dragon)

Order Dragon Soul Boosting

Choosing WowCarry for your Dragon Soul carry is the key to getting the most out of your WoW Cataclysm Classic game. Connect with an experienced team of professionals who will ensure a smooth and quick service completion. By buying a Dragon Soul boost run, you get to experience the thrill of crushing this classic raid, without the nervous tension of team arrangement and gear farming. Make your Cataclysm gameplay more rewarding and enjoyable with WowCarry today!