WoW Dragonflight
Nerub'ar Palace Heroic
Check the availability of places in raid for your preferable time with support before purchasing!
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Nerub'ar Palace Heroic
Important note before purchase
  • Please, check spots availability before the purchase;
  • Due to high demand raid invites may be delayed a bit;
  • In case you buy group loot, we can't guarantee any items quantity drop so we suggest adding loot options.
What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • Group Loot
    Estimated Time: Varies, depends on spot picked with customer support.

    The Group Loot option's waiting time depends on the spot you choose with the customer support agent. The actual raid duration can be moderate, but the waiting time varies.
  • Enhanced Group Loot
    Estimated Time: Usually on Tuesday (US) or Wednesday (EU).

    Enhanced Group Loot means that you will get raid players without lockout, significantly increasing your chances of getting loot. The waiting time varies depending on the spot picked with customer support.
  • Armor Type Priority
    Estimated Time: Usually on Tuesday (US) or Wednesday (EU).

    Armor Type Priority runs typically take place on Tuesdays for the US region and Wednesdays for the EU region. The raid duration may be slightly longer than Group Loot due to gear trading.
  • VIP Run
    Estimated Time: Usually on Tuesday (US) or Wednesday (EU).

    VIP Run options are usually scheduled for Tuesdays in the US region and Wednesdays in the EU region. This option is generally faster than Group Loot as all loot goes directly to the VIP player.
  • Full Gear
    Estimated Time: Longest, multiple runs on Tuesday (US) or Wednesday (EU).

    Full Gear requires the longest time investment, as it involves obtaining a complete set of gear over multiple runs. These runs are usually scheduled on Tuesdays for the US region and Wednesdays for the EU region.

For a more specific estimate of waiting and raid times, you can inquire with the website chat support.

  • Level 80 Character
    To access this service, you should have a character that has reached level 80 in World of Warcraft: The War Within.
  • Selfplay
    This service requires participation. You will play your character during the Raid.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is included in the Nerub'ar Palace Heroic Raid?
The raid includes a full clear of the Nerub'ar Palace on Heroic difficulty, defeating all 8 bosses including Queen Ansurek. You will have a chance to receive high ilvl gear, tier set pieces, and the Ahead of the Curve: Ansurek achievement.
Can I choose specific bosses to defeat during the NP HC?
Yes, you can select specific bosses to focus on during the run. We offer flexible options to tailor the raid experience according to your needs.
Is there a self-play option available for the Nerub'ar Palace Heroic Raid?
Yes, we offer a self-play option for the Nerub'ar Palace Heroic Raid. This allows you to participate in the raid alongside our professional team without sharing your account details.
How long does the Nerub'ar Palace Heroic Raid take to complete?
The duration of the raid varies depending on the selected service. Generally, a full raid clear can take a few hours, but specific time estimates can be provided by our customer support team based on your chosen options.
What loot can I expect to receive from the Nerub'ar Palace Heroic Raid?
You can expect to receive high ilvl gear from the raid, including tier set pieces if they are introduced. Additionally, there is a chance to obtain unique items and achievements specific to the Nerub'ar Palace Heroic raid. To increase your loot chances, we highly recommend adding loot options to your order. For more detailed loot information, please contact our customer support.

Nerub'ar Palace Heroic Carry

The Nerub'ar Palace Heroic Carry is your gateway to defeating all 8 bosses in the Nerub'ar Palace raid on Heroic difficulty. With our Heroic Nerub'ar Palace Carry service, you'll experience a seamless and exhilarating raid adventure. Gear up with high-level items and face Queen Ansurek and her minions with the support of our professional boosting team at WowCarry.

Nerub'ar Palace Carries: How it Works

Our Nerub'ar Palace Heroic Carries are designed to offer a smooth and efficient raiding experience. Here’s how our NP HC Carries work:

Step Description
1 Choose Your Boost Type and select the specific boost type that suits your needs, whether it's a full raid run or particular boss encounters.
2 Schedule Your Run, then check our raid schedule or contact us via live chat or Discord to find a time that works best for you.
3 Proceed to Checkout and book your raid slot by completing the checkout process.
4 Join the Raid and be online at the specified start time. Our raid leader will send you an invitation within 5 minutes of the start time.
5 Enjoy the Boost and follow our team’s instructions during the raid and receive your rewards.

Nerub'ar Palace Heroic (HC) Boost: Bosses

The Nerub'ar Palace Heroic Boost involves battling all 8 bosses from The War Within's first raid. Here's the list of bosses you'll encounter during the Heroic Nerub'ar Boost:

  • Ulgrax the Devourer
  • The Bloodbound Horror
  • Sikran, Captain of the Sureki
  • Rasha'nan
  • Eggtender Ovi'nax
  • Nexus-Princess Ky'veza
  • The Silken Court
  • Queen Ansurek

NP HC Boost Loot Drop

By opting for our Nerub'ar Palace (NP) HC Boost, you gain access to a variety of loot opportunities. The NP HC Raid Boost ensures that you have a chance to acquire high-level gear and special items from the raid:

  • High ilvl items from the raid bosses
  • 1 to 3 Great Vault rewards based on the number of bosses defeated
  • Potential to obtain new tier set items if introduced in The War Within
  • Ahead of the Curve: Ansurek achievement from the final boss

Benefits of Buying Nerub'ar HC Raid Boost at WowCarry

When you buy Nerub'ar Palace Heroic Raid from WowCarry, you ensure a top-tier raiding experience with numerous advantages. Here’s why you should buy NP HC Raid Service:

  1. Complete the raid with our experienced team, avoiding hours of frustrating wipes.
  2. Enter the raid with no gear requirements and receive significant gear upgrades.
  3. Gain insights into the most efficient raid strategies, enhancing your future raiding performance.
  4. Enjoy 24/7 customer support from our dedicated team via live chat or Discord.