WoW Dragonflight
Remix: Pandaria Scenarios
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Remix: Pandaria Scenarios
What you will get
Estimated Time
  • Chosen Scenarios Completion
    Complete a Scenario at your chosen difficulty level and earn the rewards, including Bronze and Threads, essential for empowering your Cloak of Infinite Potential.
  • Timerunner's Ring
    Obtain the power of the Timerunner's Ring by completing all scenarios on heroic difficulty. Its power converts all your defensive stats—parry, block, and dodge—into flat damage reduction, making it an invaluable asset for DPS players facing unavoidable damage.
  • Bronze Caches
    Get a Lesser Bronze Cache on your first successful completion of each Scenario, packed with Bronze Currency to fulfill all your needs in Remix: Pandaria. Each cache brings you closer to mastering the challenges of Pandaria.
Each scenario in Remix: Pandaria will take approximately 30-60 minutes to complete. We are dedicated to speeding up the process wherever possible. For any questions or further details, please contact our support agents
  • Active WoW Subscription
    You should have an active World of Warcraft subscription to access this service.
  • Timerunner Character of Appropriate Level
    To access each scenario, your Timerunner Character must be at least level 10, and up to level 40, depending on the specific scenario you wish to complete.
  • Account-Share
    This service is available only through the account-share method. We require only your login and password; we will not ask for your secret question or access to your email.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Remix Pandaria and its Key Features?

Remix Pandaria is a time-limited event where brave adventurers assist Eternos of the Infinite Dragonflight in resolving an anomaly that occurred in a mysterious timeline.

What's Different from Standard Pandaria Leveling Experience?

The Pandaria Remix Event offers an unprecedented experience in WoW's history. Your character will use special Timerunner gear that doesn't rely on stats but uses special gems for power boosts instead! From the start, you'll have access to flying and dynamic flying, allowing you to travel at incredible speeds. Instead of gold, you'll collect Bronze currency to upgrade items and purchase cosmetics. The Cloak of Infinite Potential is a multi-character tool that grows more powerful with each activity, enabling you to build an alternate character army swiftly.

What happens to my Timerunner Character after the Remix Event?

Once the event ends, all Timerunner characters will convert into standard Retail characters, and you can use them in the Dragonflight and War Within expansions moving forward

Do I keep Mounts Transmogs and Achievements after the Pandaria Remix ends?

Absolutely! Anything purchased during the Remix Pandaria event, including mounts, transmogs, and achievements, will transfer to Retail.

How long will the event last?

While we don't have the exact dates, the event is expected to last 2-3 months. Be sure to take advantage of our Pandaria Boost Services to claim all those juicy rewards before they're gone forever!


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30 Assault on Zan’vess
40 Battle on the High Seas, Blood in the Snow, Dark Heart of Pandaria, Secrets of Ragefire

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