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Champion Mastery Boost
What You’ll Get
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  • Champion Mastery Level

    With our LoL Champion Mastery Boost, you'll reach higher levels of mastery with your champion in significantly lesser time than grinding the game. Show off your level 7 Mastery emote as a testament to your gaming prowess.

  • Enhanced Gameplay Statistics

    We understand the importance of data in gaming. As a result, our service offers enhanced gaming statistics, giving you an edge as you comprehend your game's every aspect.

  • Chance to get Hextech Chests, Key Fragments, Champion Capsules, and Blue Essence.

    While we boost your champion's mastery, there's a good chance you will receive Hextech Chests, Key Fragments, Champion Capsules, and Blue Essence. After all, who doesn't love extra goodies?

  • Reserved Rewards

    You get to keep every reward, be it skins, in-game currency, or other items that are earned during the boosting period.

The fulfillment of your request for the Champion Mastery Boost service in the LoL game is normally within a 15-minute start time frame. With this in mind, we will provide you with the most effective and efficient service possible. Please rest assured as our highly skilled team of Champion Mastery Boost professionals is fully committed and obligated to complete the service within this stipulated time frame. Their extensive knowledge and experience within the game allows them to strive continually to reduce the duration required to obtain this service, while still maintaining top quality results. Additionally, despite the time required being largely dependent on the game mechanics, the unparalleled efficiency of our team often results in earlier completion times. To ensure smooth operation and keep you informed on the progress of your service, our dedicated support team is always on hand, working round-the-clock, every day of the week. They're committed to providing seamless and comprehensive communication. This proactive approach guarantees that you're never left in the dark about the progress of your Champion Mastery Boost service. We value your time and commitment to our service, and we look forward to delivering on our promise to you.
  • Level 30+ League of Legends Account
    This service requires a League of Legends account with a level of 30 or higher.
  • Champion you choose should be unlocked on your account
    The chosen champion must be available on your account. While you can temporarily access champions through the Free Champion Rotation, permanent ownership is required for Champion Mastery above level 4. Champions can be permanently acquired in the game client using either Blue Essence or Riot Points.
Frequently Asked Questions
How does the process of boosting work?

In our League of Legends services, boosting is primarily achieved through two methods. The first involves a professional player joining your gaming session to assist directly in achieving your desired objectives, also known as selfplay. This can include a variety of services such as winning matches, climbing the ranked ladder, or fulfilling specific requests you might have. The second method is account-share, where our expert booster logs into your account to complete the service independently. This approach is particularly used for services where certain league ranks or game modes restrict party play to ensure a fair experience for all participants. It's important to note that some services are exclusively available via account-share due to these game-imposed limitations. Our priority is to offer flexible and efficient boosting services while adhering to the game's fair play policies.

How long does it take to complete the service?

The duration for completing a service varies and is dependent on several factors, including the specific nature of your request, as well as the personal statistics of your account and the ordered range of rank boost or the number of wins desired. To provide you with the most accurate information tailored to your unique situation, our support agents will be available throughout the entire boosting process. They will assist in giving you a more precise estimate based on the specific details of your request.

Can I play on the account during the boost process?

The game client permits only one player to be logged into an account at any given time. Attempting simultaneous access can lead to being disconnected from a match at critical moments. While you are able to access your account during periods when the booster is not active, we strongly advise against playing in the same ranked queue as the service you've purchased. It's important to note that any progress lost during non-boosting sessions will be deducted from the final outcome of the service. We recommend coordinating with our team to ensure a seamless and efficient boosting experience.

How can I track the progress of my boost?

To ensure you are always updated on the status of your boost, our operators are available 24/7 to provide the latest information regarding your order and make any necessary adjustments. Additionally, we offer the option of setting up a direct conference with your booster. This allows you to receive real-time updates, and our booster can also share valuable insights, such as specific strategies, guides, and builds they utilize for climbing ranks. This level of personalized communication ensures you are fully informed and can enhance your own gameplay experience.

Is it safe to get a boost in LoL?

In selfplay boosting in League of Legends, there are no regulations that prohibit players from inviting others of similar rank (with the exception of the highest ranks) to assist in climbing the ladder. For account-share services, our boosters adhere to a strict set of guidelines to improve the safety and maintain the quality of the service. This includes the use of VPN to mask their real location and minimizing in-game social interactions, such as appearing offline and not responding to messages. Furthermore, our boosters implement a gradual improvement in performance, ensuring they do not immediately stand out, thus maintaining a low profile and ensuring account safety.


What is Champion Mastery in the first place?

Champion Mastery is a feature introduced some time ago, offering dedicated players a way to showcase their achievements and time invested in mastering specific roles or champions.

This feature symbolizes the willpower required to overcome challenges and excel. What better way to display this than with a dazzling reward visible above your head? Imagine achieving a Pentakill with your favorite ADC, skillfully evading Blitzcrank's deadly hook, surviving a 1v3 gank as Aatrox, or even after making a silly mistake in your combo and dying to a minion? – it's the perfect moment to press Ctrl+6 and taunt the opponents with the impressive skill you've just demonstrated. Encountering a player with a high rank and millions of mastery points often signals to the opponent that they're about to face a formidable challenge.

Are you prepared to ascend the ranks of mastery and stand among legends?

How do you get Mastery Points and Champion Ranks?

So, how do you rank up your Champion Mastery? The answer is straightforward: just play the game. Regardless of whether you lose or win, you'll accumulate Mastery Points. Of course, victories will yield more points than defeats. If you dedicate enough time and master your champion, you'll quickly progress through the ranks from 0 to 5, earning a new rank icon and a champion title reflective of your champion's role.

Upon reaching rank 5, Mastery Points will no longer be necessary; they'll stand as a testament to your strength. From this point forward, you'll need to focus on acquiring Mastery Tokens. These tokens are awarded for achieving the highest grades in League of Legends' main game mode, Summoner's Rift. To advance to Rank 6, you must obtain S-, S, or S+ grades, accumulating a total of 2 tokens. Alongside these tokens, you'll need either 2400 blue essence, a Champion Token, or a Champion Shard to complete the upgrade.

Upon reaching level 6, the journey to level 7 begins. To earn Level 7 Mastery Tokens, you must achieve S or S+ grades. You'll need a total of 3 tokens and 2950 blue essence, a Champion Token, or a Champion Shard to ascend to Rank 7.

Rank Total Mastery Points Required Mastery Token Required
1 0 -
2 1800 -
3 6000 -
4 12600 -
5 21600 -
6 21600+ x2 Mastery 6 Tokens
7 21600+ x3 Mastery 7 Tokens

What Other Rewards You Get For Ranking Up

In addition to the rank icons and mastery points, ranking up in Champion Mastery also bestows upon you a unique title for your champion, reflective of their specific class. These titles serve as a testament to your skill and dedication, distinguishing you in the League of Legends community. Each champion's title is a badge of honor that further personalizes your experience and achievement. Whether you're a Tank, Marksman, or any other class, these titles add an extra layer of prestige to your mastery, making your accomplishments in the game even more rewarding. You can refer to the table below to see all the titles sorted by champion classes.

Level Assassin Fighter Mage Marksman Support Tank
Level 1 Rogue Scrapper Initiate Tracker Aide Grunt
Level 2 Prowler Brawler Conjurer Strider Protector Bruiser
Level 3 Cutthroat Warrior Invoker Scout Keeper Bulwark
Level 4 Reaper Veteran Magus Ranger Defender Enforcer
Level 5 Slayer Destroyer Warlock Pathfinder Guardian Brute
Level 6 Executioner Warmonger Sorcerer Sharpshooter Sentinel Colossus
Level 7 Deathmaster Warlord Archmage Sniper Warden Juggernaut