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Win Boost
What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • Chosen Number of Wins

    Your purchase guarantees the number of wins you have selected. Our professional players will work tirelessly to secure these wins on your League of Legends account.

  • League Points (LP)

    With each win, your account will gain an unspecified amount of LP to increase your rank.

  • Improved Account Statistics and MMR

    Our boost service not only ensures your victories but also enhances your account statistics and Matchmaking Rank (MMR).

  • Potential for Hextech Chests, Key Fragments, Champion Capsules, and Blue Essence

    By using our boosting services, you also have the opportunity to earn in-game bonuses such as Hextech Chests, Key Fragments, Champion Capsules, and Blue Essence, subject to the game's standard mechanics and drop rates.

As a respected patron of our Win Boost servicing in the LoL game, your wait time is of utmost importance to us. We diligently inform you that the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) to avail the Win Boost service is 1 hour following commencement. This standard time frame has been developed based on accumulated gamer experiences and the mechanics intrinsic to League of Legends. Be assured, this timeline is not merely an estimate; it is a commitment. Your engagement and satisfaction drive our resolve to fulfill this service within the ETA. We're confident in providing you with a successful and time-bound service without prompt for apology or delay. Our Win Boost team, comprised of seasoned experts, continuously strives to optimize this delivery window. Their professional skills aim not just at meeting the ETA, but also at reducing it wherever possible. They work with precision, ensuring no hindrance is faced while obtaining the Win Boost service. Being a game that relies significantly on its mechanics, the requisite 1-hour timeline is shaped by these factors. Our dedicated support mechanism operates round the clock, vigilantly monitoring progress, and available anytime to cater to your queries or concerns regarding the service. We reaffirm our commitment to delivering on-time service and look forward to enriching your gaming experience with the LoL Win Boost.
  • Level 30+ League of Legends Account

    Your account must be at least level 30 to participate in ranked games. This level requirement is a fundamental criterion set by the game to ensure that players have adequate experience and familiarity with the game mechanics before entering the competitive ranked environment. Achieving level 30 signifies that you have spent sufficient time understanding the various aspects of the game, making you better prepared for the challenges of ranked play. It's a necessary step to maintain the integrity and competitive nature of ranked matches.

  • At least 20 Champions

    To participate in ranked games, it is a mandatory requirement to have at least 20 champions purchased on your account. This rule ensures that you will always have access to at least one champion during the selection phase, even if others are banned or already picked by other players. This is a built-in restriction in the game designed to maintain fair play and balance, and it cannot be bypassed.

Frequently Asked Questions
How does the process of boosting work?

In our League of Legends services, boosting is primarily achieved through two methods. The first involves a professional player joining your gaming session to assist directly in achieving your desired objectives, also known as selfplay. This can include a variety of services such as winning matches, climbing the ranked ladder, or fulfilling specific requests you might have. The second method is account-share, where our expert booster logs into your account to complete the service independently. This approach is particularly used for services where certain league ranks or game modes restrict party play to ensure a fair experience for all participants. It's important to note that some services are exclusively available via account-share due to these game-imposed limitations. Our priority is to offer flexible and efficient boosting services while adhering to the game's fair play policies.

How long does it take to complete the service?

The duration for completing a service varies and is dependent on several factors, including the specific nature of your request, as well as the personal statistics of your account and the ordered range of rank boost or the number of wins desired. To provide you with the most accurate information tailored to your unique situation, our support agents will be available throughout the entire boosting process. They will assist in giving you a more precise estimate based on the specific details of your request.

Can I play on the account during the boost process?

The game client permits only one player to be logged into an account at any given time. Attempting simultaneous access can lead to being disconnected from a match at critical moments. While you are able to access your account during periods when the booster is not active, we strongly advise against playing in the same ranked queue as the service you've purchased. It's important to note that any progress lost during non-boosting sessions will be deducted from the final outcome of the service. We recommend coordinating with our team to ensure a seamless and efficient boosting experience.

How can I track the progress of my boost?

To ensure you are always updated on the status of your boost, our operators are available 24/7 to provide the latest information regarding your order and make any necessary adjustments. Additionally, we offer the option of setting up a direct conference with your booster. This allows you to receive real-time updates, and our booster can also share valuable insights, such as specific strategies, guides, and builds they utilize for climbing ranks. This level of personalized communication ensures you are fully informed and can enhance your own gameplay experience.

Is it safe to get a boost in LoL?

In selfplay boosting in League of Legends, there are no regulations that prohibit players from inviting others of similar rank (with the exception of the highest ranks) to assist in climbing the ladder. For account-share services, our boosters adhere to a strict set of guidelines to improve the safety and maintain the quality of the service. This includes the use of VPN to mask their real location and minimizing in-game social interactions, such as appearing offline and not responding to messages. Furthermore, our boosters implement a gradual improvement in performance, ensuring they do not immediately stand out, thus maintaining a low profile and ensuring account safety.


Rise Above the Ranks

Navigating the competitive realm of league systems can be a taxing endeavor, often marred by unpredictable setbacks and frustrating plateaus. The journey through the ranks can feel like a relentless battle, where a single misstep might result in a disheartening slide down the ladder. But there's a beacon of hope in this challenging landscape. Elevate your gaming journey from the realm of uncertainty to a path of consistent progress with our expert assistance. Our team of seasoned professionals offers tailored guidance to refine your skills, ensuring that each step forward is secure and rewarding. With our support, the daunting journey becomes an exhilarating climb, leading you to the ranks you've always envisioned. Let us transform your gaming experience from a trial of endurance into a story of triumph.

Rewards and Advancements with Our Service

  1. Expert Booster Assistance: Engage with a professional booster who will either collaborate with you side-by-side or take the helm of your account. This partnership is designed to help you ascend to heights beyond your imagination in the league.
  2. Enhanced MMR Improvement: Success in games isn't just about accumulating victories; it's about boosting your hidden Matchmaking Rating (MMR). By consistently overcoming new and challenging opponents, your League Points (LP) will increase more rapidly with each triumph.
  3. Rewarding Progression: Every victory not only advances your rank but also brings you closer to a plethora of rewards. Grinding through the levels earns you Blue Essence, enabling you to expand your champion roster. Additionally, you'll gain Hextech chests and keys, offering the chance to acquire exclusive skins for your favorite champions without the need for real-money investment.

Boosting Options

Type of Boosting Boosting Method Benefits
Account-Share Boost A professional booster plays on your account. Rapid Rank Advancement: Achieve higher ranks quickly and efficiently.
Stress-Free Experience: Let an expert handle challenging matches while you enjoy the results.
Enhanced Win Rate: Benefit from the high skill level of the booster for a significantly improved win record.
Selfplay Boost Play alongside a professional booster. Skill Development: Learn advanced strategies and techniques by playing with a pro.
Interactive Coaching: Get real-time advice and feedback during games.
Enjoyable Team Play: Experience high-level play in a team setting, enhancing both enjoyment and understanding of team dynamics.

Remember, whether you're aiming to be a Challenger or are simply tired of frequent defeats, the LoL Win Boost is here to change the game for you. However, to ensure a smooth boosting experience, we suggest not accessing your LoL account during the boosted process, especially if you have selected the Piloted boost method.

And yes, we guarantee the number of wins you purchased with us. Your victories are our responsibility. Moreover, with our service, there’s a good chance of you winning in-game bonuses as per the standard game drop rates and mechanics.

Why WowCarry is your Best Choice for League Win Boost

At WowCarry, we stand out as the premier choice for your League Win Boost needs. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of our service. We employ only the most skilled and reliable professionals, ensuring that each boost is handled with the utmost expertise and discretion. With a focus on customer satisfaction, we tailor our services to meet your specific goals, whether it's climbing the ranks or mastering new champions. Our transparent and secure process guarantees peace of mind, making your journey to the top both enjoyable and successful. Choose WowCarry, where your gaming aspirations become achievements.