WoW Dragonflight
Commander of Argus
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Commander of Argus
What you will get
Estimated Time
  • Commander of Argus Achievement
    You will earn the Commander of Argus Achievement by defeating all rare enemies across the three Argus locations. Prepare for an exhaustive search as some of these foes are elusive and hidden in the planet's most remote corners.
  • Cosmetic Weapon Arsenal
    Your successful purging of demonic entities from Argus will be rewarded with Arsenal: Weapons of the Lightforged. Whether swords, shields, polearms, or staffs, these exemplary weapons can be yours, provided you prove your worth.
  • Chance to get Argus Mounts
    The rare creatures of Argus may also drop mounts. Defeating them gives you a chance to add these mounts to your vast collection.

The full completion of our service is estimated to take between 2 to 3 days, due to the rare spawn mechanics in the game which cannot be affected by players. Rest assured, our team will do everything to speed up the process wherever possible. You can always check the current status of your service with our customer support agents, who are readily available to provide updates and assistance.

  • Level 70
    The service requires a character level of 70 to guarantee a swift and seamless completion process.
  • Account-Share
    This service is done through account-sharing. We'll need your e-mail and password for access. We do NOT require answers to secret questions or access to your e-mail account.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is an achievement boosting service in WoW, and how does it work?

Achievement boosting is a service where experienced players assist you in unlocking specific achievements within the game, aimed at character development or acquiring unique rewards. This service is completed by directly accessing your account to achieve the desired objectives.

Can I select specific achievements for boosting, or are there pre-set packages?

Yes, in addition to offering comprehensive achievement boosting packages, we provide the flexibility to select specific segments of an achievement for boosting. This allows for a more tailored service at a reduced cost compared to completing the entire achievement. Our aim is to offer options that cater to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring you get the most value out of your boosting experience.

Is achievement boosting safe, and how do you protect my account?

Your account's safety is our top priority. We use VPNs to match your location, adhere to strict non-disclosure agreements, and employ only the most trustworthy and experienced players for our boosting services. However, as with any account sharing, there's always a minimal risk, which we strive to mitigate through our professional practices.

How long does it take to complete an achievement boost?

The time required can vary significantly depending on the achievement's complexity and requirements. Some can be completed within a few hours, while others might take several days or weeks. We provide estimated timelines for each achievement on our service page.

Can I request a boost for achievements not listed on your website?

Absolutely! If there's a specific achievement you're looking to unlock that's not listed, please contact us. We'll review your request and work with our team to provide a solution.


Buy the Commander of Argus achievement and gain access to multiple cosmetic weapons from Army of the Light arsenal. Explore every corner of Argus regions to farm those elusive rares without spending countless hours. With our service, you can  , from mounts to the unique toys. Our team offers a streamlined service that handles the grind while you collecting the rewards.Let us help you claim the treasures of Argus today!

Notable Argus Rares and Drops

Region Coordinates Rare Drop
Antoran Wastes 64.3, 48.2 Varga Fel-spotted Egg
61.7, 37.2 Blistermaw Crimson Slavermaw
63.1, 25.2 Houndmaster Kerrax Vile Fiend
52.9, 36.2 Vrax'thul Biletooth Gnasher
65.6, 26.6 Puscilla
Krokuun 70.5, 33.7 Naroua Fel-spotted Egg
Eredath 55.7, 59.9 Wrangler Kravos Maddened Chaosrunner
33.7, 47.5 Venomtail Skyfin Lambent Mana-Ray
49.7, 9.9 Skreeg the Devourer Acid Belcher
38.7, 55.8 Kaara the Pale Fel-spotted Egg
44.2, 49.8 Sabuul
43.8, 60.2 Baruut the Brisk Speed Increase Toy

Rare Spawn Mechanic

Argus rares in World of Warcraft spawn every 4 hours, allowing players to find most within a 24-hour cycle. However, a few rares need direct summoning and are available any time. When a rare is part of the current rotation, players won't have to wait long for another opportunity if they miss it; these rares quickly respawn within 3 to 5 minutes after their defeat. This rapid respawn rate encourages continuous exploration, as players roam across the Argus in search of their next target.

WowCarry makes achieving the Commander of Argus both smooth and enjoyable by ensuring you never miss out on rare spawns. Trust us to enhance your WoW experience with reliability and expertise.