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Rent a Pro M+ Team

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Rent a Pro M+ Team
What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • Professional MDI Level Team
    You will get highest pro-level team that will run dungeons with you for specified amount of time. The team will be well-known in the mythic plus community and will have very high rating.
  • Mythic+ Dungeon Coaching
    Our team will ask you to join discord channel and will explain you all the strats, tricks, route and pulls before each dungeon starts. The team will have strategy for each and every dungeon. At least one of the team players will have solid knowledge of your class and specialization and will be able to provide personalized advice on cooldowns usage, class tricks, etc.
  • Mythic+ RIO Score
    We always try to run dungeons that will increase your RIO score. Thus, if we have a key available that will significantly increase your RIO score, we will definitely run it. We also will listen to your personal preference at first.
  • 509-522 Ilvl Gear
    You will receive 522 ilvl gear from Great Vault. Dungeons chests loot will be 509 ilvl.
The team has a tight schedule, but usually the wait for the team does not exceed 24 hours.
  • Selfplay
    You will need to personally participate in the runs. We will not be able to provide our pilot who will log into your account to complete this service.
  • No Dungeon Experience Required
    You don't need to have any specific gear level or knowledge of dungeon mechanics. Our team will also provide the keystones. We can also use the ones that you have at your own discretion.
  • 70 Lvl Character
    You need to have a 70-level character to be able to enter dungeons on mythic difficulty.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is included in the Hire A Pro M+ Team service?
The Hire A Pro M+ Team service includes a professional MDI-level team that will run Mythic+ dungeons with you for a specified amount of time. The team will guide you through strategies, routes, and pulls, and provide personalized coaching based on your class and specialization. You will also receive high-level gear and a potential increase in your RIO score.
How does the Hire A Pro M+ Team service work?
Our team will invite you to a Discord channel where they will explain all the strategies, tricks, routes, and pulls before each dungeon run. At least one team member will have in-depth knowledge of your class and specialization, offering personalized advice on cooldown usage and class-specific techniques.
Will my RIO score increase with this service?
Yes, our goal is to help increase your RIO score. We prioritize running dungeons that will significantly boost your score, while also considering your personal preferences.
Do I receive all gear during the Pro M+ Team Service?
Yes, you will receive all the gear obtained during the runs. The team does not need any of the gear, so it will all go to you.
Is there a guarantee to beat the timer in the dungeons?
While we strive to time all the runs with you, there is no guarantee to beat the timer, especially at high key levels. Our main goal is to provide a competitive atmosphere and an exceptional team to enhance your dungeon-running experience.

We offer this unique service for people who are already highly experienced mythic dungeon players and just need a great team to push high keys together. We will provide you with our top team that regularly qualifies and takes part in the MDI tournament. You will also be invited to our discord to discuss the route, pulls and strategy. Our main goal is to time all the runs with you. There is no limit in terms of key level as we will push it as far as we can. Please, keep in mind that there is no "beating the timer" guarantee in this service as we are talking high keys here. We only guarantee competitive atmosphere, great team and company.