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The Demonslayer Title
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The Demonslayer Title
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  • Demonslayer Title

    Your efforts in aiding the Army of the Light have been recognized, granting you the title of Demonslayer <Your Name>. Go on a quest to vanquish the demonic forces, illuminating the darkest corners of Azeroth with the brilliance of the Light.

  • Bleakhoof Ruinstrider Mount

    Halfway on your demonslaying journey you will unlock the "...And Chew Manabuns" achievement. This milestone rewards you with the Bleakhoof Ruinstrider mount, a swift and formidable beast that serves as your loyal companion in your travels.

  • Intact Demon Eyes (Optional)

    As you decimate the demons, take the opportunity to collect Intact Demon Eyes. These valuable items can be traded for a unique toy, a battle pet, and a summoning item, each unlocking the potential for additional items on Argus.

The standard timeframe to fulfill the service is generally within 3-4 hours, as we prioritize both speed and thoroughness in our work. Our goal is to ensure that all tasks are completed efficiently, without compromising on quality. Please note that the duration required to complete the service can extend slightly, particularly if additional features are requested. Our team works to meet these deadlines, understanding the importance of timely delivery, while also accommodating any specific requirements or preferences that may influence the overall completion time.
  • Level 70

    The service requires a character level of 70 to guarantee a swift and seamless completion process.

  • Account-Share

    This service is done through account-sharing. We'll need your e-mail and password for access. We do NOT require answers to secret questions or access to your e-mail account.

Frequently Asked Questions
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All Steps To Become A Demonslayer

Becoming a Demonslayer is a long journey that requires one to destroy legions of fel-corrupted creatures. The path is challenging, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

Achievement Reward
We Came Here For Two Reasons - Slay 100 non-trivial demons on Argus None
To Kill Demons... - Slay 500 non-trivial demons on ArgusNone
...And Chew Mana Buns - Slay 2000 non-trivial demons on Argus Bleakhoof Ruinstrider Mount
And We're All Out of Mana Buns - Slay 5000 non-trivial demons on Argus"Demonslayer <Name>" Title

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