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Mecha-Done Meta-Achievement
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Mecha-Done Meta-Achievement
What you will get
Estimated Time
  • Mecha-Done Achievement
    You will get Mechagon Meta-Achievement, a collection of achievements all over Mechagon requiring you to aid the Rustbolt Resistance in their fight against King Mechagon.
  • Mechacycle Model W Mount
    The main reward of the achievement is the pinnacle of Mechagnomes' engineering - Mechacycle Model W, straight off the assembly line this unique mount is a perfect fit for any engineer.
  • Additional Mounts
    You will also receive Scrapforged Mechaspider and X-995 Mechanocat mounts as part of the achievement. The Scrapforged Mechaspider, now equipped with a flying mode, serves as an all-terrain vehicle with flying capabilities. Meanwhile, the X-995 Mechanocat is a ground mount that can be recolored at any time in any of 8 available colors.

The full completion of the achievement service will take approximately 1.5 months. This timeline is primarily influenced by time-gated mechanics and the availability of rare creature spawns within the game. Our team is dedicated to minimiae the completion time as much as possible. You can always check on the current progress of your achievement with one of our customer support agents. Feel free to contact them at any time.

  • Level 60
    This service requires at least one character at level 60 or above to guarantee a swift and smooth completion of the service.
  • Account-Share
    The service can only be done as account-share. Your e-mail and password will be required; We don't need your secret question and e-mail access.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is an achievement boosting service in WoW, and how does it work?

Achievement boosting is a service where experienced players assist you in unlocking specific achievements within the game, aimed at character development or acquiring unique rewards. This service is completed by directly accessing your account to achieve the desired objectives.

Can I select specific achievements for boosting, or are there pre-set packages?

Yes, in addition to offering comprehensive achievement boosting packages, we provide the flexibility to select specific segments of an achievement for boosting. This allows for a more tailored service at a reduced cost compared to completing the entire achievement. Our aim is to offer options that cater to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring you get the most value out of your boosting experience.

Is achievement boosting safe, and how do you protect my account?

Your account's safety is our top priority. We use VPNs to match your location, adhere to strict non-disclosure agreements, and employ only the most trustworthy and experienced players for our boosting services. However, as with any account sharing, there's always a minimal risk, which we strive to mitigate through our professional practices.

How long does it take to complete an achievement boost?

The time required can vary significantly depending on the achievement's complexity and requirements. Some can be completed within a few hours, while others might take several days or weeks. We provide estimated timelines for each achievement on our service page.

Can I request a boost for achievements not listed on your website?

Absolutely! If there's a specific achievement you're looking to unlock that's not listed, please contact us. We'll review your request and work with our team to provide a solution.


Buy the Mecha-Done achievement service and obtain multiple transmog and mount rewards. This achievement shows your dedication to the cause of Rustbolt Resistance against the mad king Mechagon, challenging you to complete a series of objectives from crafting and building to searching rare scrap blueprints. By choosing our boost, you'll not only earn the respect of the Rustbolt Resistance but also gain exclusive rewards: the Mechacycle Model W mount, the versatile Scrapforged Mechaspider, and the customizable X-995 Mechanocat. Let us help you achieve your goals in the world of Azeroth without the grind.

The Mecha-Done Completionist

The Mecha-Done achievement includes multiple requirements, each requirement is not tied to anothers so you can progress through multiple parts of the achievement at the same time, though, some of those might take a decent amount of time to complete.

Criteria Name Requirements
The Mechagonian Threat Complete the Mechagon storyline.
Outside Influences Complete all quests from the visitors in Mechagon.
Junkyard Apprentice Craft 250 Junkyard Tinkering items in Mechagon, excluding crates.
Available in Eight Colors Collect all the paint colors for the X-995 Mechanocat.
Making the Mount Complete the Mechaspider storyline.
Rest In Pistons Complete all special encounters in Mechagon.
Junkyard Architect Unlock all Junkyard Tinkering blueprints in Mechagon.
Junkyard Machinist Complete 100 construction projects in Mechagon.
Junkyard Melomaniac Unlock the Rustbolt Gramophone and all of its musical tracks.
Armed for Action Construct each weapon with Rocket-Chief Fuselage.

Common Achievement Difficulties

  • Hunting Specific Items or Creatures: The search for particular blueprints or rare creatures can be exhaustive, especially when the drop rates are not guaranteed. WowCarry's boosters are equipped to persist in these tasks, ensuring a higher success rate through consistent effort.
  • Time-Sensitive NPC Appearances: Certain NPCs required for achievements appear only on specific days, making them difficult to find for players not able to log in daily. Our team monitors these appearances closely, ensuring all necessary tasks are completed promptly.
  • Grinding and Farming: Achievements demanding extensive grinding or farming can quickly become tedious, filling your inventory with unwanted items. WowCarry utilizes optimized farming routes and strategies, making this process more efficient and less monotonous for you.

Let WowCarry take the helm of your achievement journey, turning your gameplay into a seamless, efficient, and enjoyable experience. Say goodbye to the grind and hello to your rewards!