Wrath of the Lich King Classic
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What you will get
Estimated time: 1-7 days
  • Profession Skill 450
    You will get up to 450 profession skill after completing this service, depending on the options you choose.
  • Fur Lining And Leg Reinforcement
    At level 400 of leatherworking profession you will get acces to craft fur linings and leg reinforcements to increase your character attributes.
  • Reagents And Crafted Items
    All the reagents and crafted items will be in your inventory at the end of the service.
  • Professional Pilot
    You will get professional pilot that will farm the profession skill for you. You can specify the time-frame when the pilot can play on your account.
ETA depends on your current Minning skill and time-frame when the pilot can play on our account.
  • Level 80 Character
    You need to have level 80 character on your account.
  • Account Sharing
    This service can only be provided by account sharing. We will only need your login and password and we do not need an answer to a secret question or access to your email.

Frequently Asked Questions
Leatherworking is one of the two main professions available to every player in WotLK. This is a profession for crafting leather and mail armor, Drums and Armor Kits, while Blacksmithing is mainly about crafting plate armor and weapons, and Tailoring is for cloth armor and cloaks. Typically, Leatherworking is used in conjunction with Skinning, since Leatherworking uses raw Northrend Skinning materials. You don't need any suspicious requirements to create items, just the necessary materials in your inventory. Pilots on WowCarry know a lot of great spots for farming the resources you need to level up Leatherworking profession. Crafted items are very useful for adventuring in Northrend. So, for example, you can create various armor for your character before going to Heroic Dungeons or WotLK Raids. For Leatherworking players, with the release of WotLK, new unique enchantments have been added, called Fur Lining and Leg Reinforcement. Fur Linings give a permanent bonus to bracers. This bonus grants more attributes than other available enchantments and thus motivates you to improve your Leatherworking skill. Other unique enchantments in WotLK are called Leg Reinforcement and don't gain more attributes, but their craft cost is significantly lower than those obtained without Leatherworking. These enchantments can only be used by players who have reached Leatherworking skill 400. However, in order to create epic armor, you need to increase the skill level to the maximum level available in WotLK. Epic Leatherworking armor becomes soulbound when equipped, making the profession highly sought after and lucrative. Other items such as Drums and Armor Kits are consumable items that can be used by you or other players to buff yourself or your group/raid. Armor Kits add a permanent bonus to the attributes of individual players, and Drums provide temporary buffs for the entire group or raid. The Drums buffs are slightly worse than the buffs of the Paladins and Druids, but in the absence of these classes in your group or raid, the Drums are indispensable. Leatherworking service will help you not spend a lot of time on leveling up your profession and become a valuable member of any Wrath of the Lich King Classic raid almost overnight!