Wrath of the Lich King Classic
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What you will get
Estimated time: 1-7 days
  • Blacksmithing Skill 450
    You will get up to 450 profession skill after completing this service, depending on the options you choose.
  • Socket Slots
    You will get ability to make socket gems slots in soulbound bracers and gloves.
  • Lots Of Resources
    You will get a lot of resources acquired in the process of leveling the profession.
The estimated completion time depends on your current profession level. Please note that time to farm depends on your current profession level and current lineup. You can always get more specific time estimate by asking the online support.
  • Level 80 Character
    You need to have level 80 character on your account.
  • Account Sharing
    This service can only be provided by account sharing. We will only need your login and password and we do not need an answer to a secret question or access to your email.

Frequently Asked Questions
Blacksmithing is one of the available professions in WotLK. It allows players to create various gear for mail and plate armor users. You can start learning the basics of Blacksmithing by visiting an appropriate profession trainer in any large Alliance or Horde city. Blacksmithing is an essential part of crafting professions as it allows you to craft items for players of all levels. A newly created character would benefit from new equipment. Blacksmiths utilize many materials, but they mostly require ore for all of their crafts. And this makes mining a great secondary profession for players who want to gather materials on the go as they level up their hero and profession skill points on their adventure across the Northrend zones. High-skilled blacksmiths can loot and learn recipes dropped from Ulduar and Trial of Crusader raid bosses, making high-end BoE gear for themselves, their guildmates, or for sale in the auction house. Experienced blacksmiths have a unique ability to make socket slots in bracers and gloves, but only if the item is soulbound to them. All players can benefit from the blacksmith profession by purchasing an eternal belt buckle, allowing anyone to make a socket slot for the gem. Blacksmith players might also want an exalted reputation with the Alliance Vanguard or Horde Expedition to obtain the powerful shield attachment. It will increase their block chance while reducing the duration of any disarm effects. This bonus lets the tank get much-needed disarm protection while allowing him to apply another powerful enchantment on his main-hand weapon. The WowCarry team will help you master such a demanding profession as Blacksmithing. And you can always rely on us!