Wrath of the Lich King Classic
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What you will get
Estimated time: 1-7 days
  • Profession skill 450
    You will get 450 profession skill after completing this service.
  • Master of Anatomy
    You will get bonus from master of anatomy skill, it gives you +40 critical strike rating.
  • Gold and other resources
    You will get valuable amount of gold earned from selling crafted/gathered items while our pilot will increase your profession skill level.
  • Professional pilot
    You will get professional pilot that will farm the profession skill for you. You can specify the time-frame when the pilot can play on your account.
ETA depends on your current Skinning skill and time-frame when the pilot can play on our account.
  • Level 80 character
    You should have at least one level 80 character on your account.
  • Account sharing
    This service can only be provided by account sharing. We will only need your login and password and we do not need an answer to a secret question or access to your email.

Frequently Asked Questions
What happens after I buy the service?
We will process your order in 5 to 10 minutes. Then we will contact you using the online chat at the website or any other means of communication that you provided during the checkout. If you didn’t hear from us in 15 minutes, then you should contact us via the online chat at the bottom right corner of the website to speed up the process. Please, also feel free to text us immediately after placing your order using the online chat. It will make the process go even faster.
What is an estimated time (clock icon)?
All of our services have an "Estimated Time" of completion. It consists in the usual duration of the service which we have experienced with previous boosts. We love being honest with our customer base - it is impossible for us to be completely sure about the length of your service, but we will always do our best to stay within the Estimate Time.
What is the difference between self-play and piloted?
If you choose self-played boosting you will play your character yourself with our group. If you choose piloted (account sharing), you will give us your wow account’s login and password; our gamers will carefully log into your account and do the boosting.
Is account sharing safe?
Yes, it is absolutely safe with us. While doing the boosting with account sharing our boosters observe all safety precautions and never use any exploits. Your safety and privacy is very important for us so we will never chat with any of your friends or guild mates.
What is your refund policy?
If we cannot even assign the service within double the Estimated Time, you are entitled to ask for a refund. If we have started but not completed the service within double the estimate, compensations or partial refunds may ensue.
Skinning is one of the two main professions available to every player. This is a gathering profession, just like Herbalism and Mining. Skinning occurs with available mobs, mostly Beasts, Dragonkins and some Undead. In order to skin the mobs, you will need a Skinning Knife. The mobs you want to skin must be looted and meet your skinning requirement. You can also skin mobs killed by other players. The main types of leather are Borean Leather, Nerubian Chitin, Jormungar Scale, Icy Dragonscale and Arctic Fur. Borean Leather has 3 types: Borean Leather Scraps, Borean Leather and Heavy Borean Leather. In order to make Borean Leather you need to combine 5 Borean Leather Scraps and this does not require Leatherworking, but in order to make Heavy Borean Leather you need to combine 6 Borean Leather and this already requires Leatherworking. Borean Leather is the most common type of leather, which is obtained from all Beasts. Nerubian Chitin, Jormungar Scale, and Frozen Dragonscale are less common and are found from Beasts, Undead, and Dragonkins. The rarest skin type is Arctic Fur, it can be obtained from any beast with a very low chance, or it can be obtained by exchanging 10 Heavy Borean Leather from Braeg Stoutbeard. The collected materials are used for other professions such as Leatherworking, Engineering, or Tailoring. High-end hides, Arctic Fur and Heavy Borean Leather can be used to trade for leatherworking recipes from Braeg Stoutbeard. Another feature is Master of Anatomy, which grants an additional Critical Strike Rating. This bonus increases as you increase your Skinning skill, for example: Apprentice rank will only give you total +3 Critical Strike Rating, but Grand Master rank will give you +40 Critical Strike Rating. Usually, gathering professions are used combined with craft professions, Leatherworking for example, but even without it Skinning can be quite lucrative.