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The long-awaited Legion Timewalking, which includes some unique Timewalking activities that you’ll only find during Legion Timewalking, finally comes to World of Warcraft next week. During the initial event, the usual six Legion dungeons will be available through Dungeon Finder, but there are also Mythic+ difficulties of these six dungeons, as well as the solo-challenge of the Mage Tower with new rewards. The first Legion timewalking event will begin on December 7 and run for two weeks, through December 20. After that, Legion timewalking occur every 18 weeks, and last only one week at a time.

Legion Timewalking dungeons

In addition to the normal Legion Timewalking, players are able to run the available dungeons on the Mythic Keystone difficulty. +When Legion Timewalking is active, players can talk to Ta'hsup by the Great Vault in Oribos to obtain a Timeworn Keystone, allowing to run Legion Timewalking dungeons in the Mythic+ difficulties. Unlike other Timewalking dungeons (where you're scaled down to the dungeon's intended level), these dungeons instead scale up to the correspondent Shadowlands Mythic+ level. The Timeworn Keystone received is one level below your current Shadowlands Mythic+ Keystone. All dungeons available during Legion Timewalking are also available in the Mythic+ difficulty, namely:

  • Black Rook Hold;
  • Eye of Azshara;
  • Darkheart Thicket;
  • Vault of the Wardens;
  • Neltharion's Lair;
  • Court of Stars.

Mythic+ Loot and Great Vault

Legion Timewalking Mythic+ loot will follow the same rules as the Shadowlands Mythic+, dropping at a maximum ilvl of 262 from +14 dungeons and beyond, and upgradable to ilvl 272 with Valor. Completing Legion Timewalking Mythic+ dungeons will count towards the Great Vault requirements, but Legion loot cannot show up as a possible option on the Great Vault itself.

Mythic+ Affixes and Rotation

Legion Mythic+ Dungeons have a special set of affixes, different from the Shadowlands rotation. Instead of having a Seasonal affix change each season, Level 10+ Dungeons have a special affix exclusive to Legion, Infernal: Infernal Beacons can be found near some bosses. Activating a Beacon or engaging a nearby boss will trigger a Legion invasion. Below, we have a list of all currently discovered affix rotations:

Affix 1 (Level 2+) Affix 2 (Level 4+)
Affix 3 (Level 7+)
Special Affix (Level 10+)
Tyrannical Bursting Volcanic Infernal
Fortified Sanguine Quaking Infernal

Mage Tower Timewalking

During Legion Timewalking events, a special version of the Mage Tower challenge will be available at Deliverance Point in the Broken Shore. You will be able to take on Mage Tower challenges of the past, scaled to a normalized difficulty with the Timewalking system. Completing Mage Tower challenges grant the following rewards: Completing at least one challenge will grant the achievement A Towering Success and a Tier 20 Set Mage Tower recolor for the class you completed the challenge with. Guardian Druids who complete their specific challenge will obtain a Werebear appearance for their Bear Form. This werebear is different from the ones originally available in Legion. Completing all seven unique Mage Tower challenges will grant the achievement A Tour of Towers and the mount Mage-Bound Spelltome. Completing all Mage Tower challenges on all classes and specializations) will grant the Feat of Strength Tower Overwhelming. We have a Timewalking Mage Tower Overview and Rewards guide for you to learn more about the event!

Legion Timewalking Mount

Aridormi sells the Favor of the Val'sharah Hippogryph Icon Favor of the Val'sharah Hippogryph mount for 5,000 Timewarped Badge Icon Timewarped Badges.