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Getting a Mount in World of Warcraft Classic is the first milestone each player struggles to achieve, and it's one of their most memorable moments during their adventure in Azeroth. Training Riding Skills and buying Mount is beyond the reach of the majority of players, as it costs quite a bit of Gold. In this Guide, we would like to introduce you to the Riding/Mount System, tell you how to save up Gold for your first Mount, what classes can get cheaper Epic Mounts, and what rare Mounts can be looted from slain enemies in World of Warcraft Classic.

Mount Riding in Classic WoW

After reaching Level 40, you'll have your first opportunity to train your riding skill and obtain your first mount. Mounts are summoned creatures (or machines) that your character can ride to travel faster than your base movement speed while outdoors. Sometime after reaching level 60, you will be able to summon even faster mounts than the level 40 mounts.

Riding Skill in Classic WoW is your character's ability to use certain mounts. When you happen to obtain a mount, the type of riding required is displayed on the tooltip of the mount. If you don't have that particular riding trained, you will not be able to use that mount until you do so.
Riding Skill in Classic WoW is working based on its pre 1.12 patch version. At the end of Vanilla WoW, riding skill received a few changes.

Each race has their own Riding Skill and respective mounts for that Riding Skill. The skills are:

  • Humans: Horse Riding
  • Dwarves: Ram Riding
  • Night Elves: Tiger Riding
  • Gnomes: Mechanostrider Piloting
  • Orcs: Wolf Riding
  • Undead: Undead Horsemanship
  • Tauren: Kodo Riding
  • Trolls: Raptor Riding

Starting at Level 40, characters can train their race's Riding Skill from their race's riding trainer for 20 (before discounts). Initially, you will only be able to train the riding skill of your race. You can train the riding skill of other races, but you must also be Exalted reputation with that particular race to train their riding skill and purchase their mounts.

Paladin and Warlock Class Mounts

Paladins and Warlocks are special because they get unique mounts in the form as "Spells". These spells are obtained after class quests that these classes have at level 40, and level 60 once Dire Maul is available. These mounts do not require any type of riding skill, so after completing their mount quests, they can ride their mounts right away.

The Felsteed is a 60% speed mount and the Dreadsteed mount is a 100% speed mount that are only available to Warlock players. The Felsteed mount is a reward from a relatively short quest chain at level 40, whereas the Dreadsteed mount is a reward from a longer quest chain at level 60.

The Warhorse is a 60% speed mount and the Charger mount is a 100% speed mount that are only available to Paladin players. The Warhorse mount is a reward from a relatively short quest chain at level 40, whereas the Charger mount is a reward from a longer quest chain at level 60.

Rare Drop And Non-Class Quest Mounts

The Winterspring Frostsaber is only for members of the Alliance, and requires 840 repetitions (no, that’s not a typo) of one of three repeatable quests from Rivern Frostwind at Frostsaber Rock in Winterspring, somewhat near the entrance to the tunnel to Felwood. You need Tiger Riding to ride the Frostsaber when you’ve gotten the mount by achieving exalted with the Wintersaber Trainers faction. That means either you’re a Night Elf, or you need exalted with Darnassus. Once you have the necessary reputations, this epic level 60 mount is still 900 gold to buy. Humans get a bit of a break – their racial gives them more reputation – but they also have to farm the Darnassus reputation to buy the saber.

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