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John Barrymore February 14, 2024 3 minutes
Former Narrative Director Steve Danuser quietly departed from Blizzard last November after an eight-year career with the World of Warcraft development team. In an interview, Danuser confirmed that his departure was not related to the return of Chris Metzen and that he was ready for a new challenge after working on the same game for so long. He expressed pride in his work on the Dragonflight expansion and mentioned that he'll miss the narrative team he built at Blizzard.
John Barrymore October 08, 2023 3 minutes
In this week's WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-up, we explore the ways to make gold using Shadowlands Mission Tables, delve into cross realm trading, discuss the rising NA token price, and learn about the vendor shuffles in Classic Hardcore. Whether you prefer pet charm trading, raw gold opportunities, or material farming, this blog post has got you covered with comprehensive guides and tips. Happy goldmaking!
John Barrymore September 08, 2023 3 minutes
Discover the recently datamined transmog appearance set that pays homage to the legendary Sylvanas Windrunner's original armor from before Shadowlands. Although its purpose is still unknown, we explore the details of this elusive set and speculate on its possible future use.
John Barrymore December 09, 2020 30 minutes
The first boss in Theater of Pain is An Affront of Challengers. You will actually fight against three bosses: Dessia the Вecapitator, Paceran the Virulent, Sathel the Accursed and there is also another invincible boss that will take part in the encounter as well: Xira the Underhanded. We will talk about him later.
John Barrymore October 14, 2020 5 min read
But you will now get 130 item level in weekly chest instead of 475. As for gearing up, we still recommend farming +14 keys as you will get the max item level reward of 120 ilvem level gear. Shadowlands Pre-Patch is already here! There are some changes to the loot you get from mythic+ content due to the item level squish. The table below shows item level of gear you can expect to get in the mythic+ dungeons during the Shadowlands pre-patch. We provide information on both the end-of-dungeon loot a