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John Barrymore September 12, 2023 2 minutes
The blog post discusses the additional fixes implemented in Patch 10.1.7 for Augmentation Evoker Combat Logs in World of Warcraft. The post highlights the remaining bugs and issues that need to be addressed before full reattribution of damage can be achieved for Augmentation Evokers. Players are advised to be mindful of these issues as they may affect the perception of an Augmentation's performance.
John Barrymore September 07, 2023 3 minutes
This blog post is a comprehensive guide for Restoration Druids in Patch 10.1.7. It covers the updated talent trees, with a focus on the new Grove Guardians talent. The guide provides tips on how to effectively use the talent and incorporates information about other talent tree updates.
John Barrymore September 06, 2023 2 minutes
The blog post discusses the Forsaken players' ability to participate in the Undead Heritage Armor questline in Patch 10.1.7. It highlights the special quest for loyalist characters who sided with Sylvanas during the events of Battle for Azeroth, where Sylvanas reflects on her actions and expresses pride in helping the Forsaken find their place in the world. The post also includes a video of the event.
John Barrymore September 06, 2023 1 minute
A blog post discusses the main questline of Patch 10.1.7, which includes in-game cutscenes that hint at the plot of Patch 10.2. The post provides a walkthrough of the campaign questline and explores the interactions between characters like Fyrakk, Vyranoth, and Alexstraza. Spoilers ahead.
John Barrymore September 05, 2023 2 minutes
This blog post discusses two in-game cutscenes in Patch 10.1.7, hinting at the possible storyline for Patch 10.2. It explores the interactions between characters Fyrakk, Vyranoth, and Alexstraza, revealing their motivations and potential plot developments. Spoilers for the game are revealed, so proceed with caution.
John Barrymore September 05, 2023 4 minutes
In this blog post, we explore the Shandris Feathermoon questline in Patch 10.1.7, uncovering all the details and story spoilers you might have missed. From investigating secret meetings to battling fiery Primalist forces and uncovering a sinister plot, this questline sets the stage for an intense storyline in Patch 10.2.
John Barrymore September 05, 2023 3 minutes
In the latest patch, Undead players can embark on the Undead Heritage Armor questline. This blog post provides a detailed walkthrough of the questline, including story spoilers, and guides players through the various quests and objectives. Completing the questline rewards players with the Undead Heritage Armor set and two new tabards.
Marie July 01, 2023 4-5 minutes
This detailed guide offers World of Warcraft players a roadmap to effectively prepare for the upcoming Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5. It outlines what areas to focus on, valuable tips on gear and leveling, and aspects of the game that players can afford to ignore or skip, ensuring an optimized experience for the new patch
Lemem May 26, 2023 10 minutes
Discover the PvP 10.1 Tier List on WoW Dragonflight, where we rank World of Warcraft classes and specializations from the hardest to the easiest. Whether you're a seasoned PvP player looking for a new challenge or a beginner seeking an easier entry point, our comprehensive guide will help you understand the difficulty levels of each class and make informed choices for your PvP adventures.
John Barrymore May 03, 2023 20 minutes
It's new patch day for many of us, but don't be overwhelmed! Today, I'm going to teach you all the things to consider doing in week one, and all the content you can do with a few things tossed in if you're a performance-oriented player. If you're reading after week one, don't worry; this guide is going to have basically everything that you need to know for this patch. With that said, let's just get straight into it with some of the core dates and content unlocks.