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John Barrymore September 16, 2023 2 minutes
The upcoming Dragonflight Patch 10.2 raid, Amirdrassil, will introduce an unlockable raid skip feature. Players will need to collect the Fragment of Emberscaris quest items by defeating the boss Smolderon, allowing them to skip directly to Smolderon after defeating the introductory boss, Gnarlroot. Raid testing for Amirdrassil will begin on September 14th.
John Barrymore September 14, 2023 3 minutes
Amirdrassil raid testing begins today with Heroic Gnarlroot and Igira the Cruel. The schedule includes testing of different difficulty levels and a variety of bosses over the next few weeks, with the final boss, Fyrakk the Blazing, being a surprise. Players are encouraged to provide feedback and report any bugs encountered during the testing.
John Barrymore September 08, 2023 2 minutes
Get a sneak peek at the Amirdrassil Raid weapon models in Guardians of the Dream Patch 10.2. This upcoming raid includes nine bosses and offers a stunning variety of weapon appearances, along with special effects on the raid weapons and Fyrakk's legendary axe model. From swords and bows to shields and staves, there's something for every player in this exciting new update.
John Barrymore September 07, 2023 5 minutes
In Patch 10.2 of World of Warcraft, there are exciting changes to gear progression, raid tuning, loot targeting, and more. Additionally, there will be new customization options for Druids and a new PvP battleground called Battleground Blitz. Stay tuned for the introduction of iconic characters and thrilling adventures in Patch 10.2.
John Barrymore September 07, 2023 2 minutes
Discover the thrilling new raid in Patch 10.2 Guardians of the Dream, as Blizzard introduces Amirdrassil, The Dream's Hope. With nine bosses and the opportunity to dragonride, players will face the formidable Fyrakk and his plans to bring fire and chaos to Azeroth. Don't miss the chance to earn amazing rewards, including a legendary weapon, Fyr'alath, the Dream Render.
John Barrymore September 07, 2023 3 minutes
Dragonflight Patch 10.2 introduces new customization options for Druids, with a particular focus on the Emerald Dream. Players can expect Balance Moonkin forms inspired by stone cairns and fiery customizations earned from the new raid. While other druidic concept art from the Emerald Dream is showcased, it is unclear if these will be available forms for players.