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John Barrymore October 31, 2023 2 minutes
Discover the latest set of angelic-themed cosmetics in the new shop rotation for Sorcerers in Diablo 4. Immerse yourself in the soft glow of the Angelic Resonance Prestige Sorcerer Cosmetics, including armor, weapons, and markings. Stay tuned for updates on when these packages will rotate out of stock and for new cosmetic options.
John Barrymore October 18, 2023 4 minutes
Discover the new cosmetic options in Season 2 of Diablo 4, including the Sleepiest Kitty accessory pack and the Blood Petal and Envious Lust prestige sorcerer cosmetics. Stay tuned for daily shop refreshes and the possibility of new options to enhance your gameplay experience.
John Barrymore October 10, 2023 5 minutes
The latest patch for Diablo 4 introduces exciting changes for the Sorcerer class, including a significant increase in Hydra damage and reduced channeling time for Incinerate. Read this blog post for a summary of the class changes and updates to skills, passives, and legendary nodes.
John Barrymore September 01, 2023 3 minutes
Discover the new Oasis Healer Prestige Sorcerer Cosmetics in the latest Shop rotation for Diablo 4. Immerse yourself in the arid lands and lush oases of Kehjistan with this stylish new set, inspired by the legend of T'jier. Stay tuned for more exciting cosmetic options as the shop refreshes daily at approximately 10 am PDT!